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  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

RABA Vehicle Ltd. is one of Rába Automotive Holding business units.

RABA Vehicle Ltd. has been producing rolling bus chassis and high mobility military trucks that comply with special transportability and defense requirements as well as carrying out development and adaptation activities for these products. Its main long-term client has been the Hungarian Army. In addition to the military vehicles, the company supplies various category bus and earthmover chassis for its domestic and international partners as well.

RABA Vehicle Ltd. is the sole supplier of off-road military trucks to the Hungarian Defence Forces for 15 years. Further RABA Vehicle Ltd. produces self propelled bus chassis and chassis for road construction vehicles.

The Rába Automotive Holding Plc. with over a hundred years of experience is one of the largest Hungarian companies in the automotive industry. The three strategic business units of the company produce axles for commercial vehicles, agri-machinery and earthmovers as well as automotive components and specialty vehicles. Rába is a Gyor-based (Western-Hungary) company employing more than 2000 people. Sixty percent of its overall sales revenue comes from its export activities, mainly from the three strategic markets: the EU, the US, the CIS. Rába is a public limited company with shares listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange.

The company's business philosophy focuses on adjustment to a changing business environment, and on the continuous, market-driven improvement of efficiency. The objective of Rába is to position itself in the automotive industry as a provider of complex solutions and to gain market leadership in certain segments with its own developments.

The Rába Automotive Holding pursues its activities through three business units, which contribute to the overall sales revenue of the group (2010):

  • Rába Axle Ltd. 57%
  •  Rába Automotive Components Ltd. 26%
  •  Rába Vehicle Ltd. 17%

Rába's Axle Business Unit embraces the whole range of industry-related services enabling Rába to provide complex industrial solutions for its most demanding clients as well. The axle business unit manufactures its products mainly for export, traditionally, for its largest buyer's market in the USA. However, thanks to its high-quality products, it has been increasing its market expansion in the EU and CIS countries.

The Components Business Unit relies on two West-Transdanubian plants. The Mór plant is the center of up-to-date welding and pressing processes while the key technology in the Sárvár plant is cutting and machining. The business unit primarily sells its products to international automotive companies operating in Hungary and in other EU countries.


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Contact info #1

Karoly Nagy
Sales / Marketing
H-9027 Gyor, Martin ut 1., Hungary

Contact info #2

Janos Torma
Managing Director/CEO
H-9027 Gyor, Martin ut 1., Hungary

Contact info #3

Katalin Csizmadia
New Business Development
H-9027 Gyor, Martin ut 1., Hungary

Contact info #4

Balazs Major
Military Project Leader
H-9027 Gyor, Martin ut 1., Hungary

Midibus chassis

RABA-MAN off-road trucks

Road-roller chassis

Lifting structure for special cranes


CNC Laser cutting
CNC Plasma cutting
CNC machining

Hungarian Defence Forces

Off-road military trucks


Steel structures for road-rollers


Steel structures

Raba Vehicle Ltd. (Raba Jarmu Kft)

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