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  • Composites, Plastics & Rubber

DTC is a highly specialized manufacturer of structural parts for aerostructures. Since the creation of the company in 1998, DTC has been making all its parts exclusively from thermoplastic composites. The first flying parts for aircraft that DTC manufactured where the landingflap ribs of the Dornier 328 jet. Today the Company manufactures more than 2.000 unique part numbers for 12 different types of large passenger aircraft and business jets. Parts are manufactured at their 5.000 m² factory in Almere the Netherlands and exported world wide.

With thermoplastic composites, parts can be manufactured in minutes instead of hours. Using state of the art machinery and following lean principles, DTC produces parts cost-efficient in both very small series of a just few parts as well as for series of hundreds of parts per day.  DTC invests continuously in new technology, both in machine automation as well as in smart IT solutions.

DTC is accredited to the AS9100 and Nadcap quality systems. DTC also has several accreditations for specific customer-oriented processes, including ATP, press forming, cnc machining, painting, cmm and non-destructive testing.

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Contact info #1

David Manten
+31 (0)36 2000 123
General Manager - Head office and Factory
+31 (0)36 2000 130
Bolderweg 2 - 1332AT Almere - The Netherlands

Contact info #2

Larry Stevens
Landline: 503 656 4888 Cell: 503 849 9787
Sales North America

Clips, Cleats & Brackets

  • Series production for B787 & A350 and 9 other programs
  • More than 1.500 parts in production
  • Output of 15.000 parts per month

System Brackets

  • Small assemblies for secondary structure
  • Composite system brackets for hot areas
  • Combinations of CFRTP, titanium and injection moldings

Special Brackets

  • Integrated stiffening
  • T- and H-beams
  • Assembly by induction welding


  • For empennage
  • Fabric and tape


  • Casings for avionics
  • Integrated mesh for shielding


  • UD tape
  • Curvature & joggles


  • Complex welded profile
  • Integrated hinge bearing


  • UD tape or fabric
  • Thickness taper possible

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Automated tape laying of (tailored) laminates
  • 2,5 axis CNC machining (laminate nesting)
  • Press consolidation of tape laminate
  • Fast press forming (stamping)
  • 5 axis CNC
  • Small assemblies
  • Edge sealing
  • Painting (primer and topcoat)
  • Welding

Qualifications (only main processes are listed)

  • AS9100
  • NADCAP for ultrasonic inspection
  • AIPS 03-02-020 Manufacturing of monolithic parts with thermoplastic material
  • AIPS 03-07-002 Machining of FRP components
  • AITM 6-4005/4010 issue 10 Ultrasonic pulse-echo inspection of CFRP
  • BAC5348 Processing of reinforced thermoplastic laminates
  • BAC5980 Non-destructive inspection of composite parts and structures

Processed Materials

  • Fabric laminates:
    • Carbon-PPS, Carbon-PEEK, Carbon-PEI
    • Glass-PEI, Glass-PPS 
  • UD Tape:
    • Carbon-PPS, Carbon-PEEK, Carbon-PEKK                       
    • ABS5045 / ABS5083 / ABS5036 / ABS5022/ BMS8-353 / BMS8-399

DTC Dutch Thermoplastic Components

  • Bolderweg 2 1332AT, Almere, The Netherlands
  • +31 36 2000 123
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