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  • Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV, Spacecraft & related equipment
  • C4I, Communication Systems
  • Counter-measures, Electronic Warfare and Decoys
  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment
  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance
  • Ships, Vessels, Submarines & related equipment
  • Weapons & Ammunition

Elbit Systems Ltd. is an international defense electronics company engaged in a wide range of programs throughout the world. The Company, which includes Elbit Systems and its subsidiaries, operates in the areas of aerospace, land and naval systems, command, control, communications, computers, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance ("C4ISR"), unmanned aircraft systems ("UAS"), advanced electro-optics, electro-optic space systems, EW suites, airborne warning systems, ELINT systems, data links and military communications systems and radios.

The Company also focuses on the upgrading of existing military platforms, developing new technologies for defense, homeland security and commercial aviation applications and providing a range of support services.

Elbit major activities include:

• Military aircraft and helicopter systems
• Helmet mounted systems 
• Commercial aviation systems and aero structures
• Unmanned aircraft systems 
• Naval systems
• Land vehicle systems 
• Command, control, communications, computer and intelligence (C4I) systems 
• Electro-optic and countermeasures systems
• Homeland security systems 
• Electronic warfare (EW) and signal intelligence (SIGINT) systems
• Various commercial activities

Elbit Systems shares are traded on the Nasdaq National Market (NASDAQ) under the symbol “ESLT” and on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE).

Israeli Subsidiaries 

Elbit Systems Electro-Optics - Elop Ltd. (Elop) is a wholly-owned Israeli subsidiary based in Rehovot, Israel, designs, engineers, manufactures and supports a wide range of electro-optic systems and products mainly for defense, space and homeland security applications. With more than 70 years of operational experience, Elop has a broad customer base, both in Israel and internationally.

Elbit Systems Land and C4I Ltd. (ESLC-T) is a wholly-owned Israeli subsidiary, with headquarters in Netanya, Israel, which began operations in July 2008 as a result of the merger of TadComm with Elbit Systems’ Land and C4I operations. ESLC-T is engaged in the worldwide market for land-based systems and products for military vehicles, C4I systems and communications systems and equipment.

Elisra is an Israeli company located in Bnei Brak, Israel, owned 70% by Elbit Systems with the balance being owned by Elta Systems Ltd., a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI). Elisra has two principal wholly-owned Israeli subsidiaries – Tadiran Electronic Systems Ltd. (Tadiran Systems) and Tadiran Spectralink Ltd. (Tadiran Spectralink), each located in Holon, Israel. Elisra and its subsidiaries provide a wide range of EW, SIGINT, infrared (IR) passive warning systems and C4ISR technological solutions.

Elbit Systems – Cyclone Ltd. (Cyclone, formerly Cyclone Aviation Products Ltd.)  is a wholly-owned Israeli subsidiary of Elbit Systems. Located near Karmiel, Israel, Cyclone designs and produces composite and metal aero structure parts for civil and military aircraft and performs maintenance, integration and installation engineering for aircraft and helicopters. Cyclone also manufactures weapons pylons and external fuel tanks for fighter aircraft. Both directly and through our wholly-owned subsidiary Snunit Aviation Services Ltd., Cyclone supplies maintenance and operation services for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter fleets.

Elbit Security Systems Ltd. (ELSEC, formerly Ortek Ltd.) is a wholly-owned Israeli subsidiary of Elbit Systems. Located in Sderot, Israel, ELSEC operates mainly in the fields of homeland security, electro-optic surveillance systems, E-fences, border and coastal integrated security systems, aviation security systems, airport security systems, other transportation security systems and strategic perimeter sites security.

Elbit Systems - Kinetics Ltd. (Kinetics), based in Airport City, Israel, wholly owned by Elbit Systems. The minority interest is owned by founding employees and private investors in Israel and the United States. Kinetics develops technologies, systems and products in the field of advanced life support and environmental controls, such as climate control systems and nuclear, biological and chemical protection systems for combat vehicles. Also, Kinetics develops and manufactures other products for land vehicles, such as hydraulic, fuel, braking and suspension systems, an auxiliary power unit for land vehicle power pack systems and hydraulic systems for aircraft. Kinetics wholly-owns Real-Time Laboratories, LLC. a company based in Boca Raton, Florida, engaged in the U.S. market in similar activities to those of Kinetics.

