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Timely Information and Actionable Intelligence are paramount for today’s Defense & Security Operations. Vigilance provides Systems, Services and Training to acquire, process and analyze information to enable customers to react to changing situations in real time.

Vigilance is dedicated to the delivery of quality ISR systems and services contributing to the security and well-being of communities throughout the world.



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Flight Forum 830 - 5657 DV Eindhoven - The Netherlands

Surrogate UAV Services

Vigilance Services is specialized in providing turn-key Aerial Surveillance and ISR Support Services for military exercises and training applications. Vigilance Services employs manned aircraft equipped with the latest sensor and data-link communications equipment as airborne ISR platforms. In doing so, Vigilance Services provides the military with a flexible, low cost Surrogate UAV and ISR capability for its exercise and training requirements.

By  utilizing  certified  manned  aircraft  and  operating  them as  Surrogate UAVs, Vigilance Services negates the legal restrictions and airspace constraints that are imposed on UAV operations in European airspace. With its Surrogate UAV services, Vigilance Services enables military planners to incorporate UAV and ISR capabilities into military exercises and training activities whenever and wherever they desire. Vigilance Services is flexible in its use of data-link and video transmission frequencies. It can switch between commercial and military  frequencies  at  the  customer’s  request.  This  allows  for  ISR  support, RVT and ROVER  training  in  exercise  areas  where  frequency allocation constraints prohibit this type of training.

Vigilance Services can support Military exercises and training requirements with the following services:

  • Remote Video Terminal (RVT) and Remote Observer Video Enhanced Receiver (ROVER) training and support
  • Full cycle Time Sensitive Targeting (TST) training and support
  • Special Operations Forces direct RVT training and support
  • TACP / JTAC / FAC training and support
  • Joint Fires training and support
  • Convoy Surveillance and Overwatch procedures training and support
  • Full C4ISR cycle support
  • Live aerial video feed for C4I theater operations and exercises
  • ISR CONOPS support and evaluation
  • Tactics development and evaluation support
  • Urban operations ISR training and support

Key benefits:

  • UAV and ISR capabilities in any airspace at anytime
  • ROVER and Falcon View compatible
  • Turn-key service
  • Low cost
  • Small logistic footprint 

Surrogate UAV Characteristics 

  • EASA certified multi-engine manned aircraft
  • All weather capability (certified for known icing)
  • Long Endurance (10 hours)
  • Extremely low noise signature
  • Sensor flexibility (interchangeable, customer dependant)
  • Data-link frequency flexibility (commercial or military)
  • Uplink capable (sensor can be operated from the ground)
  • Dial on Overlays (for customer specified tactical symbology emulating specific UAVs or tactical aircraft)
  • AES 256 bit Encryption (if desired)
  • Link 16 capable (at customer request)
  • VHF/UHF voice communication (HQII / Secure voice at customer request)
  • Iridium SATCOM voice and data communication capable

Aerial Mapping

Precision, Accuracy, Efficiency, Reliability

Vigilance's aerial mapping and data processing services enable you to deliver geospatial data more quickly than ever before, ultimately saving time and cutting project costs. Vigilance offers Aerial mapping services acros the globe, delivering accurate georeferenced, high-resolution data within hours after data capture.

Training: ISR Academy

Vigilance ISR Academy provides a complete range of Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) related training programs. The programs provide students with the most in-depth and professional imagery based training courses possible. 

Whether students choose the off-the shelf courses or a tailorized - custom built - all courses are continuously updated with the latest methodologies, the most modern analysis software and a large variety of imagery datasets derived from a wide range of sensors & platforms. The training courses are based on extensive up-to-date operational and practical know-how and expertise, vast technological capability and deep theoretical understanding. For NATO countries the entire course will be based on NATO standards 

The ISR Academy's goal is to provide the best possible Imagery Analyst (IA) training with:

  • Highly qualified and operational experienced trainers
  • State of the art Hard- and Software
  • In depth theoretical training & Extensive practical training
  • Individual approach

Aerial Surveillance Systems

Vigilance is an agile, flexible systems integrator and system developer dedicated to helping its customers complete critical missions successfully. Vigilance is the European leader in ISR innovation and integration, providing swift, flexible and comprehensive solutions for critical intelligence needs. Extensive operational and technical expertise allows Vigilance to rapidly design, integrate, deploy, and support specialized, leading edge airborne ISR systems. 

