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EMPORDEF - EMPRESA PORTUGUESA DE DEFESA (SGPS) S.A., is the Portuguese defence industries holding company responsible for managing State holdings in firms directly or indirectly involved in defence activities. Created in 1996, EMPORDEF is a state-owned holding company reporting to the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Finance. It holds all the Portuguese State’s assets in companies operating in the defence area.

At the time that EMPORDEF was set up it took over the State’s share in the following companies:

  • OGMA (Indústria Aeronaútica de Portugal, S.A.),
  • INDEP (Indústria de Defesa SA),
  • SPEL(Sociedade Portuguesa de Explosivos, S.A.,
  • EID (Empresa de Investigação e Desenvolvimento de Electrónica, S.A.),
  • EDISOFT (Empresa de Serviços de Desenvolvimento de Software S.A.),
  • FUNDÍNIO (Fundição Injectada de Alumínios S.A.).

EMPORDEF’s operations are consistent with the objectives, policies and goals established by its State stakeholders. That is it manages military capabilities and technologies together with economic and social development, all in a regional context, but it also takes into account the need to be competitive internationally and successful in export markets.

As a result of this strategy, the  EMPORDEF Group has achieved a level of excellence in certain technology areas that has given it a solid reputation in the military and civil markets, both nationally and internationally, notably in those areas where information technology interacts with strategic security systems, communications and space.

Empordef - Empresa Portuguesa de Defesa (SGPS) S.A. - PicturesEmpordef - Empresa Portuguesa de Defesa (SGPS) S.A. - Pictures 2

Integrated Solutions to the Civilian & Military Aeronautics Sector

The EMPORDEF Group offers a set of integrated solutions to the civilian and military aeronautics sector. Apart from the development of structures manufacturing and assembly projects, OGMA presents a solid portfolio of maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft, engines and components. In the last decades, OGMA has been involved I several European aeronautical programmes, developing strong capabilities in the manufacturing and assembly of metallic and composite structures.

On its hand, EDISOFT undertakes the role of specialised centre for developing software for helicopters, placing an emphasis on automation and engine control systems and mission embedded systems. Likewise, EDISOFT contributes to the EMPORDEF Group’s aeronautical competences in the domain of automatic testing systems, engine test bench systems, technical publications, computer based training systems and simulation systems, namely with flight, operational and maintenance simulators.

Defence Industry Support

Acting as the state holding company for the defence industry EMPORDEF has responsibilities in the armaments industry, where its services are almost exclusively confined to the Ministry of Defence. Notwithstanding EMPORDEF keeps track of the activities of international organizations and is informed about other countries initiatives in this area.

Within the EMPORDEF Group, IDD develops the business areas of production, sales, maintenance, demilitarization of defence materials (ammunition and explosives), and the disposal of civil materials incorporating explosive components, as for instance airbags and pyrotechnics, and explosive residuals, collected by specialized companies.

Communications Sector Services

The EMPORDEF Group withholds a large set of technical and technological capabilities in the military and civilian communications sector.

EID is a specialist in communications systems and equipment, with firm credits in radio, tactical and naval communications, as well as in secure message handling systems, especially conceived for the Defence and Public Administration demands.

EDISOFT develops integrated command, control, communications and information systems and implements communication and information systems network management.  EDISOFT also detains specialised abilities in the developmet of communications simulators and computer based training systems (CBTs).

Naval Sector Services

The EMPORDEF Group’s naval cluster is centred in ENVC, dedicated to shipbuilding, conversions and repair activities, being this last activity also developed by NAVALROCHA. Significant know-how and technical innovation levels, as well as the most recent CAD/CAM tools, stand for its great capacity to design, build, convert and repair highly sophisticated and specialised vessels of different types both for civil and military purposes.

Evolving in the platform’s value chain, EID acts in the naval communications area. Apart from its own products, EID presents a large experience as a communications integrator for warships, implying the supply of the system’s full design, its engineering and associated services, as well as all the communications equipment.

EDISOFT provides command and control systems, military ships’ combat systems, logistic information systems and the naval platform systems’ integrator system.  EDISOFT also withholds specialised competences in the domain of automatic testing systems, engine test bench systems, technical publications, naval simulators and computer based training systems.

Space Sector Services

Still emerging in Portugal, the aerospace sector already knows great developments within the EMPORDEF Group. EDISOFT has been a pioneer in Portugal for the European satellite navigation system and in the development of applications and services using satellite location and Earth observation techniques to create strategic collective security systems and decision support systems based in location intelligence.

At the same time, EDISOFT has been developing abilities in satellite stations’ management and operation. With the establishment of the Azores Satellite Station,  EDISOFT is involved in a fundamental project for the national space industry, with major applications in the civilian market and the Defence and Security business areas.

Training & Simulation Services

In the simulation and training domain, the EMPORDEF Group’s competences exist in EMPORDEF – Tecnologias de Informação (ETI), nowadays integrated in  EDISOFT.

Although strongly oriented to the Portuguese Air Force, this activity also embraces the land, naval and homeland security sectors, with the development of platform and sensors, weapons and communications simulation systems, distributed simulation systems, maintenance simulators, physiological training systems and computer based training systems (CBTs).

Empordef - Empresa Portuguesa de Defesa (SGPS) S.A.

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