Semi-Conductor Devices (SCD) is an Israeli investee partnership equally owned by Elbit Systems and Rafael Armaments Development Authority Ltd. (Rafael). Located in Leshem, Israel, SCD develops and manufactures IR detectors for thermal imaging equipment and laser diodes used in defense and commercial applications.

Opgal – Optronics Industries Ltd. (Opgal) is an Israeli investee company owned 50.1% by Elbit Systems and 49.9% by Rafael. Located in Karmiel, Israel, Opgal provides commercial applications of thermal imaging and electro-optic technologies, including an enhanced vision sensor designed to assist in landing aircraft under limited visibility and harsh weather conditions and thermal imaging cameras and FLIR systems for surveillance, industrial, medical and fire fighting applications. Opgal also produces IR assemblies for forward-looking infrared (FLIR) systems for defense applications.

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Military Aviation

IMINT Systems
• Airborne Compass
• Advanced Multi-Sensor Payload System - AMPS

Digital Map
• Enhanced Mission Unit
• Digital Map Module

Avionics Systems

Helicopter Solutions
• Dust-Off
• Anvis HUD
• Weapon Management System [WMS]
• Mi-24 Advanced Performance Capabilities
• Mi8-17 Upgraded Avionics Solutions
• Combat Advanced Enhanced Search and Rescue [CaeSAR]
• C-Suits

• F16_HUD
• Digital Air Transport
• HUD_921
• Baby HUD
• Digital Air Transport
• F16_HUD
• HUD_921
• Mig-29 HUD


Laser Systems
• CIL - Compact Integrated Laser 
• MAMBA - High Repetition Laser Rangefinder
• PLDR II - Prtable Lightweight Designator 
• PLLDS - Portable Lightweight Designation System
• Rattler™ G - Dismounted Miniature Coded Designator Marke
• Rattler™ - Dismounted Miniature Code Designator/ Marker 
• SERPENT - Portable Lightweight Designator

Thermal Imaging Systems
• IVORY / IVORY-Z - Compact 3-5 μm Thermal Imaging Camera / Sight for Remote Operation Applications with Dual FOV or Continuous Optical Zoom
• LOTUS-G - Man Portable, Battery Operated Long Range 3-5 μm Thermal Imaging Camera
• Malis
• MARS - Hand Held Thermal Imager with Taget Equisition Cap
• OPAL - Man Portable, Battery Operated, 3-5 μm Thermal Imaging Camera / Sigh- 
• TADES - Advanced 2nd Generation 8-12 μm Thermal Imaging Elbow Sight
• TADES-U - Advanced, 2nd Generation 8-12 μm Thermal Imaging Elbow Sight for Tanks and AFVs
• TADIR - Advanced, 8-12 μm, 2nd Generation Thermal Imaging Sensor with Continuous Optical Zoom 
• CORAL - Thermal Imaging Binocular Camera 
• CORAL-CR - lightweight Thermal Imaging Camera with Continuous Optical Zoom and Target Acquisition Capabilities
• CORAL-LS Thermal Imaging Camera for Ground Laser Design 
• CRYSTAL - High Resolution, 3-5 μm FPA Thermal Imaging Sensor with Dual Axis Microscan
• CRYSTAL-P - High Resolution 3rd Generation 3-5 μm Thermal Imaging Sensorin a Sealed, Ruggedized Housing
• DTV - Uncooled Vehicle Mounted Driver Thermal Viewer
• LOTUS - Long Range 3-5 μm FPA Thermal Imaging Sensor
• LILY-M - Uncooled, Dual FOV, Medium Range Thermal Weapon Sight (TWS)
• AAS-T - Anti-Aircraft System Thermal Upgrade
• A-TIM - Advanced Clip-on Thermal Imaging Sight for ATGM Launchers
• Engager - Covert Remote Reconnaissance and Targeting System

IMINT Systems

Head Up Displays
• Baby HUD
• Digital Air Transport
• F16_HUD
• HUD_921
• Mig-29 HUD

Surveillance Payloads
• Airborne Compass
• Advanced Multi-Sensor Payload System - AMPS
• DCompass
• Marine Compass
• Micro Compass
• UAV Compass

