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Kinta Switchgear Sdn. Bhd. (KS), was incorporated on April 14th, 1994 to position itself in the manufacturing of medium & low voltage switchgears and panels for power distribution. The Company is located on a 2-acre site at the IGB International Industrial Park, along the Kuala Kangsar Road, lpoh, Perak. It currently employs more than 65 highly experienced and dedicated workers.

The Company signed a Technology Licensing Agreement with Eaton Corporation of USA, a world leader in the low and medium voltage switchgear technology. The agreement is to manufacture, assemble and sell  switchgears with the brand name of "xEnergy" and "xGear", which are the latest and most advanced low and medium voltage products for the region using the know-how of Eaton. The agreement is part of the Company's concerted efforts in positioning itself as a world-class manufacturer with high end technologies. Earlier, the company, has signed with world industrial giant, Siemens AG of Germany to manufacture their latest range of high-tech and intelligent Motor Control Centres (MCC's).

The Company is basically organized under 7 major departments consisting of:

  • Sales and Marketing Department
  • Metal Fabrication Department
  • Finance Department
  • Administration Department
  • Procurement Department
  • Project & Engineering Department
  • Quality Assurance & Safety Department


The Company strives to be the best in the industry and this require it to be in constant touch with modern technology and the trained personnel to perform to customer's satisfaction. In line with the government's call to be able to compete worldwide, the company has obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification. The growth of the Company depends greatly on the human resources and product development. Therefore, training and upgrading of the work force is necessary to adapt to the ever demanding needs of the customer. The search of new product to further enhance the volume of business has led the Company to either develop new products or to enter into joint venture or licensing agreement with multi-national companies (MNC's). With quality built into the product, the Company is in the position to capture the niche market. The Company therefore has this policy:


1. Due respect for people at all times
2. Customer comes first
3. Always work out WIN-WIN solutions with its customers
4. Fulfilling its commitments
5. Uncompromising Integrity


In order to provide customers with high quality product and services, the company have the facilities to support the strict requirements of the customers. With the total built-up floor space of more than 67,950 sq ft are for manufacturing activities, the company has the ability to accommodate large orders at any time. The companies are equipped with the latest precision machinery and sophisticated test instruments to further support the quality of its products. The following are some of their facilities:

  • CNC Turret Punching Machines
  • 8ft and 12ft NC Press Brakes with Auto Back gauge
  • NC Shearing Machine
  • Hydraulic Punching Machine
  • Copper Bar Bending Machine
  • TIG, CO2 and Spot Welding Machine
  • Precision Drilling Machine
  • Compressed Air Distribution System
  • Sheet Metal Surface Treatment Plant
  • Gas fired infra-red heaters for Electrostatic Spray Plant
  • Pressure Test Equipment
  • Current Injection Test Equipment
  • Earth Leakage Test Equipment
  • Insulation Test Equipment
  • Earth Loop Impedance Test Equipment
  • Phase Sequence Test Equipment
  • rth Resistance Test Equipment
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Kinta Switchgear Sdn. Bhd.

  • No. 20 Lebuh Perusahaan Klebang 1, IGB International Industrial Park, Off Kuala Kangsar Road, 31200 Chemor, Perak, Ipoh, Malaysia
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