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Armaz Group, is active in the defence field since its foundation in 1983. From the beginning, the company’s mission was set to provide customers with state-of-art products and to lead and support the defence industry in global marketing efforts and business development ventures.  Armaz has gained recognition as a key player in the field and its list of customers includes global Governmental defence organizations and many of the leading defence companies in Israel and abroad. The background and accumulated experience of the Armaz team have been well appreciated by customers, resulting with a range of projects worldwide, carried out by Armaz in favour of the Armed Forces of several nations.

Armaz Group mission is to provide uncompromised quality products and services to customers by cooperating with companies and industries searching for new ways to expand and improve the Group's products, activities and services, thus creating growth and success.

Armaz Group is organized in a structure that is most suitable to support its world wide customers:

Armaz Consulting Department
Armaz Consulting Department provides a dynamic team, comprised of highly skilled professionals experienced in the business development and marketing disciplines, and hi-ranked officers who together implement their extensive experience towards creating new business opportunities for new developments and projects. Armaz operates a worldwide information network that includes affiliated offices in Europe, the USA, Asia and Latin America.

Armaz Consulting Department:
• Provides representation and global marketing resources for defence companies.
• Promotes products and capabilities through the marketing and sales processes.
• Conducts market surveys and specialized market research and analysis for industries and governmental agencies.
• Fosters business relationships with major industries and governmental institutions.
• Creates and leads new initiatives as an entrepreneur.
• Performs battlefield analysis and defines advanced systems.

Bagira Systems Company
Bagira Systems is fully owned by Armaz Group. Bagira bases its business on program management, system engineering, and responsibility for system assimilation and on-going support for a variety of programs primarily in the training and simulation fields.
Bagira’s experienced team leads the marketing efforts from the very early stages, tailors a dynamic team for each individual project integrating suitable products from the relevant industries with specified modification packages. For cases where systems are imported from other countries, Bagira serves as the local Point of Contact (POC), bridging the gap between local and foreign entities. Bagira is responsible for system modification packages including system adaptations, language and technical modifications, new documentation and maintenance services.

The services provided by Bagira:
• Project management.
• System engineering, integration and testing.
• System upgrade, modification and adaptation.
• Site construction management and system installation.
• Training courses.
• Maintenance and operational support.
• Demonstration and field trials support.
• Representation Services: Marketing and promotion, pre-contractual consultation, sub-contractors’ and suppliers’ evaluation, administrative services, real-time status update and related- support services.

Taris Technologies AG Company
Taris Technologies is a Swiss company owned by Armaz Group and provides its customers integrated solutions in the defence application markets.

ISTAR Programs
Armaz has established a competency centre in the field of ISTAR. The company’s experts, who are high ranked professional officers provide customers with consulting services in the ISTAR field – as fit for the modern evolving battlefield. In addition, Armaz leads the supply of integrated ISTAR solutions supporting the customers through all stages of system introduction, training and assimilation.

Project Management Department
The Project Management Department manages and oversees real estate and infrastructure projects. The Company’s subsidiaries operate in City Renewal and Construction Management.

Armaz Group

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