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  • Infrastructure, Construction & Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components

Hollandia Fasteners & Forgings (HFF) is an independent, ISO 9001 certified company and has its own in-house forge and production equipment for die forging production, including an internal heat treatment and machining department. Together with their motivated team of skilled employees they deliver reliable quality die forgings products, which are famous all over the world. 

The Hollandia range includes many special materials, such as nickel alloys, non-ferrous alloys, steel, stainless steel and heat resistant steel. We have the expertise to select the optimum material for high/low pressure and temperature applications. The organization has experience in the corrosion resistance and abrasive wear properties of the materials. Based on the application, required mechanical properties and operating environments, we advise customers on the alloy of their choice.

Most popular materials in the Hollandia Fasteners & Forgings program are:
• DIN/EN: C45/ S355/ 42CrMo4/ 34CrNiMo8/ 25CrMo4/ 21CrMoV57/ 40CrMoV47
• ASTM: ASTM A194 2H-2HM-4-7-7M
• ASTM: ASTM A453 Gr. 660 A/B
• ASTM: ASTM A194 Gr.8/8C/8M/8T Stainless
• ASTM: B7/L7/L43/B16/Gr.8M/Gr. 8C/Gr.8T/Gr.660
• ISO 898: kl.5-8-10-12-10.9-12.9

Hollandia Fasteners & Forgings is active in the following industries:
• Construction Industry     
• On and Offshore
• Petrochemical Industry    
• Power Plants
• Machinery & Equipment    
• Marine
• Agriculture    
• Vehicle
• Crane Construction    


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Hollandia has a wide range of fastener products in their portfolio. They produce nuts, bolts and stud bolts according to all international standards. The most fasteners can be quickly and efficiently delivered from stock. Customer-specific fasteners can be designed in-house with their 3D inventor drawing programm. By the Cad-Cam module, the company is efficiently steering their machinery. This results in deliveries for client-specific fasteners in record time.

The following fasteners are available on stock.

Hexagon nuts (final and half-product)
DIN: 934/2510/6914;M42-M110
ANSI: B18.2.4.6M; M42-M64
ANSI: B18.2.2.; 1.5/8″-4.1/4.2″

Hexagonal bolts (only half product)
DIN: 601/931/6914;M24-M72
ANSI: B18.2.1; 1/2″-3″

Bolts with inner hexagonal (only half product)
DIN 912: M24-M64/ANSI B18.3; 1″-3″

Anchoring and Coupling Systems

Hollandia Fasteners & Forgings supplies a wide range anchoring and coupling systems for civil construction, including rebar and anchors. Customer-specific products can be produced in a fast and efficient manner.

Open Die Forgings or Castings

Hollandia Fasteners & Forgings can support customers in selecting the correct design and material for their open die forgings or castings. The company designs the most optimal forging or casting with their 3D Inventor design drawing program. With their extensive selected forging and foundry partners, Hollandia is able to deliver product with the correct quality, which matches customers’ budget.

Special Products

On request, the company delivers machined special products. In single pieces or in series. Customer-specific products can be designed in-house. With their Inventor 3D drawing programm, Hollandia designs the ideal product for customers' purpose and according to their requirements.

Hollandia Fasteners & Forgings B.V.

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