EO Countrmeasures

Integrated Sights and Robotic Systems

C4I System

• Digital Army Program [DAP]
• Tactical Intranet Geographic dissEmination in Real Time [ELBIT TIGER ®]
• Tactical computing for combat vehicles [ETC MK IV]
• Versatile tactical computer [TACTER 31D]
• All-in-One Command and Control System [TORC2H®[ 
• Advanced Networked Battle Management [Winbms]
• Enhanced Tactical Computers [ETC family]
• Micom 3 - Product Family

Integrated Infantry Combat System
• Combat display
• Dominator
• Handheld display unit [JS EYEPIECE]
• Ultra-compact, low-power computing unit for the dismounted soldier [PDU]
• Soldier Navigation System [S-NAV]
• Soldier Navigation System
• Energy Distribution Box

Digital Army Program [DAP]

Tactical Intranet Geographic dissEmination in Real Time [ELBIT TIGER ®]

Tactical computing for combat vehicles [ETC MK IV]


Versatile tactical computer [TACTER 31D]

All-in-One Command and Control System [TORC2H®[

Advanced Networked Battle Management [Winbms]

Fire control and command solutions for artillery and air defense [Combat-NG]

Smart All-Terrain Networked Detectors [SAND]

Helmet Mounted Systems

Helmet Mounted Systems

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Hermes® 900

Hermes®900 Maritime Patrol UAS

Hermes® 450

Hermes® 90

Skylark® I-LE

Skylark® II

UAS for Homeland security Applications

Land Systems

• SOLTAM 120 mm Ammunition - Mortar bombs
• SOLTAM 120 mm Mortar - Mortar systems
• SOLTAM 60 mm Ammunition Mortar bombs - Lightweight
• SOLTAM 60 mm Mortars - 
• SOLTAM 81 mm Ammunition - Mortar bombs
• SOLTAM 81 mm Mortar - Mortar systems

• Kinetics APU
• Kinetics LSS
• Kinetics LSS-APU
• Kinetics NBC-CBRN
• Kinetics Power Management
• Kinetics Land Cooling

Armored Vehicles
• ALWACS - Combat proven soft-kill protection suite for fig
• Comprehensive Vehicle Protection Suite
• DT- Self Driving Technology
• FCS - Highly accurate, modular and reliable Fire Control
• LEOPARD - Gun and Turret Drive Modernization
• Remote Controlled Weapon Station
• STA - 360-degree real-time situational awareness under cl
• UT30 - Unmanned Turret
• V-SOS - Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Targeting Soluti
• Warning Systems fully customizable Detecting laser and ra
• X700 Smart Displays
• ESP- 360-degree situational awareness against anti-tank
• Comprehensive Vehicle Protection Suite [Soft kill]

Gun and Turret Drive Modernization [For Leopard]

Overhead Remote Controlled Weapon Stations [ORCWS]

UT-30 Unmanned Turrets

Fire Control Systems

Multi Sensor Reconnaissance & Surveillance System[MRSS]

Warning Systems

Situational awareness [ESP]


Military Satellite Communication
• MSR 2000
• MSR 1000
• MSR 3000
• MSR Pro
• InterSKY 4M

Commercial Satellite Communication
• Intersky-4G
• InterSKY Cell Outdoor GSM 2p
• InterSKY G4 BSR
• InterSKY OptimISe
• InterSKY Scheduler
• Intersky Cell 4p

Multimedia Routing Solutions
• Elbit TMR MAX
• Elbit TMR™Core
• Mtmr

Personal Network Radio [PNR 500]

Digital Vehicular Intercommunication System [Tadiran VIC 500]

Battle-proven broadband wireless communication

Long-Range Continuous Communication Solution [Tadiran THF 8000]

Combat-proven and multi-adaptive HF radio systems [Tadiran HF 6000]

Software-Defined Radio [Tadiran SDR 7200]

Military IP Radio (MIPR)

Micom 3 - Product Family

Total Smartphone Security [SnapSOFT]

Secure Calls on Any IP Networknetworks. [SnapIP]

Secure Voice and Fax Communications [SnapFONT]


Multi-band radio for multi-mission communications [Tadiran CNR-710MB]

ViDi™ & mViDi




MICOM Pathfinder

CNR 9000 HDR-IP Radio

Tadiran CNR 9000 Screen







Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance / ISR

• Skylark® II
• Hermes® 90 
• Hermes® 450
• Hermes® 900 
• Skylark® I-LE

Air IMINT System
• Airborne Compass
• Advanced Multi-Sensor Payload System - AMPS
• Micro Compass
• UAV Compass

