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THALES NORWAY A.S., is one of Norway’s largest industrial centres of expertise for mission-critical IT and telecommunications solutions and the principal supplier of military communication systems to the Norwegian Armed Forces. 50 % of the company’s business is generated in the export market.

The company employs 170 highly qualified people offering a wide range of technical skills. Thales Norway is a highly innovative company, working in active cooperation with the global Thales Group and with both national and international partners. The Company participates in several European cooperative research programs, and maintains an active partnership with the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) in several fields of technology which are important to its customers in the medium to long term.

Thales Norway AS is taking part in a major European Defence Agency (EDA) programme together with many other important European defence companies in order to develop system-on-chip technologies that can be used to develop encryption engines in the future. A reference testbed has been developed for experimentation with the new NATO standard for secure voice communications – Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol (SCIP) – that contains the essential functionalities of SCIP.

Based on this experience and on its long tradition in the development of IP encryption for NATO, the Company is planning a similar testbed for the next generation of NATO IP crypto based on the High Assurance IP Encryption (HAIPE) standard. Thales Norway has several years of experience in the field of Secure Service-Oriented Architectures thanks to cooperative research programmes with NATO partners and the FFI. Secure information exchange, based on XML security mechanisms, between a civil emergency management system and a military command and control system has been demonstrated within the EU’s OASIS project.

Business areas and programmes

Thales Norway maintains a strong position for the development and supply of communication solutions to customers demanding the very best in reliability and security. The company provides unique expertise and solutions for combining IP technology with critical requirements for robustness and mobility. Key business areas Thales Norway is the major supplier to the Norwegian Defence Forces with regard to Information Assurance and Infrastructure. These solutions are also well positioned within NATO, where its Cryptel IP encryption products have been selected as the NATO NICE standard for IP encryption, covering all classification levels.

Thales Norway's IP-based solutions for control room communication are one of its business segments. Its world-leading products use IP technology and meet essential control room requirements such as high uptime, handling of classified and non-classified traffic and flexible resource sharing between operators. As well as developing and supplying products and systems, the Company performs installation, training and logistics support services. Multi-domestic business one growing field in the Norwegian and Swedish markets is based on Thales’ multi-domestic approach; combining a local presence with world-leading expertise and product availability throughout the entire Thales organisation. This has led to a broader business portfolio in the domestic market, particularly with regard to satellite communications, surveillance, simulation and ground transportation.


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Contact info #1

Roar Smedsrod
+47 2 263 8351
Assistant Director Business Development
+47 2 263 8301
P.O. Box 6611 Etterstad 0609, Oslo, Norway


Customer Services and Support (CS&S) is the Thales Norway resource centre for provision of integrated logistics support, systems implementation support and after sales support services to the company’s customers and business partners.

The company’s portfolio of available services ensures a high degree of customer satisfaction throughout the lifetime of acquired Thales systems. The content and quality of the Thales Norway service portfolio builds on the unique expertise and formal certifications held at both individual and company level. In line with the principles of the ITIL® Service Management Method, CS&S develops and maintains service offerings that provide our customers with added value.

Areas of expertise Thales Norway supplies services to its customers in the following fields:

• Integrated logistics support

• Testing, verification and validation

• Implementation support

• Training and documentation

• Configuration management

• Service management

• Systems engineering


Cryptel IP The Cryptel® IP system is approved for protection of data traffic at all NATO classification levels and has been selected as the standard for NATO IP Crypto Equipment (NICE). This system supports both IPv4 and IPv6. TCE 621, a key component of the Cryptel® IP system, is installed between the host system or network and the IP network and is used to establish Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions or to protect communications between two hosts. Various versions of TCE 621 are available depending on data rates and crypto algorithms. TCE 671, a security management centre, provides efficient, centralised management and operation of the security network.

eCustodian is an electronic key management system (EKMS) for the planning, generation, storage, distribution and accounting of cryptographic keys. eCustodian has a hierarchical structure and can be used to build general, nationwide EKMS systems, serving a range of deployed and future crypto systems.

