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  • Infrastructure, Construction & Civil Engineering

Murinox AG, is known on the market for the following:

  • Research and development in cold work of metals. The process is patent protected and used in automobile industry.
  • Cable systems for electrical remote supply with data and energy. Civil (buidling industry and agriculture) and military use.
  • A complete front-armature system for energy saving constructions. Construction technology: two-layer brickworks, joint armature, safety console

Murinox Ltd. is a  fully private, small and innovative enterprise with experience in industrial R&D and manufacturing. Particular know-how in:

  • planning and use of military telecom systems
  • mechanics and fibre-optics design
  • electronics development hardware & software
  • prototyping and serial production
  • tailor made solutions

Murinox manufactures especially for defence applications the FspA, a Remote Power Supply System. FspA is a cost-effective solution for delivering temporary power supplies to remote transmission sites, and simultaneously offers voice and data transmission over the same cable.

FspA is currently procured by the Swiss Army to connect mobile transmission sites operated for electronic warfare. Additional projects to supply mobile air force sites are under preparation.

The FspA consists of a modular range of system components:

  • Transmission cable on cable rollers with MIL connectors
  • Cabling equipment (backpack, construction material and tool set)
  • Toroidal transformers (primary and secondary) with various voltages/power and MIL connectors
  • Various standard interfaces (depending on requirements)
  • Auxiliary tools (for documentation, training, maintenance)

Major Defense Customers

Swiss Army - Distant Power Supply System DPSS with integrated data communications


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Murinox AG

  • Industriestrasse 3 CH-8157, Dielsdorf, Switzerland
  • +41 (0)33 733 0060
  • +41 (0)33 733 0063
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