Reconnaissance and Observation


Airborne EW

• Spectrolite
• All in Small

Homeland Security

• Wise Intelligence Technology [WIT]
• Integrated Component-Based Exploitation Solution [ICE]


Electronic Alarm Sensing Fence


Safe Sites




Security Reconnaissance and Observation System [SeROS]


Security Reconnaissance and Observation System [SeROS-L]

Naval Systems

Hermes®900 Maritime Patrol UAS

Training and Simulation

Air Defense Training Solutions

Homeland Security Training Systems

Land Forces Training Systems

Naval Training Systems

Air Training Systems

Military Aircraft and Helicopter Systems

Elbit Systems has earned international recognition in the aircraft upgrade market. Using our expertise as an integrator and developer of advanced electronics defense systems, we address the entire platform and perform upgrades that rejuvenate aircraft with enhanced performance, extended life and next-generation capabilities. In our large-scale programs we perform, multidisciplinary integration and lifecycle support.

Additionally, we team with local industries, utilizing regional capabilities and sharing know-how and expertise. Fighter aircraft of the past become fighters of the future through advanced full scale programs encompassing integration of multirole A/A and A/G capabilities, multimode radar, structural modifications, leading edge avionics systems, display and sight helmets, advanced weapons and pods. The full spectrum of systems and products, including helmet mounted displays, mission computers, cockpit management systems, helmet mounted sights and smart munitions kits, has been broadened to include advanced laser designators, range finders, optronic payloads and airborne reconnaissance systems. In the helicopter upgrade field, our primary modernization activities include conversions of assault helicopters to multirole fighters, upgrading existing utility and attack platforms or supplying cutting-edge systems for latest-generation aircraft. Assuming various roles, we may serve as prime contractor, second-tier weapons and avionics integrator, or as component supplier.

One of the few companies with the resources to offer end-to-end solutions for helicopter upgrades Elbit Systems commands a broad range of core technologies, systems and products that include mission computers; multifunction displays, electro-optical pods and helmet mounted displays, as well as all necessary interfaces to meld them into working systems.

More than 4,000 helicopters world wide are equipped with Elbit Systems products.

Helmet Mounted Systems

In the rapidly growing Helmet Mounted Systems (HMS) market Elbit Systems is operating from a position of strength and global leadership after innovating and integrating three generations of HMSs for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Elbit Systems and our subsidiary Vision Systems International (VSI), jointly owned with Kaiser Electronics (a Rockwell Collins Company) have more production and operational experience than any other company in the field.

Our HMSs incorporate tracking and display systems for target designation, weapon and sensor slaving and processing and display of tactical information day and night. They are supplied as part of upgrade programs as well as on a stand-alone basis. Elbit Systems fixed wing HMS technology is the basis for the U.S. Joint Helmet Mounted

Cueing System (JHMCS) program.
Through VSI all frontline U.S. F-15, F-16, F/A-18 and F-22s will be equipped with the JHMCS. The pre-eminence in the field extends to Helicopter HMSs, particularly in the Attack Rotorcraft HMS market where our ANVIS/HUD is the preferred choice for utility rotorcraft platforms. More than 5,000 helicopters world wide are equipped with Elbit Systems ANVIS HUD systems.

The core competencies developed over time are now being applied to new needs, for example, Helmet Mounted Displays geared for ground vehicles which deliver real time information day/night to wherever the wearer/driver looks. 
Elbit Systems sees great potential for expanding this product line and leveraging HMS technology into commercial applications as well.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Elbit Systems offers a comprehensive range of UAS  - from man-portable Skylark® I-LE mini UAS, through versatile tactical UAS and up to the next generation Hermes® 900 medium altitude long  endurance (MALE) UAS. Our UAS are designed based on decades of operational experience and are in service with numerous military and security users worldwide. They are the backbone of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF's) UAS force. Elbit Systems' extensive experience and innovative approach to all aspects of UAS development, production, fielding and support result in outstanding UAS performance and highly effective operational yields around the globe.

