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  • Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV, Spacecraft & related equipment
  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment
  • Ships, Vessels, Submarines & related equipment
  • Weapons & Ammunition

Hellenic Defence Systems S.A. (EBO-PYRKAL)-EAS, is a state owned manufacturing group of companies, which was established in 2004 by the merging of Hellenic Arms Industry S.A. (EBO) and Greek Powder and Cartridge Company S.A. (PYRKAL) which were founded in 1977 and 1874 respectively.

The Company is mainly engaged in the production of small arms and guns, weapon and missile systems as well as ammunition of small, medium and large caliber.

HDS consists of two sectors:

Defence Sector: (small arms, mortars, cannons, weapon systems, missile systems, medium to large calibre ammunition, etc.). It is engaged in the production of:

  • Infantry weapons
  • Weapon and missile systems
  • External payloads for aircrafts
  • Ammunition of small and medium caliber
  • Ammunition for artillery
  • Mortars and tank guns
  • Anti-tank ammunition
  • Aircraft bombs
  • Fuzes 

Civil Sector: (commercial explosives, metal constructions, sport-gun cartridges, wind turbines, etc.).

Capabilities list of the company are:

International cooperation: The Company has established as an efficient partner of the international defence industries both in the R and D field by exchanging know-how in the manufacturing field, through the co-production of defence products.

Manufacturing: EAS cooperates in:

  • Co-production of the European IRIS-T Air to Air missile, by manufacturing the warhead and the safety and arming device of the missile.
  • EAS has been also a member of the consortium that has developed the missile.
  • manufacturing and assembly of the canisters for the PATRIOT missile system.
  • European production program of the STINGER Ground to Air rocket, by manufacturing the warhead of the rocket.
  • The manufacturing, assembly and integration of the V-SHORAD Anti-aircraft missile system, ASRAD-HELLAS.
  • manufacturing of components and the assembly of the Gun L55 for MBT LEOPARD 2.
  • Manufacturing of 30mm Naval Turrets.
  • Manufacturing of components and the integration of MILAN Anti-Tank system.
  • Integration of the medium range Anti-tank system KORNET-E.
  • Modernization of the anti-aircraft system VELOS.
  • EAS's main shareholder is the Hellenic State represented by the Hellenic Ministry of Economy and Finance and as of this, EAS is a State owned company.

Hellenic Defence Systems S.A. (EBO-PYRKAL) or EAS is a manufacturing group of companies, which was established in 2004 by the merging of:

  • Greek Powder and Cartridge Company S.A. better known as PYRKAL.
  • Hellenic Arms Industry SA better known as EBO.
Hellenic Defence Systems S.A. (EBO-PYRKAL) - EAS - PicturesHellenic Defence Systems S.A. (EBO-PYRKAL) - EAS - Pictures 2Hellenic Defence Systems S.A. (EBO-PYRKAL) - EAS - Pictures 3

Hellenic Defence Systems S.A. (EBO-PYRKAL) - EAS

  • 1, Ilioupoleos Av., Attica, Zip Code: 172 36, Athens, Greece
  • +30 210 979 9000
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