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KSG Austria GmbH specializes in the manufacture of electronic components such as multilayer printed circuit boards, double sided plated through printed circuit boards, single sided printed circuit boards, rigid flex printed circuit boards, membrane switches, etc.

It is positioned in the SME sector of high-tech and high-service products in the energy, industrial, entertainment electronics industry and medical engineering.

Its product capabilities include:

HSMtec: High current and heat management on the printed circuit board. In the places, in which high rivers flow and develop for warmth, partially large Kupferquerschnitte are integrated into the printed circuit board.

Copper elements are embedded and ankontaktiert in the form of rounded wires and/or profiles into defined situations (both outside and interior situations). The Ankontaktierung takes place on the conventionally corroded conductive pattern structure.

Rigid flexible printed circuit boards: Rigid-flexible printed circuit boards are the optimal solution if several rigid printed circuit boards in different installation positions and adjustments to be electrically connected are.
The Starrflex technology became concerning layout possibilities and geometry extraordinarily versatile and from there an indispensable component of modern connection technique.

Due to intensive research activities, the company has been able to develop a system of high voltage, thermal management boards, enabling the integration of control electronics as used in windmills, LED technology and hybrid drives, on a single circuit board.

KSG Austria GmbH.

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