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KiloLambda is an industry leader in passive optical power control. Established in 2001, the company is developing unique optical layers, based on its proprietary, patented nano-technology. These layers are used in commercial, industrial, and defense optical systems.

Unique Patented Technology
KiloLambda surpassed the traditional techniques of light control by developing nano-technology based optical power control capabilities and applying it in an effective manner to everyday applications. It’s a technology that controls optical power for all wavelengths and does so in a totally passive manner, as opposed to conventional solutions of limiting or blocking specific wavelengths using active methods. The company is now applying its breakthrough technology in the advanced development of next-generation non-linear optical components, devices and films, to control and regulate optical power, passively.

Industry Solutions
The implications of KiloLambda’s technology are enormous; from their ability to protect the human eye and expensive equipment against damage by destructive laser light sources, to their capability in reducing the heat produced by sunlight from entering through the window when using the KiloLambda films. It is used in optical sensors, high-end communication devices and other light conducting applications, with enormous significance to industries in the photographic, laser, defense, security, digital imaging, automotive, building and eyewear fields. The inherent passivity and solid state reliability of KiloLambda’s products make them compatible with almost any IEC, MIL or other industry standard specification.

Today, KiloLambda produces a range of products that incorporate its technology and they are sold to key manufacturers worldwide.

• Wideband Laser Protection Filter (WPF)
• Dazzling Protection
• Dynamic Sunlight Filter (DSF) 
• Dynamic Attenuator

KiloLambda is characterized by a dynamic team of post-doctorate scientists and engineers applying out-of-the-box thinking and a management team dedicated to integrating the company’s unique technology into an ever-growing scope of applications.

Contact info #1

Karin Golding
+972 3 649 7662 ext. 209
VP Business Development & Marketing
+972 3 649 7665
22a Raoul Wallenberg St., Tel Aviv 69719, Israel

Wideband Laser Protection Filter (WPF)

One filter blocks all lasers

KiloLambda's Wideband Laser Protection Filter (WPF) is a solid state, free space passive filter, which can limit or switch off the propagating optical power, when the power exceeds a maximal allowed intensity or a damage threshold.

This innovative non-linear filter has high transparency and is only triggered when the threshold power is exceeded.

The WPF is wavelength independent, as such a single filter can block a wide spectral range of lasers.

WPF Applications:
• Sights
• Binoculars and other telescopic equipment
• Imaging systems
• Night vision component

Dazzling Protection

Based on its proven technologies, Kilolambda demonstrated a dazzling protection solution for pilot’s relevant imaging systems.

Dazzling of pilots due to laser pointed at the aircraft, with variation of wavelengths and powers is a problem for all airborne defense and security forces and can cause temporary blindness of imaging systems in the battlefield, including the human eye.

KiloLambda's Anti-Dazzling Limiter at the proximity of the camera sensor results in limiting the high laser power dazzling effect and enabling the clear view of the image.

Dynamic Sunlight Filter

Passively controls strong sunlight

Kilolambda next generation of optical power control technology is the Dynamic Sunlight Filter (DSF).

The DSF element is designed to automatically vary its transparency in accordance to the amount of incident light without the need for active participation of the user or an electronic circuitry.

The DSF is based on fundamental principles of nanotechnology and nanostructure optics. In the normal state, when incident light is below a predefined level the DSF is highly transparent, so light just passes through. As the light level gets increasingly more intense, such as in the case of strong sunlight, the DSF transmission decreases accordingly, eventually reaching a darkened state. The darkening effect is selective and is limited only to the intense light areas. This process is reversible, the filter returns to its transparent state once the amount of light decreases to the normal level.

KiloLambda's proprietary DSF technology can be used for both imaging systems and surfaces applications and enables users to control the amount of light passing through cameras, windows, skylights, eyewear, sunroofs and sun visors.

Dynamic Attenuator

The Dynamic Attenuator controls optical power by limiting or clamping optical power at preset values, thus reducing optical power spikes or improperly set power levels from damaging sensitive receivers and equipment.

This new class of optical components offers potential system savings by eliminating complex power control devices, software and field configuration settings.

Offered in a standard LC/ SC plug style housing, Dynamic Attenuators can replace traditional fixed attenuators by providing more flexibility and additional protection during field installations. Unique features of the device's mechanical housing include an internally spring loaded ferrule assembly that protects non-spring loaded interfaces such as those found on transceivers from mating damage; a thumb latch for easy removal; and a housing that fits and mates with simplex or duplex LC adapters and connectors.

• Telecommunication-ROADM Systems, Metro DWDM, POP protection, Field installs, Test and Measurement.
• Laboratory-Incoming inspection, Production test equipment, Device burn in.


  • 22a Raoul Wallenberg St., 69719, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • +972 3 649 7662
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