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Sioen Ballistics Oy, a member of the Sioen Group, is a fully integrated manufacturer of armour products.

The company’s end users are often faced with life threatening situations, either directed at themselves or towards others that they rescue, protect or guard. Safety- and security-critical environments require sufficient means to protect individuals, to help them to perform their duty and to fulfil their mission.

Sioen Ballistics develops and offers a wide range of new and innovative protection solutions in various wearing formats, including Overt, Covert and Tactical vests, Specialised solutions and Accessories needed to increase the safety.

Ballistic Solutions
Sioen Ballistics has developed a wide range of ballistic, stab, spike and impact protective solutions, fulfilling the general international standards. In addition they also tailor-make solutions for the threat situations customers are faced with in their missions. Solutions which often are based on international standards, but with additional requirements like different bullets, combinations of standards, tighter results from testing, accepted levels for weight or flexibility etc.


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Sioen Ballistics Oy

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