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Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi™) is a leading provider of open architecture, video analytics software deployed in a variety of security, safety and business intelligence applications worldwide.

The comprehensive video analytics solutions offered by Agent Vi extend from real-time video analysis and alerts to forensic search and post-event analysis, and are fully integrated with a range of third party edge devices and video management systems.

Integrating Agent Vi's advanced video analytics capabilities into existing or new surveillance networks enables users to benefit from the true potential of their surveillance networks, transforming them into intelligent tools that respond to the practical challenges of the 21st century.

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Vi-System is a real-time video analytics software that transforms standard surveillance networks into intelligent and effective detection and alert systems.

By performing real-time analysis of the video stream, Vi-System identifies and generates alerts for a variety of user-defined events relating to people, vehicles and objects. Used for applications such as security, safety and business intelligence, Vi-System offers effective monitoring of multiple video sources in parallel, enabling automatic detections, alerts and responses to events, as they emerge.

Based on Agent Vi's open architecture, pure software approach, Vi-System can be easily integrated with a wide range of edge devices and video management systems, in both new and existing surveillance networks.

Vi-System boasts the combined benefits of superior detection performance, high scalability, installation simplicity and ease of use, making Vi-System the most advanced, comprehensive and cost effective real-time video analytics solution on the market.

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Vi-Search, is an innovative video search software that performs automatic and rapid search, retrieval and analysis of specific video segments, events and data from vast amounts of recorded video.

Through Vi-Search, all video streams in a surveillance network are analyzed as they are recorded, and events and features are indexed and stored. Using Vi-Search's advanced and intuitive interface, users search for specific events and data which are retrieved automatically, replacing the time-consuming and ineffective alternative of manual review of recorded video.

Based on Agent Vi's open architecture, pure software approach, Vi-Search can be easily integrated with a wide range of edge devices and video management systems, in both new and existing surveillance networks.

Vi-Search allows true leveraging of stored video by enabling instantaneous forensic searches, analysis of motion patterns and extraction of statistical data for applications such as security, post-event analysis and business intelligence.

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Case Study – Iberia Airlines


Iberia Airlines – Spain’s largest airline – has a 200,000 square meter facility at Madrid’s Barajas International Airport which includes aircraft hangars, warehouses, fuel storage depots, terminals, computer centers, perimeters and security identification display areas (SIDAs). The airport serves as one of the most important European hub airports and as the gateway to the Iberian peninsula from the rest of Europe and the world. The facility ranks as the world’s 12th – and Europe’s 5th – busiest airport.


In December 2006, a terrorist attack at the airport killed 2 people and injured 26 others, as well as destroying 60% of the parking lot building and part of the terminal. In the wake of the bombing, Iberia Airlines sought to heighten security, improve safety in aircraft-only areas, and prevent theft in its facilities. Dissatisfied with its CCTV security system, the airline turned to Agent Vi for an intelligent, real-time analytics-powered surveillance system.


“Security became a primary concern at our operation following various breaches and attacks at a number of airports,” said Diana Simon, Security Manager, Iberia Airlines. Airline officials sought to protect facilities against both terrorism and crime. They sought a real-time solution that could accurately detect and alert to persons moving in user-defined areas, entering or exiting closed areas, and crossing virtual lines, notwithstanding movement interference from aircraft, trucks and swaying trees. Specifically, the solution needed to detect and alert to vehicles and persons entering aircraft-only areas and emergency landing zones. The airline carrier also required the solution to protect its warehouses and computer facility against theft and vandalism.




Iberia Airlines selected Vi-System – Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution – and local integrator Nordés Prosegur Tecnología was chosen to implement it. Iberia Airlines uses OnSSI’s NetDVMS as its recording and viewing application which is certified as fully integrated with Vi-System. This enables events generated by detections following analysis to be sent to NetDVMS for display.


With two stages of the project completed, Iberia’s network cameras include 150 Sony IP cameras, of which 50 run Agent Vi’s real-time analytics solution. Analytics rules applied to the cameras in Iberia’s facilities include:

  • Person/Vehicle moving in an area to detect the presence of unauthorized personnel or vehicles in secure zones such as the runways;
  • Person/Vehicle crossing a line to detect people and/or vehicle intrusion into restricted zones, such as the hangars, warehouses, computer rooms, fuel storage depots and other buildings.




