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Grofit Plastics manufactures plastic packaging and wrapping materials for marketing in Israel, Europe and the United States. The factory was founded in 1988 and is under full ownership of Kibbutz Grofit.

Company Products

• Film sheets, sacks, bags, sleeves and sealing profiles made from a variety of materials: printed and non-printed, with or without sealing.
• Zip-lock bags made from polyethylene and polypropylene – among the factory’s most unique products, including “pasgur” (zip-lock strip) for multiple resealing.
• Anti static bags – for the electronics industry.
• Bio fresh bags – for maintaining a long shelf life for vegetables and fruit.
• VCI 2000 – for preventing the formation of rust and corrosion on metals.
• Pasgur – manufactured in a variety of ways according to client demands and available in a variety of profiles.

In Israel

Grofit leads the way in the manufacture and marketing of zip-lock bags on the Israeli market. The factory has the unique capability to produce multi-layered film sheets with various technical qualities, according to demand.

On the local market, the bags and film sheets are intended primarily for the following segments: general use, food storage, accessories, textile, medical use, dental laboratories, X-ray facilities and storing agricultural produce.

The anti static bags are intended for the defense and high-tech industries. The VCI 2000 products are intended for the defense and metal industries.

Selected Clientele in Israel

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., El Al, Ministry of Defense, Champion Motors, Elite, Motorola, National Health Services, Delta, Agrexco and many more. . .


The primary activities focus on Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Spain, England and Italy, while operations are continually expanding. Operations are handled by local agents and market personnel with most of the sales centered around the textile, automobile and steel industries, including companies such as Volvo, Mercedes, Opel and others.

The United States

As part of its strategic planning, Grofit defined the American market as one with great potential for sales. As such, a production and marketing branch was set up in the United States, including the establishment of a local factory and massive infiltration of the market by means of local agents.  Primary activities focus on clients from the automobile industry: General Motors, Caterpillar and others.


Standard, quality of the product and customer service
The factory has been operating according to the standards of ISO 9000 since 1999. It adapts products to client demands and supplies packaging solutions as well as creative and competitive responses without compromise. A continuous follow up of standards and quality is conducted in addition to customer satisfaction surveys. A special emphasis is placed on adapting the product to local and international standards that are updated periodically.

Grofit Plastics

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