We leverage our advanced in-house capabilities in air vehicle and mission system design and production, communications, cutting edge sensors and other payloads, simulation systems, operational experience, system integration and program management capabilities to provide cutting edge, cost effective turnkey UAS solutions for our customers. We are also active in cooperative activities with local industry and customers, adapting our systems to overall customer program requirements.

C4I Systems

Accurate situational awareness allows for quick coordination and effective responses to rapidly changing operational scenarios. Leveraging in-house development of underlying technologies, products, platforms and systems, Elbit Systems is a leading developer of innovative and comprehensive C4I systems for the full range of defense forces.

We have developed expertise in digitized battlefield C4I by applying advanced technologies in combination with commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software packages. Our systems employ a tactical building-block approach to link various applications and levels of command implementing a net-centric concept. Configurations comprise tactical computers, digital maps, message handling systems, border surveillance, advanced communication controllers and modems as well as various components developed for customer-specific needs. We also provide software infrastructure and applications for mobile and airborne platforms, for the individual soldier, and for headquarters Command and Control (C2) applications. Based on these core technology building blocks, we offer our customers comprehensive integrated solutions of C4I for land forces at all levels.

The systems process, manage and present massive amounts of data arriving from various sources into a user-friendly format. We also provide a full range of simulators and customizable training programs.

Elbit Systems’ range of C4I solutions includes:

Computers: Tactical computing solutions suited to all applications and to all levels of fighting forces.
Communications: Complete tactical communication solutions that enable timely and relevant information dissemination to all facets of the force, from the individual soldier to vehicle commanders, deployed command posts and general headquarters.
Intelligence: A range of sensors and systems for intelligence gathering as well as tools for processing and evaluation.
Command and Control: As part of the “total force” concept, we provide our customers with the capabilities to deploy land forces on a networked and joint basis, maximizing power and accuracy while minimizing the risk of friendly fire and collateral damage.

Land Vehicle Systems and Upgrades

Elbit Systems is one source for Combat Vehicle Systems spanning the spectrum from target acquisition to battle management. Its total solution concept covers the entire combat vehicle platform, from complete modernization to maintenance depots and lifecycle support services.

Our Combat Vehicle Upgrades division offers a broad and diverse array of systems and products and the ability to customize solutions for virtually every vehicle type. Our upgrades encompass all Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV) functions including mobility, fire power and protection, and incorporate Fire Control, Turret and Gun Control, Battle Management, Life Support and Laser Warning Systems. We also supply training systems for tanks and fighting vehicles.

Tank and armored fighting vehicle programs equipped with our systems and products include the Merkava, M1 Abrams, Centurion, Patton, Paladin, M-60, T-55, T-72, Bradley A-3, MLRS, AMX-30, SK-105, ULAN and LAV.

Elbit Systems Electro Optics Elop Ltd. ("El-Op") is the main contractor for all advanced stabilized Fire Control Systems in service with Israel’s Defense Forces, including the Merkava Mark I to Mark IV main battle tanks.

EFW is a major subcontractor for the U.S. Army Bradley A-3, supplying turret and hull processors, gunners’ and commanders’ hand stations and Map Operational Software (MOS) for improved battlefield situational awareness.

As the current trend of outsourcing equipment and maintenance services gains significant momentum, the Combat Vehicle Systems division has expanded its activities with a dedicated business unit for lifespan services and support to meet new demands.

Electro-optics Systems

Elbit Systems Electro-optics - Elop ("Elop") produces electro-optics (EO) based systems with the Power of Vision. From Laser and Thermal Imaging systems to Head-up Displays, through ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) systems for space, airborne, naval and ground-based missions; to Integrated Sights for AFVs and MBTs, Electro-Optic Countermeasures and Homeland Defense - we cover the full spectrum of electro-optics based solutions.

A part of Elbit Systems, Elop is recognized world-wide as a leader in the research, development, design, manufacture, sales and support of electro-optics based products and systems. We have been awarded the prestigious Israel Defense Prize for outstanding achievements several times.

Placing an accent on quality, Elop is certified for ISO 9001-2000, ISO-14001 and OHSAS 18001. All activities are supported by a dedicated, highly trained customer support and service group.

As a result, our wide-range of cutting-edge EO systems have been successfully incorporated into the Israel Defense Forces, the U.S. Marines and Navy, NATO armed forces and other modern defense and homeland security forces worldwide.