From the sensor to the analyst, Vigilance provides end-to-end solutions from Airborne data gathering to processing, exploitation and dissemination (PED) solutions transform information into actionable intelligence and enhanced situational awareness for decision-makers. Based on commercial off-the-shelf products, the systems provide intelligence capture, processing, exploitation, reporting and dissemination, leading to enhanced situational awareness. All of our intelligence exploitation systems/products comply with open military and commercial standards and are available as office based or rugged for deployments.


  • Aircraft Selection
  • Mission management systems
  • Multiple sensor integration
  • High Bandwith Data Link
  • Tactical communications


  • Data Link Systems
  • Network Security
  • Enterprise PED systems
  • Systems integration
  • Software development


  • Sensor Operator
  • Imagery Analysts
  • Aircrew (Tactical)
  • Manager

FB Series Aerostat System

The FB-series aerostat systems are capable of carrying a variety of sensors at different heights. Payloads may include stabilized electro optical & infrared gimbals, radar and acoustic sensors or a combination of multiple sensors. Lightweight sensor packages can be integrated, using the latest state-of-the-art technology. By optimizing the complete aerostat configuration, customer’s requirements can be fulfilled while keeping the logistic footprint to a minimum.
The FB serie aerostat  system is easy to operate and ideal for deployments at compounds, industrial installations, communities or at Forward Operating Base (FOB). The aerostat systems are offered as turn-key systems, including the aerostat envelope, mooring trailer, winch system, powered tether and on-board power system.

The Aerostat system  provides functionalities for both military as civil applications, e.g.:
• Perimeter Security
• Border Security
• Persistent Surveillance
• Communication relay
• Electronic Intelligence

DB series Rapid Deployable Aerostat system

The DB series rapid deployable aerostat systems are ideal for user payloads up to 50kg. The special patented design of the aerostat allows increased lift with increased winds enabling operations in higher winds than conventional aerostat designs.

Payloads may include stabilized electro optical, infrared, radar and acoustic sensors or a combination of multiple sensors. Lightweight sensor packages can be integrated, using the latest state-of-the-art technology. By optimizing the complete aerostat configuration, customer’s requirements can be fulfilled while keeping the logistic footprint to a minimum.
The system is ideal for several Defence and Homeland Security applications. It can be deployed at perimeters, during patrols and at ships.

Main Features:

• Easy to transport, operate and maintain
• Small logistic footprint
• Power and data through tether
• Stand alone system or integrated with existing C2 architecture
• Affordable

Main applications:

• Force Protection
• Compound Defence
• Communication relay
• Counter IED
• Surveillance

Homeland Security

• Crowd Management
• Perimeter security
• Surveillance
• Disaster relief/control

ISR Collection & Exploitation (ICE) System

The ISR Collection & Exploitation (ICE) system is a network centric solution to store, catalogue, exploit, analyse and disseminate full motion video (FMV), Still Imagery, reports and metadata. ICE provides valuable Intelligence at any level in the command structure.  ICE is a cost effective solution that will meet the requirements and will improve the overall responsiveness to intelligence requirements.

Data storage and cataloguing

In addition to the obvious advantages of organising and cataloguing intelligence data in a local database, the ICE architecture enables additional benefits:

• The architecture enables any user with a networked workstation to discover and request specific data based on powerful searches. This offers the potential for rapid tactical dissemination and interoperability within the organization or with external partners.
• The architecture mitigates against data deluge by enabling deployed tactical or strategic users to search for and request data they require “Smart pull” rather than the current systems using “dumb push” of all data, which wastes valuable bandwidth and swamps the user with irrelevant information.
• The ICE architecture already provides a networked capability between the workstations and databases. ICE is designed using commercial techniques to enable further expansion of the network via additional workstations.

