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  • Engines, Propulsion, Power Generation
  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

Prvni brnenska strojirna Velka Bites, a.s. (PBS Velka Bites) was established in 1991 is a renowned manufacturer of:

  • small aircraft turbojet engines for pilotless planes and small aircraft,
  • auxiliary power units for aircraft and helicopters,
  • air conditioning systems for aircraft and helicopters,
  • backup ground power units,
  • precise castings,
  • complex finished parts of electric motors, alternators, mammographs and wind power plants,
  • decanting centrifuges for waste water treatment plants.

The company is divided into divisions with respect to individual products and technical developments:

Management and Services Division:

  • property administration, service and technical attendance of production processes, central research and development, strategic marketing
  • electroplating of parts – anodizing, hard eloxal process, nickel, tin, zinc, blacking
  • metallurgical material cutting – metal sheet cutting, bar material cutting

Aircraft Technique Division:

  • auxiliary power units – turbine engines serving as sources of pressure air, hydraulic, electrical and mechanical energy (APU) for aircraft systems
  • aircraft gearboxes
  • airstarting turbines
  • turbojet engines
  • aircraft air conditioning systems – turbo-cooling units, heat exchangers, water separators and pneumatic control elements
  • cryogenics – gas expansion turbines and compressors for compression and liquefaction of gases
  • cogeneration and ground power units – combined supply of heat and power, ground power supply of aircraft
  • cooperation
  • testing laboratory

Metallurgy Division:

  • precision investment castings – of nickel and cobalt base superalloys, marginally of carbon to high alloy steels or cast iron of the weight ranging between 0.03 kg and 20 kg
  • air and vacuum casting
  • casting certification in own testing laboratory
  • certified manufacturing process Machine Shop and Tools Division
  • production of moulds for precise casting and plastic pressing
  • production of jigs and special tools
  • production of complex parts and assemblies, co-operation
  • decanting centrifuges


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Contact info #1

Milan Macholan
+420 566 822 100
Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors
+420 566 822 135
Vlkovska 279595 12 Velka Bites, Czech Republic


The testing laboratory is primary identified for inner needs of aircraft technique division. Nevertheless, some tests are carried for external customers too.

There are verified predefined characteristics of production to grant all operation requirements – power, quantity and stability of supplied energies (air, electricity, hydraulics), reliability, vibration and shock resistance and, last but not least, reliability into service at long-term testing there. The test facility is one of the most important parts of research and development of new products.

Currently, there are 13 product differentiated test boxes – APU, environmental control systems, small turbojet engines, cryogenics and gearboxes. The vibration test system TIRA TV 59335LS-640 / TGT MO 36 is instrumental to test pieces testing according to customer requirements. Test software enabling: Sinus, Random, Field Data Replicator (FDR), classical Shock, Sine on Random, Random on Random, Shock Response Spectra (SRS), Transient Shock, Recorder.


Projects and Development Department generally provides the necessary technical background needed for continuity of development of final products of První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš, a.s., especially of Aircraft Technique Division.

For technical calculations the following softwares are used:

  • MGF BIT – for determining dynamic characteristics of slide bearings
  • DYNROT, Pro/Mechanika – for analyses of stability, critical speed and vibration of high-speed rotors (finite element method)
  • MATLAB – for models of dynamic behaviour of aircraft gearboxes
  • ANSYS – for stress, thermal and deformation analyses of machine parts (finite element method)
  • SKALA – for calculations of life of heavy loaded parts from the viewpoint of low cycle fatigue, for analyses of stability, critical speed and vibration of high-speed rotors (finite element method)
  • FLUENT – CFD software for solution of tasks of viscous flow of gases and liquids (finite volume method)
  • Pro/E – CAD software for 3D modelling the system of software support of own provenience (VBA, Fortran): – for design of flow parts of radial compressors – for design of flow parts of radial and axial turbines – for determining thermodynamic circulation parameters and properties of their working media


Aircraft Technique Division (ATD) of První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš, a.s. as the only one in the Czech Republic and one of few firms in Europe is able to deliver the Auxiliary Power Units (APU) on the basis of a small turbine motor with the output up to 80 kW to the customers all around the world.

The APU design and properties comply with the requirements and regulations for military and civil aircraft and helicopters. Both aground and at flight APUs supply pressure air for starting the main turbine motors, air for air-conditioning systems, DC and AC power, or enable hydraulic pump drive.

Besides APU, we develop and supply air-conditioning systems, starting turbines working with pressure air, fuel-oil exchangers and a gearbox for F 124 engine. První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš, a.s. has so far manufactured and supplied for L 39, L 59, L 610, L 159 projects over 4,500 APUs of various designs, over 7,000 turbo-cooling sets, and acquired a lot of experiences that is to bring fruits in new projects not only in the aerospace applications.


This aircraft accessory drive gearbox is auxiliary gearbox of engine F-124 connected with engine by elastic shaft (PTO). AAD provides drive of electric generator, hydraulic pumps and air starter. AAD has integrated own oil system with tank, pump and filter.


Air starter is a small dimensional turbine engine determined for starting the aircratf engines. Starter is driven by compressed air.


The small main engines based on the small turbines are currently in big interest of our division. The commercial success of small turbojet engine TJ 100, with excellent ratio weight/thrust, is standardly catered for many customers around the Word.

