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  • Counter-measures, Electronic Warfare and Decoys
  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment
  • Training & Simulation
  • Weapons & Ammunition

Established in 1933 and fully owned by the Israeli government, IMI Systems specializes in the development, integration and manufacture of offensive and defensive solutions for the modern battlefield and homeland security. IMI’s state-of-the-art land, air and naval systems, draw on the extensive experience of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Most of these are combat-proven and have been type classified by the IDF, US Army, Air Force & Navy, as well as NATO members and other armed forces worldwide.

IMI’s comprehensive solutions include end-to-end product support, from start to finish: training, integrated logistics support, maintenance and mid-life upgrades, transfer of technology and complete after sales support.

IMI’s approach is focused on innovative and low-cost systems, aimed at meeting customers’ requirements for enhanced survivability, protection, fire power and mobility in combat.

IMI owns two subsidiaries: IMI Academy for Advanced Security & Anti-Terror Training and Ashot Ashkelon Industries - a leading supplier of technologically advanced systems and components for international Aerospace, Defense, Automotive and Other industries.


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Advanced Systems Division
+972 3 5486885
+972 3 5486633

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Munitions Systems Division
+972 3 5485745
+972 3 5486797

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Small Caliber Ammunition Division
+972 4 6500705
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Main Office
+972 3 5485222
+972 3 5486125
POB 1044 Ramat Hasharon 4711001, Israel

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Land Systems Division
+972 3 5485790
+972 3 5486797

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Rocket Systems Division
+972 8 9242684 +972 8 9277447/9
+972 8 9252896

Test Center

IMI's test center is the largest and most advanced munitions and weapons test site in Israel. The center performs comprehensive evaluations and testing of various kinds of explosives, propellants and gun-fired ammunition ordnance, ranging from small-caliber to 8” projectiles, mortars, rockets, missiles and aircraft armament warheads, land based ammunition, grenades, mines and pyrotechnic devices.

Testing within the Test Center is carried out in labs and on the open firing range. Live firing ranges are operated at the IMI Proving Ground, offering live-fire testing of artillery and tank ammunition, at ranges reaching up to 40 km.

The highly experienced professionals working at the test center are constantly focusing on creating the most diverse and rigorous test capabilities, guaranteeing IMI's systems and munitions meet the test requirements of advanced military technologies.

Ammunition Reutilization, Demiling & Disposal Technologies

IMI offers advanced environmentally-friendly solutions for the complete life cycle of obsolete munitions and explosives. The solutions include reuse, recycling and disposal of High-Explosives (HE), propellants, pyrotechnical products, metal parts and other materials.

Main activities include: conversion of operational ammunition for training, disassembly and reuse of components & raw materials (“like new” status), obsolete or unserviceable munitions disposal by detonation / burning.

IMI’s safe and highly reliable demiling facilities have a proven zero-casualties track record. The proven demiling technologies include a Mobile Demiling & Recycling Plant (MDRP), which can be set up at fixed locations, in accordance with the costumer's needs.

Munitions Systems Division (MSD)

The Munitions Systems Division (MSD) is recognized worldwide as a leader in the design, development and manufacture of innovative and high-performance medium and large caliber munitions and weapon systems. These include artillery and tank ammunition for both Western and Eastern type calibers; air-to-ground weapon systems, including deep penetration bombs and runway penetrators; infantry systems and munitions for increased lethality and target engagement capabilities and more.

As the major supplier of ammunition to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), MSD's products are in use and combat-proven, many of them are also in service with armed forces worldwide.

Rocket Systems Division (RSD)

The Rocket Systems Division (RSD) is IMI's know-how and production center for rocket propulsion, ground and naval-launched artillery rocket systems, pyrotechnic systems and countermeasures for the protection of aircraft.

Other fields of activity include processing of special metals and composites for lightweight armor materials for both military and civilian applications, as well as ballistic protection solutions for vehicles, maritime vessels and helicopters.

SLAVIN Land Systems Division (LASD)

SLAVIN Land Systems Division (LASD) specializes in the development, production and integration of combat-proven systems for Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) such as MERKAVA, M-60 and various other Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV). SLAVIN also provides system conversion, upgrading and modernization of AFVs currently in service, enabling customers to maximize the use of their existing inventories, by extending the lifespan of surplus systems, improving firepower, survivability and maneuverability.

Further fields of activity include 105 and 120mm tank guns; sub-caliber training systems for tank crew training and various assault bridging systems.

Advanced Systems Division (ASD)

The Advanced Systems Division (ASD) is a vertically integrated developer and manufacturer of advanced weapon systems, sub-systems and ordnance for aerospace, combat land and naval platforms.

ASD offers a full range of innovative, combat-proven solutions including Electro-Optically (E/O) guided DELILAH standoff missiles, MARS rocket-powered air-to-ground standoff weapon, WHIP SHOT small-size precision-strike weapon for Close Air Support (CAS) aircraft, advanced decoys and aerial targets and very short range, low-level air defense integrated systems (VSHORAD).

YITZHAK Small Caliber Ammunition Division (SCA)

YITZHAK Small Caliber Ammunition Division (SCA) is recognized as a world-leader in small caliber ammunition. The Division designs and manufactures a complete range of ammunition, from 5.56mm to 0.5” (12.7mm), including various Armor-Piercing (AP), sniping, GREEN (Lead-Free), Frangible and training cartridges. IMI's 5.56mm BALL and 9mm BALL cartridges are NATO qualified.

SCA Division is recognized by the Israel Ministry of Defense (MoD) as the exclusive supplier of small caliber ammunition to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Other customers include the U.S. Army, armed forces of major NATO members, law enforcements, special units and customers in commercial markets worldwide.

IMI Systems Ltd.

  • Main Office: POB 1044, 4711001, Ramat Hasharon, Israel
  • +972 3 5485222 
  • +972 3 5486125 
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