TSF101 TSF 101 is an IP filter for connecting IP networks with different security classifications. The Thales Trusted Security Filter (TSF 101) is a stateless IP filter that is used for connecting IP networks with different security classifications. It has predefined, non-configurable filter criteria, tailored for the specific environment, which allow messages compliant with these criteria to flow from the most secure network to the least. All rejected messages are logged and time-stamped.


SOTAS is a robust, easy to use, scalable, innovative communication system. Operational in 28 countries, with 18,000 systems deployed in nearly 50 vehicle types, SOTAS is present all over the world. SOTAS has an excellent audio quality, dynamic noise reduction and IP services. It's a truly battlefield proven and world class multimedia vehicle intercom system.

Military voice over IP systems

Thales Norway has developed a voice over IP solution for deployable and mobile military networks, known as Tactical Voice Infrastructure (TVI).

The functionality of TVI is compliant with requirements for voice systems in the field:

• Simple management for efficient and reliable configuration and supervision

• The telephone user interface is intuitive and focuses on relevant tasks

• LDAP-based directory with click-to-dial

• Supports telephony and CNR radio access with push-to-talk (PTT)

• Based on SIP for compatibility with COTS equipment, e.g. Cisco

• Flat server network with no vulnerable hierarchy

• Distributed conferencing with military functionality

• User-initiated number portability (reaffiliation)

• MLPP and other supplementary services

Protected Core Networks

Protected Core Networks (PCNs) are military IP networks offering high levels of resilience and strength against intrusion attempts. The PCN is a new NATO concept, and current military networks are expected to evolve towards this.

Routers and QoS Thales Norway has built a tactical router that maps IP to military X.25 with priority functions. This has been used by the army for several years. The SOTAS system for vehicle communications also has a highly flexible Linux router built in.

Soldier Systems Thales Norway has quite a lot of experience in the relatively new field of C2 systems for troops. Thales Norway began its cooperation with the FFI in 2000 in order to support the early phases of NORMANS system development at the FFI. As part of this cooperation, Thales Norway developed the Torso Computer (TC), which is a small computer and power distribution hub for advanced soldier systems. The TC was also used internationally by Thales for early soldier trial systems.


The company has been working over the past decade to develop a leading position for the supply of Voice Communication Systems (VCS) for air traffic management, as well for other critical control room applications.

Thales’ ACEcom solution is unique thanks to its combination of IP technology and compliance with requirements relating to security, uptime and safety. The system has been assessed and approved to Eurocontrol ESSAR specifications, and a special variant – TXM 5500 – has been developed for civilian applications.



XOmail is a key component of information handling and transfer as part of C4ISR solutions, for example. XOmail functionality is tailored to messaging tasks in military organisations and is compliant with the latest versions of NATO STANAG 4406 (“MMHS”). A built-in ACP 127 gateway ensures backwards compatibility.

This solution integrates with Directory and Public Key Infrastructure components to form complete, off-the-shelf solutions. Optional components for tactical army and navy messaging and directory services may implement true common service support for organisations such as headquarters, army task forces and submarine crews.


Maritime sensors

Thales is a world leader when it comes to sonar and maritime radar applications, and the company has a long tradition of providing the Norwegian Navy with sensor systems. Some recent examples of outstanding achievements in this field:

• Equipping Nansen class frigates with both fixed and towed sonars.

• MRR radars for SKJOLD fast patrol boats.

• Dipping sonar for NH90 helicopters.

• Sonar upgrade for ALATA and OKSØY mine clearance vessels.

Night vision equipment

Thales provides a wide range of Optronic surveillance products, and has supplied a wide variety of thermal imagers and night vision goggles to the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Thales Norway A.S.

  • Haslevangen 45D, 0579, Oslo, Norway
  • +47 2 263 83 00
  • +49 30 688306 860
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