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Sygma Group, during its nine years of continuous, accelerated growth, has consolidated its presence in a number of areas. The company originally operated in the financial consultancy and project management sectors, but it has since built up a multi-skilled structure, through the development of solid partnerships and its natural vocation for producing innovative know-how in strategic market areas. Its main characteristics are now those of an organization that operates as a promoter of businesses and opportunities, and as an enabler of projects that focus on the development of advanced technologies and innovative solutions.

The Sygma Group's actions are reflected in its high quality professionals, who identify investors, groups with technological know-how and financing options. They also draw up business plans, and plan and carry out projects in the energy, materials and aeronautics areas to generate new technologies and products. These involve biofuels, turbines, and even the development of strategic materials, such as carbon fiber and composites, amongst other ongoing projects.

The Sygma Group’s objective is to continuously encourage innovations, which are capable of providing customers with the value that they demand, yet which are compatible with a commitment to a clean, sustainable world. To achieve this, the Sygma Group’s operations are based on principles, values and highly qualified personnel that provide its customers, collaborators, and society in general, with the best possible results.

Sygma’s main role is to act as a virtuous bridge between universities/research institutes and companies, enabling the basic research undertaken at these organizations to be transformed into businesses. The areas of excellence in which Sygma operates include: Renewable Energies (biofuels, biogas and stationary gas turbines), Aerospace Engineering (avionics, communications and on-board software systems) and Strategic Materials (carbon fiber and composites).

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Andre Pierre Mattei
+55 12 3941 8486
Offsets/Project Manager
Avenida Salmao #663 - 6 Andar, Jardim Aquarius CEP: 12246-260, Sao Jose dos Campos - SP, Brazil

Sygma Group

  • Avenida Salmao #663 6 Andar, Jardim Aquarius CEP: 12246 260, Sao Jose dos Campos SP, Brazil
  • +55 12 3308 1626
  • +55 12 3941 8486
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