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Sportline was founded by Spyros Dragonas on April 1st of 1975.Initially its occupation was production of athletic products. Therefore it collaborated with all the major athletic companies.

The peak of this collaboration was the time between the years 1988-1989,which was very successful, since our company provided outfits for almost all our athletic teams of A1 and A2 categories of basketball as well as A and B category of soccer. At 1981 it begins collaboration with the Special Forces of Greek Army and in 1982 with the Navy Seals where for several years it literally dresses them up.

At 1984 it begins to collaborate with the Hellenic Navy and provides the ships with jockeys, patches and work outfit up today. At 1992 it manufactures for the 1st time jockeys for the Hellenic Air Force and till today we manufacture most of the patches and insignia, as well as jockeys, aircraft models, flags, lighters, cups and various etiquette products.

Uniforms and clothes have been used periodically by various climbing missions to Almapio, Hoascaran, Himalayas etc.

With the Hellenic Army to Somalia , Afghanistan and Former Yugoslavia Republic Of Macedonia and with the Hellenic Navy and its ships at the Persian Gulf .

Nowadays we manufacture all the patches, insignia and jockeys for the Hellenic Air Force and Army Aviation.

Our company still imports, trade and manufacture products for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Special Forces.

Sportline was transferred on 1/8/2009 to Kalliope Dragona.

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Sport Line Dragonas Spyros

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