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance / ISR

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems are direct answers to current events and combat trends, requiring solutions that can manage complex, diverse and dispersed information.

Elbit Systems leads in advanced C4ISR comprehensive solutions for space, air, sea and ground applications. From advanced day and night high resolution sensors, through state-of-the-art exploitation and dissemination centers, these systems provide enhanced force coordination and connectivity on all fronts.

Our solutions cover the entire spectrum, from the tactical level to strategic levels. Additionally, we offer Integrative ISR Centers for the entire operational cycle of satellite and airborne imagery, beginning with initiation of intelligence request, through the interpretation process and dissemination of intelligence aids and reports.

With the ability to interactively handle this data and complementary intelligence information, interpreters benefit from a fully detailed intelligence information overview.

Homeland Security Systems

Elbit Security Systems ("ELSEC"), our wholly owned subsidiary, specializes in the development, manufacture, delivery and installation of security solutions, including: long, medium and short range day-night surveillance sensors, surveillance vehicles with EO sensors and radars, small UAS,  electronic and fiber-optic intrusion detection fences, security C4I centers, IP security surveillance networks management. The systems are in continuous service by coastal surveillance and border security units, by the military, police forces and by other law enforcement agencies.

ELSEC provides an advanced technological approach, meeting the challenges of all required Security applications: Border, Coastal and Perimeter Control via the deployment and implementation of cutting-edge systems based on innovative components enabling modular deployment in different configurations suitable for:

• Border security
• Coastal surveillance security systems
• Airport security systems
• Perimeter security (Large sites & border areas)
• Transportation security
• Pipeline security systems

Training & Simulation

The new and unconventional threats posed by urban warfare and the global war on terror, demand smooth interoperability among forces on all fronts. Rapidly changing scenarios necessitate instant, coordinated responses and the ability to handle unpredictable events. Seamless operation, Computer Generated Forces (CGF) and C4I system exploitation are incorporated into Joint Forces Tactical Training solutions that generate high-fidelity, virtual environments as close to reality as it gets.

Elbit Systems, an acknowledged leader in the field, builds on over three decades of experience in training and simulation programs and offers comprehensive solutions that have the unique advantage of being based on actual, operational systems that the Company develops, manufactures and supplies.

Incorporating generations of operational experience, Elbit Systems’ trainers and simulators span the full military spectrum. Developed by pilots, tank commanders and naval officers, they employ the latest technologies and training concepts. Their accurate recreation of conditions, systems and munitions translates into increased force readiness. Linked together for interoperability, Elbit Systems’ training solutions replicate combat scenarios for which coordination is crucial to success. These solutions range from mission preparation, through execution, to post-mission debriefing and analysis. Using a building block approach incorporating COTS (Commercial-Off-The Shelf) components and specially designed simulation modules, our total, tailored solutions are designed to evolve along with customers' needs. Simulator operation and maintenance are part of the total package.

Naval Systems

The new battle space scenario demands force interoperability and a net-centric approach to the entire naval fleet. The naval force of the future will be linked so that all personnel and platforms operate jointly to rapidly sense, assess and respond to threats.

The Company is well positioned to meet the challenge, with over three decades of experience in design and development of high performance naval systems. Moreover, decades of expertise in the areas of radar, navigation, communications, command & control, electronic warfare (EW), electronic support measures (ESM) and electronic intelligence (ELINT) have resulted in the ability to offer comprehensive solutions, systems integration, services and longterm support for naval customers. Our naval combat experience is expressed in a broad range of systems including shipboard combat management systems assuring information dominance over potential enemies, supporting a Common Tactical Picture (CTP), shortening decision cycles and executing rapid, accurate weapon engagement. Our submarine ELINT systems detect and recognize threats under dense electromagnetic conditions.

These systems are installed on the Israel Navy Dolphin class submarines and are on-board submarines of several other navies worldwide. We are the prime integrator in turnkey naval platform upgrades which include full systems integration and technology transfer. With decades of expertise in naval C4I, radar, weapon systems, navigation, sonar and EW, we equip our customers with advanced, cost-effective combat suites to meet the missions ahead.

