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The basics of Dometic do Brasil LTDA.'s current operations were laid as early 1922 when the two Swedish students, Carl Munters and Baltzar von Platen invented absorption technology. Since then, Dometic, initially as part of Electrolux and later as an independent group, succeeded in developing unique expertise and considerable experience in absorption refrigeration technology and its many application areas. Over the years, Dometic has successfully broadened the original product line with several new complementary products. The Group has expanded through robust organic growth as well as a number of strategic corporate acquisitions. Since the separation from Electrolux, Dometic’s operations have been assembled in an independent corporate group, with two business areas focusing on customers in the recreation, hotel and medical industries.

Company organisation/Operations

Dometic is a customer driven, world-leading provider of innovative leisure products for the caravan-, motor home- and the marine industry. Dometic offers a full range of air conditioners, refrigerators, awnings, cookers, sanitation systems, lighting, windows, doors and other equipment that makes leisure life more comfortable away from home. Dometic also provides refrigerators for specific use in hotel rooms, offices and for storage of medical products and wine.

Dometic sells products and product systems in two business areas:

  • RV and Marine Systems,
  • Special Refrigeration Systems.

Dometic's marketing and sales operations are divided into three geographical regions:

  • Americas,
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA),
  • Rest of the World (RoW).

Dometic has 21 sales companies in 14 countries, 6 regional offices and approximately 100 distributors in additional 80 countries. Dometic also has 20 production facilities in 10 countries in North America, Europe and Africa.

Company production structure: Dometic develops, designs and manufactures almost all products and systems offered by the Group. The objective is to maintain a well functioning production structure that permits the efficient manufacture of highquality products.

Dometic's current production structure is configured to ensure:

  • Requisite specialist expertise for retaining the Group’s product leadership, such as that based on absorption refrigeration technology.
  • High quality standards for technically productionsensitive products.
  • Closeness to major customers so as to be able to cut lead times and offer customized solutions.

Each production facility focuses on a limited product range and limited number of technologies to enable it to capitalize on economies of scale and retain a critical mass of specialist expertise.


High quality is one of Dometic's primary hallmarks and a key competitive advantage. Solid quality thinking involves all areas of the organization, from the development of new products and product models to the aftermarket and service. Dometic’s major European production facilities are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Dometic's extensive and growing stock of products and systems require service and spare parts. In many cases, the products are infrequently used and any faults must thus be rectified promptly, especially if the customer is far from home. Consequently, Dometic has built up a service and spare parts organization offering broad geographical coverage. In North America and Australia, Dometic has about 800 and 100 service outlets, respectively, via franchise arrangements with recreation vehicle dealers. In Europe, the service network is built up around some 400 independent service outlets that assist Dometic’s end-users irrespective of the country in which the Dometic product was originally purchased.

Commercial Vehicle Equipment

Air Conditioning is vital in the working environment for both personal comfort and proper cooling of equipment. Dometic offers a complete line of powerful yet energy-saving AirConditioners. All provide exceptional cooling power and effective dehumidification to keep clients comfortable and its equipment running.

Unless there is a need of an entire power plant on wheels, the company's research and development core technologies and innovation bring a state of the art solutions with unique features to the market needs for mobile power. Dometic offers complete solutions for nearly all mobile power requirements, fuel driven Generators, vehicle-engine driven Travel Power Generators and Pure Sine Wave Inverters. Dometic's portable freezer and refrigerators are perfectly designed to suit all needs. They are multifunctional whether they are used in cars, trucks or commercial vehicle applications. They can deliver temperatures below -20°C. Dometic worldwide acknowledged ventilators are easily fitted and a natural choice for all commercial vehicle bodybuilders.

Compact Refrigerators

The small compact refrigerators Classic and Silencio miniCool ranges combine elegant design with innovative engineering. Dometic miniCool is the silent compact refrigerator for all situations that can benefit from noiseless and maintenance free operation thanks to the absorption technology. No compressor with noise. No moving parts. The range of high quality refrigerators is developed to provide a convenient cooling comfort anywhere. This is the ideal compact refrigerator for offices, hospitals, student homes, private homes; living rooms and bedrooms.

Cruise Equipment

Dometic is the leading supplier of passenger & crew cabin refrigerators to the Cruise industry. The CruiseFridge series comprises all the advantages of the Dometic refrigerators. With noiseless operations and the fact that these refrigerators are virtually maintenance free is a great advantage for a cruise liner. A CruiseFridge from Dometic has become a de facto standard for comfort in every cabin. Not only for the passengers but also for the crew members. In the past this was a luxury item that only was seen in the grand luxury suites. But today with the high standard that the Cruise ships offer, a refrigerator in the cabin is a must!

Dual Energy Refrigerators

A Dual Energy Fridge from Dometic works on Gas and Electricity or Kerosene and Electricity – whatever is available. Cool comfort anytime with the 2 in 1 refrigerators:

  • Comfortable features,
  • Superb quality,
  • Free of HCFCs and CFCs,
  • Unique Absorption technology with Double Power system.

Marine Equipment

Climate Systems: Comprising reverse-cycle equipment for cooling, heating and dehumidification, Dometic air conditioning solutions ensure acomfortable climate onboard boats of all sizes.

Sanitation & Plumbing Systems

Stylish and convenient, Dometic sanitation systems provide home-like comfort onboard while helping to protect the sensitive marine environment.

Galley Equipment

The company's sinks, dishwashers and refrigerators ensure easy preparation and clean-up.

Interior Equipment

Dometic lights, safes and blinds are part of a wide range of interior accessories with the style, quality and exclusivity to match your boat and life-style.

Energy Systems

Dometic's generators, travel power, inverters and battery chargers won’t let you down.

Recreation Vehicle Equipment

Dometic is the leading international system supplier for premium comfort on the move. Since the invention of the absorption refrigeration technology, Dometic has gathered more than 80 years experience in making you feel at home - no matter where you are.

After eight decades of constant and innovative development Dometic today offers you a full range of technological superior products that guarantee  additional comfort in your caravan or motorhome. No matter if it is a refrigerator, an air conditioner, a window or a complete lighting concept. Every item is designed with the requirements of mobile living in mind.

Water Purification

The Dometic reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers effectively remove almost any substance, such as microorganisms, heavy metals and toxins. What remains is what you want - the joy of a cool glass of truly pure, safe and healthy water. The purest there is. In your home or at your work, when and where you need it.

Just as pure water is essential for humans, it is equally important for different types of equipment, i.e. connect your icemaker for crystal clear ice or supply the dishwasher with pure water for spotless results.

Wine Cellars

Dometic manufactures Wine Cellars especially designed for wine keeping. A genuine Wine Cellar must answer certain basic criteria:

  • Constant temperature at around 12°C,
  • Hygrometry sustained between 50 and 70%,
  • No vibration,
  • Protection against light.

Some Wine Cellars are able to comply with the two first criteria but only Dometic can guarantee all four! The patented absorption technology guarantees a fantastic reliability in silence for years to come.

Dometic do Brasil Ltda.

  • Avenida Paulista 1754 11 andar CJ 115, Bela Vista, SP 01310 920, São Paulo, Brazil
  • +55 11 3251 3352 
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