Vi-System – Agent Vi’s real-time analytics solution – enabled Iberia to ramp up its security without having to take on additional staff. The automatic detections made by Vi-System have resulted in more effective surveillance, managed centrally from the security team’s headquarters, without the need for regular patrols around the large site.


Despite passing aircraft and trucks, and even shadows from nearby trees, Agent Vi has given Iberia a way to receive automatic alerts regarding targets moving inside user-defined areas, entering or exiting closed areas, and crossing virtual lines – tracking both direction and speed, and differentiating among various targets by size and other parameters.


Diana Simon, Security Manager at Iberia Airlines commented that “Moving to an all IP-based solution required that we look for a highly-scalable video analytics offering that would allow us to deploy hundreds of cameras while eliminating the need for additional server hardware and keeping operational costs down. Agent Vi’s software allowed us to do that, and the analytics have performed extremely well despite the challenging outdoor environment near a busy airport.”

Don Muang Air Base is the Royal Thai Air Force’s (RTAF) - Case Study


Don Muang Air Base is the Royal Thai Air Force’s (RTAF) main air base. Adjacent to Bangkok’s International Airport, it forms part of a network of airfields built and used by US forces until their withdrawal from Thailand in 1976. Today, it is the main operating and command base for the RTAF, and in addition, units of the Royal Thai Army and Royal Thai Police have personnel located there.


The RTAF sought a real-time video analytics solution that would run on the air base’s existing infrastructure to automatically detect and alert to human movement – such as unauthorized persons entering the landing strip from an adjacent forest or entering aircraft parking zones – while ignoring aircraft movement. The RTAF also sought to automatically detect and alert to stationary vehicles in the no-stopping zones around the airport’s perimeter fence.




Existing infrastructure at Don Muang included analog cameras connected to Mango DSP Raven-M video servers and a video management system provided by Olin Hall NVMS. In line with the RTAF’s security and perimeter protection needs, the encoders were defined for:

  • Person crossing a line and Person moving in an area to detect and alert to unauthorized personnel entering and moving freely in restricted areas;
  • Stopped vehicle to detect vehicles that stop in no-stopping zones near the air base’s perimeter.


Initially, in the project’s first stage, the customer installed Vi-System – Agent Vi’s real-time detection and alert software – on 8 cameras. After 12 months, and following a number of security incidents which were detected by Vi-System, the project’s second stage commenced. This stage included the introduction of 22 additional cameras, as well as the expansion of stage one’s 8 cameras to 10 cameras. Altogether, through stage one and two of the project, some 32 cameras were enabled with real-time detection and alert capabilities, providing the RTAF with superior detection capabilities for the Don Muang Air Base.




The installation of Vi-System at the Don Muang Air Base has greatly enhanced the level of security available. Rather than observing monitors and occasionally detecting suspicious incidents, the security staff now focuses on responding to the security breaches following automatic detections and alerts. According to a senior RTAF security officer, the solution has detected a number of instances of people intruding into restricted zones such as the runways, enabling the airport “to quickly gain control of the situation” and prevent further security and safety threats. Vi-System’s detections are quite an achievement given the testing environmental conditions under which the solution was installed. Specifically, the detection area is not illuminated as the flood lights do not reach such zones, and moreover, the detection area is at a significant distance of approximately 200 meters from the cameras. Having performed well under such challenging circumstances, the customer is planning a third stage which will introduce real-time analytics in additional parts of the airport, such as the fuel depots and radar stations. Gp. Capt. Noppadol Thongpoom, Director of Security Division, RTAF Directorate of Intelligence, commented that “we needed the highest performance real-time analytics solution due to the sensitive nature of the site. After thorough research and investigations, we chose Vi-System, recognizing its robust performance in difficult conditions. This accomplishment has been acknowledged by the British Home Office which has certified Vi-System as an i-LIDS® approved primary detection system for operational alert use in sterile zone monitoring applications.”

