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FreeSoft is a worldwide provider of technology and services to the legacy application modernization industry. Its  customers gain advantages of a reliable, repeatable way of modernizing technology provided by the company and its partners.

FreeSoft has been involved in the legacy application modernization business since 1998. FreeSoft has built a series of conversion technologies, project methodologies and processes to understand and transform a variety of legacy systems into modern IT environment and new architecture, while ensuring the lowest risk and cost. The company's legacy modernization services enable customers to transform different legacy systems running on heterogenous proprietary platforms, developed in various programming languages with data stored in legacy databases and file systems, into a Java EE or .NET technology platform.

FreeSoft operates globally via the following entities:

FreeSoft EMEA is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.
FreeSoft Inc. is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, USA since 2005.
FreeSoft Asia-Pacific is headquartered in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia since 2006.

Since its inception, FreeSoft Asia-Pacific has acquired the following Australian software distribution businesses:

• CCA Software, a business specialized in providing tools for ADABAS/Natural legacy systems.
• Blueline Software, a business specialized in distributing a wide range of third party software tools for legacy platforms.


FreeSoft is a certified modernization partner of Oracle. 
FreeSoft is a Fujitsu Global Legacy Modernization Partner. 
FreeSoft is member of Microsoft's Platform Modernization Alliance.
IT & More
IT & More GmbH is the legacy modernization partner of FreeSoft's in the D.A.CH countries


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Legacy Modernization

FreeSoft's automated services include the migration of the following environments, databases and related legacy programs to  the Java EE architecture:

Non relational databases:

Relational databases:
• DB2
• Informix
• Oracle
• Sybase
• Ingres

Programming languages:
• Natural
• PL/I
• RPG 
• Informix 4GL
• Ingres 4GL

FreeSoft utilize its unique toolkit to provide modernization services:
Knowledge Liberator(TM) to capture the design or current state of the application. With Knowledge Liberator(TM) all of the information about the current application is input to our parsing technology.
Data Liberator(TM) is a set of technologies that use metadata created by the Knowledge Liberator(TM) and create mappings between original data models to normalized relational database schemas. It also converts and loads legacy data to RDBMS
Code Liberator(TM) uses metadata created by Knowledge Liberator(TM) to transform programs written in 3rd  and 4th generation programming languages into new applications using the J2EE architecture
Data Propagator(TM) data synchronization and integration product

FreeSoft's automated approach to migration quickly and inexpensively transforms legacy applications to a new enviroment and architecture while maintaining the data and the functionality of the original system. FreeSoft's approach is based on repeatable processes that reduce risk and prevent mistakes caused by manual procedures.

Why FreeSoft?
FreeSoft offers automated solutions and services to liberate legacy. With the help of the company's parser and converter technologies customers can leverage the benefits FreeSoft's architecture driven methodology. Architecture driven methodology versus the component driven methodology  assures a step by step approach to SOA and Java EE architecture while your daily business will continue to run. FreeSoft's automated approach to migration provides a low-risk, high-quality method at reasonable costs for modernizing existing applications to a new standards-based environment.

Project Execution

The legacy modernization follows a step by step approach. First the company understands the business and technical assets of the customer and determine which assets are good candidates for the modernization. After determining the assets to be modernized FreeSoft executes the transformation with its automated tools using its modernization methodologies and partner services.

Legacy transformation
FreeSoft's transformation solutions enable legacy users to implement the existing business processes and data of their IT system in a completely new environment while taking the possible lowest risk, within the shortest duration in a cost effective way. The target environment is J2EE, which builds a strong base for the strategic implementation of the SOA.

The transformation process is supported by automated converter tools with the following functionality:
• Parsing and analyzing application source code, store the information in various repositories (XML)
• Generating software components based on the repository information (metadata), iteration in generating components

Project methodology
• Building the modernization strategy, project planning, bidding, building QA and test strategy based on the information gathered in the APM phase
• Environment migration, re-hosting (JCL;CICS; etc.)
• Automated database and data migration, data access migration to J2EE.
• Data cleansing, data model consolidation
• Automated transformation of the application into J2EE, transformation of the business logic and the presentation layer.
• Workaround for non-convertible objects, manual intervention in the code.
• Testing and QA. Unit test, integration test, regression test.
• Re-engineering option based on UML.
• Go production.

Legacy Modernization project setup
The most beneficial set-up for the modernization project is as follows:

Partner's contribution:
• Act as Prime contractor and customer interface
• Sell the services
• Acquisition and consulting process
• Project delivery/project management
• Testing and QA
• Integration and handover of migrated solution

FreeSoft's contribution:
• Owner and user of migration tools
• Support of the acquisition process with presales effort
• Automated migration
• Unit and functional testing

FreeSoft Inc.

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