Elbit broad range of naval systems features:

• Combat Management Systems (CMS), submarine electronic warfare systems, shipboard decoy countermeasure launching systems, tactical trainers
• Satellite communication systems (VSAT)
• Data communication and data link systems
• Deseaver - a Decoy Control and Launching System
• Integrated navigation systems
• CoMPASS™ - a compact, multipurpose advanced stabilized system
• Silver Marlin - an unmanned surface vessel


An acknowledged source for front-ranking, reliable solutions, Elbit Systems EW and SIGINT - Elisra designs develops, manufactures, integrates  and supports advanced system solutions for air, sea and land deployment - serving customers in over 40 countries. Elbit Systems EW and SIGINT - Elisra's activities are supported by vertically integrated capabilities and intensive R&D programs.  In several areas, the company has pioneered new concepts which have earned international acclaim. The synergy and strength have led to breakthrough approaches and unique achievements in terms of system features, functionality, reliability and affordability. Through vertical and horizontal growth, Elbit Systems EW and SIGINT - Elisra is able to meet emerging operational requirements.  As core  competencies continue to be expanded and fortified, we welcome the opportunities of tomorrow, as we build on the expertise and experience we have accumulated over the past 40 years.

Main Product Lines:

• New Generation Complete, Integrated Self-Protection Suites including RWR, LWS, Jammer, and Passive IR Missile Warning System for Fighters, Helicopters, Transport Aircraft, MPA and Combat Vessels
• Intelligence, including ESM/ELINT Systems for MPA, Reconnaissance Aircraft and Helicopters
• ESM and COMINT for UAVs
• New Generation EW, COMINT DF, COMJAM and Integrated Communication Systems for Modern Air, Ground and Navies
• Search and Rescue Systems for the most advanced combat and peacetime requirements
• Data Links, Based on Modular Platform - for various types of UAVs, Guided Weapons and Satellites
• Command and Control - C4I for Artillery and Integrated EW and C4I
• Theater Missile Defense, including Test Bed and Battle Management Center for the ARROW Weapon System
• Network Centric Warfare
• Spectrum Management and Control
• Microwave Components and Sub systems

Elisra Electronic Systems Ltd.
Established in 1967 Elisra Electronic Systems is supported by over 40 years of experience.  The company is a globally recognized EW systems for that sets the standard for uncompromising performance in the air, on the ground and at sea. Deployed worldwide, among dozens of armed forces, the company's EW systems have accumulated decades of operational experience in complex scenarios.  These real-world lessons are at the core of all R&D, infusing advanced technologies with practical combat experience and resulting in systems that are combat-born and bred. Elisra Electronic Systems Itd. has merged two subsidiaries - Tadiran Electronic Systems Ltd. and Tadiran Spectralink Ltd. into internal sub-divisions of the company

Tadiran Electronic Systems Ltd.
Tadiran Electronic Systems specializes in turnkey EW, C4I and spectrum control solutions. Its EW systems operate in the densest electromagnetic environments. The company's latest generation integrated EW and C4I systems provide commanders with quick access to vital decision making support, while new generation C4I artillery systems are aimed at HQ, division, brigade and battalion levels.
Tadiran Electronic Systems  proven expertise led to its selection as the developer, manufacturer and supplier of the Battle Management C3I Center for the ARROW weapons system.

Elbit Systems SAR and Data Links – Elisra Ltd. (formerly Tadiran Spectralink Ltd.)
Tadiran Spectralink focuses on the design, development, and manufacture of a wide range of advanced wireless communication products.  Its advanced search and rescue systems, for combat and peacetime applications, are in use by armed forces worldwide.
The company's generic data link for unmanned platforms is a fully featured, open architecture system designed to
serve UAV, missile, guided weapon and satellite missions.   Compactness, modularity, cost-effectiveness and extreme reliability have made it the preferred link - making sure that critical information gets to the right place at the right time.
On March 30, 2011 Elbit Systems Ltd completed the acquisition of the balance of the shares of Elisra Electronic Systems Ltd. which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd.

Communication Systems

Elbit Systems Land and C4I Ltd. supplies advanced communications systems and products for a wide range of military and homeland security customers worldwide. Specializing in radio communications, and leveraging Tadiran Communications' rich heritage, we develop and supply solutions for voice, data and video (multimedia) applications across a broad range of frequencies – from the VLF band through HF, VHF, UHF, the C-band and the milimetric wave band.

