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mils electronic develops and sells highly secure unified communication systems as well as message, data and network encryption systems. Located in Austria, mils electronic has been a highly respected adviser and supplier to clients in more than 60 countries around the world for over 65 years. Diplomatic services, military commands, presidencies, ministries, intelligence services and law enforcement agencies trust the absolute security of mils electronic products.


These organizations know that the only unbreakable encryption is One Time Pad, or OTP. Invented in the early days of the last century, this encryption method is still the only way to guarantee that confidential information remains confidential - regardless of future technological breakthroughs in terms of crypto-analysis or computing power. Since the very beginning, mils electronic has been implementing the unbreakable One Time Pad encryption method into the cryptographic functions of its products.

Additionally, mils electronic products provide algorithm-based encryption to protect confidential and secret communication. But also in this aspect, mils electronic has pushed security one step further, providing a sophisticated block cipher algorithm – the ‘Mils Block Cipher’ (MBC) algorithm. This algorithm is more complex and secure than the AES and can even be customized to create a unique and strong national algorithm, for example.


A messaging product offering the highest level of security must guarantee that its cryptographic components are tamper-proof. As a result, these components need to be removed from the vulnerable environment of the personal computer and stored in a physically protected device. mils electronic has achieved this by designing specific hardware security devices: the MilsQube and the MilsCard. They guarantee the secure storage of cryptographic keys and the execution of algorithms in a protected environment. The hardware security module incorporates a true random noise source and, thus, completes the demand for a top-secure system.


In all mils solutions, key production and distribution is completely placed into customer’s hands and needs no involvement of the manufacturer. Additionally, to meet local regulations and individual needs, there is the opportunity to personally, uniquely, customize the security elements, allowing governments to introduce their own version of the block cipher algorithm into the Mils secure messaging system. This service completes mils electronic’s concept of maximum transparency.

MilsOne – Secure Unified Communication

MilsOne is a secure unified communication solution for messaging, chat, file transfer and voice conversations. The combination of hardware and software provides the highest security level and enables joint editing of secret documents. Thanks to the server-based setup, MilsOne comes with numerous monitoring and supervision functions to keep total control on your secure communication network. Providing the only truly unbreakable encryption method, One Time Pad, and a security-enhanced block cipher algorithm, MilsOne will secure your data for all times.

MilsVPN NG – Secure Networks

MilsVPN NG is a network security solution for protected site-to-site and client-to-site connections, guaranteeing absolute confidentiality and authenticity of the entire network traffic. Highly fail-safe links combined with sophisticated multi-provider bandwidth management options provide the best connectivity on the market. This Virtual Private Network includes state-of-the-art firewall-based perimeter protection, is easy to roll-out, convenient to maintain and flexible to scale. Thanks to centralized management features, administrators can access extensive statistics and logging information on the data exchange in the entire network.


MilsMessage guarantees real end-to-end message protection. As a combination of hardware (MilsCard) and software, this tool provides total confidentiality and authenticity of all messages. Users will find the application both intuitive and simple as its design is very similar to standard mail clients.


MilsCourier provides real end-to-end file protection for personal computers. The easy-to-use application together with a hardware security module (MilsCard) guarantees top-level security for secret data transfer. Sensible information may also be archived in encrypted format so that only the authorized user may decipher the content.

Mils Electronic

  • Sparkassenplatz 2 6020 Innsbruck, Mils, Austria
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