The new, Turbopropeller engine TP 100, design and development stage has been finished and currently is in the stage of prototype testing.


New air conditioning system applicable on the Mi-8, Mi-17 type helicopters and its modification has been developed in last year.

This system allows heating and cooling of pilot’s and passenger cabins. System function is based on following principle: The air flowing form APU Safír 5 K/G MI (part of helicopter) is regulated to requested air temperature to cabin. ECS Mi-17 is designed for 20±2 °C cabin temperature keeping. If the cabin temperature is lower than 20±2 °C, the system running in heating mode. If temperature is higher cooling mode is running. Whole process is controlled automatically with pneumatic regulation.


The centrifugal compressor is designed for helium vapor exhaustion. It is driven by a variable frequency electric motor. High quality precision hybrid ball bearings with ceramic balls provide long-life operation. Motor and bearing system operate at ambient temperature.

An integrated doublesealing system with vacuum interspace provides full protection against process contamination by air and separates motor and compressor section, which operates at -270 °C. Both products are used for example in CERN in Switzerland, where fulfilling all requirements for parameters.


The helium expansion turbine is a small expansion turbine whose rotor is supported on the dynamic gas lubricated bearings. The rotor uses eddy-current brake cooled by water.

Operation is helium leakage free. Small expansion turbines are mainly used in the process of gas liquefying in small helium liquefiers.


Independent mobile source of AC and DV electricity for power supplying of helicopter board net Mi-17, Mi-171Š, Mi-24 and Mi-35 type on the ground for preparation and for starting of helicopter APU in out of base conditions.


Machine Shop and Tools Division manufactures machinery parts and sets for domestic and foreign customers specializing in precision moulds production and plastics moulding, production of jigs and special tools.

The manufacturing programe includes the production of:

  • Casing parts
  • Rotating parts
  • High-precision parts
  • Moulds for precise casting
  • Cutting and pressing tools
  • Drilling and milling tools
  • Jigs and measuring instruments


  • Conventional - max. ø 1000 mm, length 4000 mm
  • NC - max. ø 2100 mm, length 8000 mm
  • CNC - max. ø 600 mm, length 900 mm
  • Vertical NC lathes - max. ø 1200 mm, length 830 mm


  • Electroerosive sparkers AGIE MONDO INNOVATION 265x580x250 mm
  • Wire cutter AGIECUT CLASSIC 2 - desk dimension 750x350x250 mm


  • Conventional drilling machines, both co-ordinate and NC
  • Both single and multispindle
  • Max. drilling diameter 804 mm


  • Arc welding, point welding, flame welding
  • Carbon dioxide and argon shielded welding - aluminium, stainless steel
  • Vacuum soldering


  • Both horizontal and vertical
  • Both conventional and NC
  • Max. 7000 x 2000 mm


  • Max. ø 1600 mm, distance of balanced diameters 2500 mm, max. weight 1300 kg


  • Horizontal, vertical, universal, tool-room, contour
  • Both single and multispindle
  • Conventional - table size: length 1400 mm, width 900 mm
  • NC and CNC including drilling and threading - length 3000 mm, width 1250 mm, (height 2240 mm)
  • Gear milling - module 0.2 ÷ 1.5, max. ø 120 mm, length 150 mm
  • Milling in 5 axes


  • Investment castings
  • Casting weight 0.1 ÷ 20 kg
  • Vacuum or air casting
  • Materials from carbon steels to super-alloys on nickel and cobalt base


  • NC, with automatic replacement of technological pallets and tools
  • Pallet size 800 x 800 mm


  • Blasting, barrel tumbling, pickling, elektrochemical polishing
  • Anodizing, hard eloxal process - max. 1900 x 900 mm, film thickness 10 ÷ 60 mm
  • Nickel, tin, zinc, cadmium plating, blacking - max. 1200 x 750 mm


Gear shaping - max. module 6, ø 320 mm, stroke 70 mm, rectilinear face toothing


  • Annealing
  • Hardening
  • Heat treatment


  • Cutters
  • Metal-slitting saws
  • Hack saws
  • Band saws - max. ø 360 mm
  • Shears up to 10 mm


Thread rolling - up to ø 20 mm, width depending on disks - max. 70 mm


  • Both horizontal and vertical
  • Surface, centre, thread, tool-room
  • Centre - max. ø 400, length between centres 1000 mm
  • Internal - max. ø 100, depth 120 mm
  • Surface - table size width 300 mm, length 1500 mm
  • Centreless - max. ø 60 mm, wheel width 50 mm


  • Dimensional
  • Direct measurement
  • Co-ordinate measuring system PRISMO - max. 1200 x 900 mm, 500 kg
  • WENZEL - 800 x 1000 mm, 800 kg
  • Mechanical tests • X-ray - max. thickness 100 mm (for steel)
  • Ultrasonic - material thickness 2 ÷ 1000 mm
  • Dye penetrant - max. ø 500 mm
  • Chemical analysis
  • Magnetic tests
  • Metallography


  • Vertical
  • Up to draw force 10 tons and stroke 2000 mm


AutoCAD, Pro/ENGINEER, ANSYS software have been used in process and for designing

Prvni brnenska strojirma Velka Bites, a.s.

  • Vlkovska 279, 595 12, Velka Bites, Czechia
  • +420 566 822 111
  • +420 566 822 135
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