Elbit Systems Land and C4I wide range of products and systems facilitate secured and ECCM-immuned voice and broadband data communications, and include short and medium-range VHF radio systems, long-range HF radio systems, multi-band VHF-UHF handheld/manpack radios, line-of sight multi-channel radio systems, ruggedized computers/communication terminals and personal digital assistance devices (RPDAs), integrated communications systems combining wireless (radio) and wired (telephony) communications, military-grade wireless broadband systems based on WiMAX technology, IP/LAN/WAN networks and situation awareness systems.

Commercial Aviation

Bringing together a world of experience to enhance performance, situational awareness, safety and survivability, Elbit Systems is applying our accumulated technological expertise in design, development and integration of today’s most cutting-edge systems to commercial platforms.

Elbit Systems, leveraging our core competencies in defense systems, as well as our legacy strengths in commercial aviation products, operates in many fields of the Commercial and Business Aviation market. These activities include:

Avionics – Our commercial avionics offerings range from complete integrated glass-cockpit suites to sophisticated Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS), and head-up displays (HUD), which  increase the pilot’s situational awareness and flight safety. We also provide other avionics systems and products such as flight management systems, digital map systems and multifunction displays. Design, development and production of these advanced systems, from advanced EVS systems to LCD displays and advanced avionics software that meets the most stringent aviation standards, are all performed by our dynamic engineering force throughout our worldwide facilities.

Aerostructures – Elbit Systems' aerostructures capabilities include  the design, development and production of advanced composite and metal aircraft structure assemblies and components. Our customer base includes major Business Aviation and Commercial Aviation aircraft OEM’s and after-market centers. Product offerings include primary and secondary composite and metal structures such as: pressurized and non-pressurized doors, control surfaces, composite beams, pylons, blended wing-tips (winglets), nacelles and more.

Aircraft Systems – We design and provide systems for commercial aircraft including advanced cabin pressurization control systems, air data systems and a multitude of custom-made electric power and control systems. Our product offering combines years of experience with modern technology. Designed to minimize cost, weight, and space, these systems meet the needs of advanced business and commuter aircraft.

Aero Structures

Elbit Systems - Cyclone ("Cyclone"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems, serves as Elbit Systems design and production center for metal and composite structural aircraft components and parts for leading aerospace companies and OEMs.

Cyclone designs and produces unique assemblies for civil and military aircraft such as the F-15, F-16 and F-18 fighter aircraft, Boeing 737 to 787 commercial aircraft. Cyclone also provides Standard Depot Level Maintenance (SDLM) and other maintenance services to fixed and rotary wing aircraft customers worldwide, including systems installation and integration services.

Cyclone is certified for ISO 9001 and Boeing AS 9100-2000 Advanced Quality Systems, and is a Boeing Gold Level Preferred Supplier. Our dedicated project management teams work hand-in-hand with a skilled and experienced workforce to ensure that all products and services are performed on the highest professional level and in full compliance with contract requirements.

Cyclone’s main areas of activity include:

• Commercial Aircraft structural parts
• Design and production of metal and composite components

Cyclone supplies both composites and metal structural assemblies like:

• Boeing-737 passenger doors
• Boeing-737 luggage doors
• Boeing-787 Landing gear doors (Composites)
• Boeing-737 Engine landing breaks (Composites)
• Wings subassemblies
• Composites fuselage floor beams
• Military Aircraft structural parts
• Design and production of metal and composite components

Cyclone proficiencies are in the following:

• Composites and metal assemblies for fighters such as F-16, F-15, F-18 and more
• External fuel tank and pylons for F-16, F-15, F-18 and more

As the sole source for the F-16 600 gallon external fuel tank and pylon, Cyclone has demonstrated that it has what it takes to satisfy demanding customers.

• Helicopter and light aircraft overhaul, repair and modification per customer needs
• Fleet Support and Operation Services

Cyclone manages fleet support and operation under innovative concepts such as Power By the Hour (PBH) and Private Finance Initiative (PFI)  for the Israeli Air Force.

Cyclone provides full operation services for the entire Israel Air Force Flight Academy fleet, which includes the following:

• T-6 Trainer Aircraft - PBH
• Bell 206 Helicopters - PBH
• Bell 209 Helicopters - PBH
• Grob 120AI Light Trainer Aircraft - PFI

Elbit Systems Ltd.

  • Advanced Technology Center PO Box 539 31053, Haifa, Israel
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