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  • C4I, Communication Systems

GANNEXION focuses on providing wireless communications solutions and services. The company name comes from the combination of GAN (Global Area Network) and "connexion" (a modern view of "connection"). GANNEXION’ team of professionals possesses the necessary combination of knowledge and expertise and years of experience in the execution and delivery of military and civilian projects.

GANNEXION’s customers list include various Dutch Ministries (Defence, Interior and Foreign Affairs), Public Order and Safety Services and government organizations working internationally, international (non) profit organizations and companies.

GANNEXION products and services include:

• Inmarsat satellite systems
• Iridium Satellite Systems
• Thuraya Satellite Systems
• VSAT systems and applications
• Airtime and subscription
• Vocality multiplex solutions
• Kongsberg - secure communication solutions
• Video Conferencing Equipment and Applications
• Pre-paid phone solutions
• Radio Communications (mobile phone / radio) equipment
• Tracking & Tracing Systems

In addition to providing equipment and related services (including billing of airtime and subscriptions GANNEXION’s activities include project management (turnkey projects) and consulting services.

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Gannexion B.V.

  • Transistorstraat 71a, 1322 CK, Almere, The Netherlands
  • +31 36 549 8814
  • +31 36 549 8815
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