Spyke Security - Case Study


Spyke Security is a security firm that offers remote monitoring through their Command & Control Center in Alkmaar, Holland. Sites secured by Spyke Security include Hoorn ‘80 Business Park, spread over 65 hectares and home to some 160 companies, as well as multiple construction sites which suffer from theft and vandalism, automotive dealerships, and additional sites.


Recognizing that its staff monitors several hundred cameras, 24/7, Spyke Security sought a real-time video analytics solution that could be installed at its most sensitive sites in order to automatically detect and alert to incidents and events. Rather than relying on human observation alone, Spyke Security wanted to offer its customers an enhanced option which offers superior detection capabilities. Indeed, a high performance real-time analytics solution could increase Spyke Security’s success rate and lead to improved customer satisfaction. Moreover, Spyke Security sought to benefit from decreasing its operational costs through reducing staff and relying on automatic detections and alerts.




In order to offer the highest level of security to its customers, Spyke Security purchased 100 licenses for Vi-System – Agent Vi’s real-time detection and alert software – and installed it in multiple sites. Specifically, Vi-System was installed through embedding the Vi-Agent edge device component in the following cameras: Axis 221, Axis 214, Axis 232d+, with such cameras linked to the Milestone XProtect Enterprise recording system and Secured by web’s Meldweb web-based command and control application, which are deployed by Spyke Security. Products from these partners are certified as fully integrated with Agent Vi’s software, allowing seamless installation and operation of real-time analytics.


Various analytics rules were defined in line with the threat assessment for the individual sites secured by Spyke Security. The rules include:

  • Person crossing a line to detect and alert to unauthorized personnel entering restricted areas, to be applied to both fixed and PTZ cameras;
  • PTZ – Person moving in an area to detect unauthorized personnel moving in restricted areas, and to track their motion path as they move;
  • Loitering to detect persons sojourning excessively in an area and behaving in a suspicious manner (standing idly, stopping numerous times, delaying and procrastinating);
  • Stopped vehicle to detect vehicles that stop in sensitive no-stopping zones.




The introduction of Vi-System significantly enhances the level of security offered to Spyke Security’s customers. As a result of Vi-System’s automatic detections in line with pre-defined rules, and the audio and visual alarms triggered in Meldweb, Spyke’s guards are immediately aware of any security breaches, incidents and suspicious behavior occurring at their sites, allowing real-time responses to the events as they unfold.


For example, Spyke Security notified police to the entry of an intruder at a vacant construction site that they secure, following an automatic detection by Vi-System. The surprised thief was apprehended by the police. Another of Spyke Security’s clients, the Hoorn ‘80 Business Park, has reported an 85% drop in disorderly and criminal activities (street racing, illegal waste disposal, unwanted gatherings of people).


René den Dekker, Managing Director of Spyke Security commented that “we chose Agent Vi’s real-time analytics because it is the most cost-effective solution on the market. Due to Agent Vi’s open architecture approach, we did not have to adapt or replace any components of our existing surveillance system. Moreover, the solution offered us maximum flexibility to work with a wide range of edge device vendors, applying different analytics rules to both fixed and PTZ cameras.”


Furthermore, Bart Sebregts from Secured by web, Agent Vi’s distributor in Holland, highlighted the importance of the open architecture, which has allowed full integration (and subsequent operation) with their command control application, Meldweb. Furthermore, he noted that the extended support package offered by Agent Vi is very attractive to the customer, allowing close accompaniment in the early stages of the installation, and maintenance and upgrade support for the long-term.


“Spyke Security is Agent Vi’s first installation in the Netherlands, and it is an interesting business model for streamlining monitoring operations,” commented Ariel Frischoff, VP Sales EMEA & APAC, at Agent Vi. “With hundreds of cameras to observe, automatic monitoring by Vi-System ensures that Skype Security can offer its customers top-level security, which is particularly important for sites that are left unmanned at nights and during weekends and holidays. This is quite an achievement in light of the challenges faced, such as restricted network bandwidth, wireless cameras, complicated outdoor environments and more.”

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