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SIEM Consub, is a registered mark of DSND Consub S.A. part of group SIEM Offshore established in 1854 under assignment DSND.

With more than 20 years of operation in Brazil, the SIEM Consub has as focus operations of Offshore Support, Installation of Submarine Handles beyond the development and integration of Systems of combat for the area of Defence.

Its matrix is located in Niteroi, in the state of Rio De Janeiro, with bases located in the Brazilian coast:

  • Macae, Rio De Janeiro
  • Aracaju, Sergipe
  • Natal, Rio Grande do Norte
  • Guamare, Rio Grande do Norte

This privileged geographic distribution throughout 8,000 km of Brazilian coast allows SIEM Consub to support its operation in professional way and to a well reduced cost. 15 boats currently specialized belong or are operated by the SIEM Consub in Brazil and its areas of performance include Stimulation of Wells, Oil Collection, Installation of Submarine Handles, Platform Support, Tow and Manuscript of Anchor beyond crew transport.

SIEM Consub undertakes projects that include naval and submarine technology, qualified resources of highest quality and professionals. Solutions without equal had been implemented, but to each new project new challenges appear to be surpassed.

The requirements and challenges are considerable, but the SIEM Consub always will be searching to be a step to the front of the demands created for the dynamic and complex field of the Submarine Technology, Offshore and Defence.


To be the main supplier of technology and naval services in the areas of Support Marine and Engineering of Systems, developing them always with increasing innovating focus.


To lead its enterprises with focus in the necessities of the Customers, preserving the environment, protecting the physical integrity of the people, and guaranteeing adequate return to the investment of the shareholders.


To lead the businesses of ethical form with its collaborators, suppliers, customers and other interested parties; Absolute fulfilment of the applicable legislation; To consider the questions of Health, Security, Environment and Quality as essentials having equivalent importance to the excessively enterprise objective.

SIEM Industries Incorporation follow a management line where the subsidiary ones of the group are managed in such a way operationally as distinct and independent entities, with limited interference in its management.

SIEM Offshore Incorporation and Star Reefers Incorporation possess action in stock market in the Norway and are managed of independent form where the SIEM Industries Inc. exerts its influences mainly in the management through representation in the managing advice of the same ones.

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Contact info #1

Oscar Nunes
+55 21 3515 9720
Commercial Manager
+55 21 3515 9790
Av. Rio Branco, 108 - 28? andar Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, CEP: 20040-001, Brazil



In Brazil, SIEM Consub actively participates of the defence market, supplying products and services in the areas of naval systems, submarine mines and submarine sonar.  
Main developed products:

Submarine Mines:

  • Mines of Contact
  • Magnetic mines and Acoustics
  • Mines of Influence
  • Mines of Depth

Integration of Systems of Combat:

  • Systems
  • Software
  • Consoles
  • The hardware
  • Naval engineering and installations

Integration of Systems of Defense:

SIEM Consub pioneer in partnership with the Navy of Brazil developed the program of modernization of the Frigates of Niterói class.

The target of the program processes the development and implementation of a new system of combat, including software to execute the integrated action of armament and sensors, being allowed the tactical analysis of combat scenes and taking decision considering offensive and defensive actions of the frigates.

SIEM Consub is also responsible for the development and installation of the systems of combat of the new Barroso Corvette.


SIEM Consub operates boats, from Macaé, Vitória, Natal, Aracaju, Paracuru and Guamare. These boats supply to support the exploration of oil and gas in the Brazilian continental platform.

Beyond its proper boats, SIEM Consub also operates boats of foreign maritime companies.

As result SIEM Consub offers to boats for all the necessities of the market offshore.

Offshore services

Operating boats and systems for installation and maintenance of submarine handles since 1996, Siem Consub offers services of installation and repair for systems of submarine handles or repeaters.

Strategically located in the Brazilian coast, the company’s boats can install and keep handles of force and lines optics (with or without repeaters).

Siem Consub S.A.

  • Avenida Rio Branco 53, Sala 302 - Centro 20090-004, Rio de Janeiro RJ, Brazil
  • +55 21 3554-3170
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