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  • Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV, Spacecraft & related equipment
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Orlite Industries Ltd., was founded in the year 1959. The company is part of Inrom Industries Ltd, one of the largest public industrial companies in Israel. Orlite's facilities is located in the Southern part of the Tel-Aviv area.

Orlite Industries has over 45 years of experience in dealing with Composite Materials and advanced technologies. Orlite believes that continual and measurable quality improvement is a key element in meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers and in achieving recognized excellence.

Orlite Industries has three main divisions: Aviation, Military and Civilian.

The Aviation division supplies a complete Conversion to Cargo interior kit for aircrafts such as Boeing 737, 767 and 747 as well as other parts made of composite materials for example: air conditioning system, galley etc.

The Military division is responsible for manufacturing the FRAC- Fire Resistant Ammunition Containers for Tanks & Combat Vehicles.

The Civilian division manufactures outdoor enclosures made of fiberglass reinforced panels, such as electrical enclosures, network cabinets, communication cabinets, industrial enclosures, cable TV distribution ect.

It is the policy of Orlite to provide products that always meet and/or exceed customer's expectations and requirements. The company is ISO 9001 certified.



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Aviation Composites

Orlite is a leading supplier of composite material components sub-assemblies and assemblies for the Aerospace industry. For example: Full conversion kits for passenger to fright aircraft, external fuel tank components, Airborne Radomes, UAV parts, Structural and Semi Structural Components for Business Aviation, Ducting and much more…

Fire Resistant Ammunition Containers (FRAC)

Orlite is the sole supplier of Fire Resistant Ammunition Containers (FRAC) for tanks and combat vehicles using active heat and fire isolating technology since 1978. We apply this technology in areas where prolonged intense heat and fire risks are possible.


Orlite manufactures a wide range of fiberglass enclosures & bases for outdoor cabinets, including complete lines of electrical enclosures ("DIN") and lines of various and uniquely size enclosures.
Orlite is active in the following areas: Electricity, Communication, Infrastructure, Industry and Municipalities.

Compression molding

A technique of thermoset molding in which the molding compound (reinforced fiberglass) is placed in the open mold cavity, the mold is closed and  heat and pressure are applied until the material has cured and cabinets' part created.

Cold molding

Matched die press molding process using a catalyst system requiring no external heat.

Filament winding

A composite fabrication process which consists of winding a continuous reinforcing fiber (impregnated with resin) around a rotating and removable form (mandrel).

Autoclave Molding

A molding method in which, after final lay-up, an entire assembly is put into a steam or electrically heated autoclave at elevated pressure. Additional pressure achieves higher reinforcement loadings and improved removal of air.

RTM - Resin transfer molding

RTM - Resin Transfer Molding. The transfer of catalyzed resin into an  enclosed mold in which the fiber reinforcement has been placed.

Vacuum bag molding

Vacuum bag molding. A process for molding composites in which a film  material is placed over the lay-up on the mold and sealed so that a vacuum  can be applied to allow atmospheric pressure to help form the composite.

Tube Molding

Tube Molding – a unique one step manufacturing process of tubes or any 3D  parts with 1, 2 or multy openings.

Orlite Industries Ltd.

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