The mission equipment architecture is based on a fully-integrated set of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) computer systems with the overall design and individual components chosen to provide the optimum solution for performance, cost-effectiveness, maintainability and upgradability.

Powerful Search and Retrieval

The powerful, integrated, client-based search and retrieval capabilities allow multiple users to find products across distributed libraries to support rapid mission planning and operation, strategic analysis and intelligence preparation.

The user-friendly interface provides geographical search functions and overlay for results onto a local or WMS geographic map.

Image and video Exploitation

The image exploitation system is at the forefront of Geospatial ISR data screening and Exploitation technology for still and video Imagery. The system has been designed to screen large volumes of EO/IR imagery and live video streams presenting the exploiter as much information as possible in near-real-time.

Windows and layout are flexible, with a typical layout providing a main window displaying the imagery along with any enhancements, graphical overlays, annotations, Region of Interest and Image comparison/fusion. Next to this is a slaved map window displaying the tracking map along.

A suite of tools are provided including horizontal and vertical mensuration, geo-correction, counting, annotating and symbology. All annotations are non-destructive and may be moved, edited and deleted after placement. Annotations may be saved separately with the image or burnt into the image.

A reports package is fully integrated to allow for fully manually or semi-automated report forms. Reports can be saved in several formats e.g. XML, PDF, ADatP-3. Stored reports can be queried with the search client.

ISA - Common Operational Picture

ISR contributes in many ways to the overall information effort, most notably in allowing commanders and decision makers to “know the enemy” and operate smarter. The most effective means of achieving this is through the ISR input to the “common operational picture,” whether defined in a strict systems sense or as an abstract construct. ISR–derived information can help give the commander an accurate view of current operations, adversary dispositions, and likely adversary courses of action by providing “fusible” data for modern C2 systems.

ISA is designed to provide Commanders and other end users an integrated overview of a situation may it be for emergency response, tactical operations or any situation that requires a good overview. ISA displays multiple information feeds on a 2D or 3D digital map in real time.

An integrated real-time picture is created that greatly enhances the situational pictures in support of the decision making and command of control process.

Geospatial Exploitation

In today’s enterprise, data does not reside in a single data store. Statistics show that analysts spend up to 50 percent of their time locating the data for their tasks across different systems, networks, and geographical locations. Additional time is spent downloading the various types of data found, only to have to open specialized software applications to perform analysis and exploitation — creating a time-consuming, cumbersome, and costly workflow.

The GXP suite of products offers an integrated solution that optimizes the analyst’s workflow, allowing them to create more products in less time.

Analysts can quickly locate the data they need across the enterprise, instantly view and select the assets for their mission, and easily publish products in industry-standard file formats with push-button export capability.

FIND: GXP Xplorer

Maximize the efficiency of enterprise-widesearch and discovery.

• Crawl, find, and catalog data in any format across your entire enterprise, in all of your different data stores
• Catalog data in place — leverage your investment in existing data stores
• Perform both structured and unstructured searches
• Federate with other GXP Xplorer installations for an enterprise solution
• Perform all tasks in a standard Web browser,no special software required


Instantly stream and view data in any format with this lightweight ELT module of GXP Xplorer.

• Stream full-resolution data in any format in a Web browser
• Visualize and analyze any type of data
• Perform accurate measurements with MSP
• Rapidly execute image enhancements
• Quickly annotate and create products
• Perform on-the-fly format conversions


Exploit discovered data in the industry’s leading exploitation and image analysis tool.

• Automatically query and load reference imagery from GXP Xplorer
• Preview and exploit local network and wide area network  data holdings from GXP Xplorer without leaving SOCET GXP
• Create detailed custom geospatial products and reports to collaborate with colleagues and mission partners in the field
• Increase throughput and create more products in less time

Vigilance B.V.

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