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AIRTECHS INDUSTRIA AERONAUTICA BRASILEIRA LTDA., is a Brazilian company created to design, develop and manufacture the Guara G200 aircraft for both civil and military training. Furthermore, in order for the company to meet the needs of the agricultural market, has developed two more aircraft: the Guara G300 with capacity of 600 kg of pesticides and the Guara G400, with capacity for 1.000 Kg.


To project, to develop, to manufacture and to commercialize aeronautical aircrafts and products, to its civil and military clients worldwide.


The Company's vision is to continue providing quality aeronautical products and services to its clients at competitive costs.

Certifications: The Company has certified its products and services with  ISO 9001 and SAE 9100.

Airtechs Industria Aeronautica Brasileira Ltda. - PicturesAirtechs Industria Aeronautica Brasileira Ltda. - Pictures 2

Contact info #1

Jesus Rodrigues
+55 12 3909 1300
+55 12 3909 1304
SQSW 104, Bloco B, Conjunto. 203, Setor Sudoeste, Brasilia, DF, ZIP. 70.670-402, Brazil

Airtechs Industria Aeronautica Brasileira Ltda.

  • SQSW 104, Bloco b, Conjunto 203, Setor Sudoeste, DF, Zip. 70.670 402, Brasilia, Brazil
  • +55 61 3045 9944
  • +55 12 3909 1304
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