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The “Compagnia Italiana Tubi Metallici Flessibili “ was founded by Rodolfo De Benedetti in November 1921 as licensee of the trade mark “BOA”. Shareholder of that Company was Witzenmann GmbH of Pforzheim (Germany). In 1972 the Company changed its name to Flexider; Flexider becomes part of Gilardini Group, Industrial Group of considerable size created by Carlo De Benedetti . In 1976 Gilardini was ceded to Fiat Group.

Today’s Flexider was acquired in July 2002 by the American Group “Vesper Corporation”, as part of a strategic plan of business development and expansion by Arrowhead Products (Company of the former Vesper Group, today I.M.C.I.), an accredited US leader manufacturer of duct systems and flexible components for Military and Civil Aerospace applications, founded in 1937 in Los Alamitos in California.

Business Units

Flexider Aerospace
Aerospace Ducting Systems and Components

Flexider is a leader company with great expertise in the design, development, engineering, manufacture and test of advanced aerospace ducting systems and components for military and commercial airline applications.
With more than 90 years of experience & reliability on flexible products and a company full of talented, loyal and dedicated people providing the highest quality products to meet all customers requests, the company specialises on High Pressure Systems but work in close synergy with Arrowhead Products, located in California, for providing a complete package inclusive of low pressure systems for the aircraft industry.

Flexider Automotive
Flexible Solutions: Many Applications, One Source
Following the company's traditional experience in the field since the early 1970s, nowadays the more challenging requirements coming up the Automotive Industry are leading FLEXIDER to continuously focus on the mission profile for its components. Every one product is tailored onto the customer requirements.

Flexider Industrial
Flexibility and Quality for the Global Market

Tensions and forces produced on piping systems due to hampered thermal expansion or other motions such as vibration, transient motion etc. are common problems to all piping systems.
The solution is given by the expansion joints. Flexider is strongly engaged in this field since more than ninety years and can boast the most important certifications to meet the market requirements, most qualified standards and licensors for design and top satisfied Customers worldwide.


Flexider S.r.l

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