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  • Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV, Spacecraft & related equipment
  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components

ELEB, is an aerospace system and component manufacturer, and its main products are: Landing Gear Systems, Hydraulics and Electro-Mechanical Sub-Assemblies, such as actuators, valves, accumulators, and pylons.

ELEB masters the whole product cycle as an in-house development, from product design and development, through qualification tests, certification and manufacturing up to after-sales support.

ELEB’s main markets are the medium size commercial aviation, helicopters, executive aviation and defense aircraft segments.

ELEB features a service center that is fully qualified for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services on landing gears, servo controls, actuators, pylons, and other hydraulic and electro-mechanical systems.


ELEB’s history dates way back to the 1970’s, when Brazil and Italy resolved on a joint program for the development of a new subsonic attack jet, the AMX. According to directives from the Brazilian Government, the program should also contribute with the necessary know-how for the country to locally develop and manufacture landing gear systems and hydraulic equipment for the aeronautical industry. The responsibility for bringing this new technology to Brazil was assigned to Embraer – Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica S.A., which, in its turn, created EDE – Embraer Divisão Equipamentos in 1984.

Later, in 1999, EDE was established as an independent company organized through a joint venture between Embraer and European-based Liebherr Aerospace SAS. Most of EDE’s assets were transferred to the new company, which was called ELEB – Embraer Liebherr Equipamentos do Brasil S.A. 60% of ELEB was owned by Embraer and 40% by Liebherr. In this period ELEB received great investments and started several successful new businesses in the international market, gaining important new customers in the United States, Europe and Asia.

In December 2007 ELEB’s shareholders started negotiations for the acquisition, by Embraer, of Liebherr Aerospace’s 40% share of the company. These negotiations were finally completed in July 2008 when Embraer became ELEB’s sole owner. To reflect these alterations, the company’s registered name is changing to ELEB Equipamentos Ltda. – although company operations are not affected by the change in its ownership.

ELEB is located in an area that covers 24,000 m² in the city of São José dos Campos, state of São Paulo, Brazil.

ELEB - Embraer Liebherr Equipamentos do Brasil S.A. - PicturesELEB - Embraer Liebherr Equipamentos do Brasil S.A. - Pictures 2

Contact info #1

Carlos Blanco
+55 12 3935 5406
Senior Marketing Analyst
+55 12 3935 5284
Rua Itabaiana, 40 – Sao Jose dos Campos – SP, 12.237-540, Brazil

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Alexandre Alonso
+55 12 3935 5385
Service Center Contacts Administrator
+55 12 3935 5284
Rua Itabaiana, 40 – Sao Jose dos Campos – SP, 12.237-540, Brazil

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Eugenio Maduenho
+55 12 3935 5328
Procurement & Contacts Negotiation Manager
+55 12 3935 5284
Rua Itabaiana, 40 – Sao Jose dos Campos – SP, 12.237-540, Brazil

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Marco Soares
+55 12 3935 5478
DCO/GVM - Vendas & Marketing
+55 12 3935 5284
Rua Itabaiana, 40 – Sao Jose dos Campos – SP, 12.237-540, Brazil


The high technology applied to its processes, allied to a qualified staff, enables ELEB to fully fulfill the strictest national and international standards demanded by the aerospace market for the production of landing gear systems.

A special treatments plant is located within ELEB’s facilities for the following operations:

Surface Treatment
Cadmium plating, chromium plating, chromium anodization, sulphuric anodization, chemical nickel plating, stainless steel passivation, stainless steel electrolytic polishing, zinc and manganese phosphatization, fluoric phosphatization, dark and silver oxidation.

Thermal and Thermo-chemical Treatment

  • Steel
    (pressure relief, tempering, stainless steel precipitation hardening, nitrating);
  • Aluminum
    (Solubilization and aging)
  • Mechanical Treatment
  • Shot peening;
  • Bright shot

Chromium Grinding and Super-finish

  • Specialized in high-precision chromium for parts finishing with super-finish.

Chemical Laboratory

  • Analysis of all process specific baths.

Destructive and Non-Destructive Test Laboratory

  • Penetrating liquid;
  • Magnetic particle;
  • Nital attack.


An aircraft landing gear system has four basic features:

  • To support and maneuver the aircraft on the ground;
  • To absorb loads during landing and provide safe breaking.

The system comprises structural and hydraulic items composed of landing gear leg strut, shock absorber, wheel, tire, break, beams, up and down lock actuators and retraction actuator.

Landing gears are classified according to the place where they are installed on the aircraft and type of construction.

  • Place of installation: main landing gear – supports greater aircraft loads; and, auxiliary landing gear – generally provides steering.
  • Type of construction: fixed landing gear and retractable landing gear, which can feature a telescopic, trailing-arm or semi trailing-arm configuration.



These components are used to move or position components in an aircraft, with the following operations:

  • Retract or extend landing gears;
  • Open or close doors;
  • Position control surfaces.

Among the most common types of actuators are:

  • Double action with same areas;
  • Double action with differential areas;
  • Single action with spring return.

Actuators may incorporate other components such as:

  • Speed control valves;
  • Damping at the end of stroke;
  • Emergency actuation system;
  • Shuttle valve;
  • Internal lock system;
  • Position indicators.

ELEB provides actuators to the following programs:

  • Embraer  ERJ 145 family, E-170/190 family, ALX-Super Tucano, AMX, Phenom 100 e Phenom 300
  • Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche, S-92 and H-92
  • Airbus A330 e A340
  • AVIC 1 ARJ21


These are components used to command or control other components or hydraulic systems.

The most common types of valves in an aircraft are:

  • Selector valves with electric, mechanic or hydraulic control;
  • Pressure relief valves;
  • Sequence valves;
  • Unidirectional valves;
  • Position control valves;
  • Emergency valves;
  • Flow control valves;
  • Shut-off valves with electric, mechanic or hydraulic control.

The valves listed above can also be found grouped in a single block called hydraulic manifold.

ELEB provides valves to the following programs:

  • Embraer ERJ 145 family, E-170/190 family, ALX-Super Tucano, AMX.


These are electro-mechanical equipment used in aircraft for the transport, release or ejection of external loads such as:

  • Extra fuel tank;
  • Arming;
  • Electronic equipment.

ELEB provides pylons to the following programs:

  • Embraer ALX-Super Tucano and AMX


These are hydro-mechanical equipment used in aircraft to lock landing gears, doors and other aircraft equipments in retracted position.

ELEB provides up lock boxes to the following programs:

  • Embraer ERJ 145 family, E-170/190 family, ALX-Super Tucano, AMX and Phenom 300
  • Airbus MRTT


These are mechanical components used in aircraft to store hydraulic energy.

ELEB provides accumulators to the following programs:

  • Embraer ERJ 145 family and AMX

ELEB - Embraer Liebherr Equipamentos do Brasil S.A.

  • Rua Itabaiana, 40, SP, 12.237 540, Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil
  • +55 12 3935 5494
  • +55 12 3935 5284 
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