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  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics

YPU high-performance testers deliver automated analysis and testing of wired assemblies, cables, harnesses and slip-rings in military and civil equipment. The Company's cutting-edge solutions are used to test satellites, radar installations, combat aircraft, nuclear submarines, warships, tanks, commercial airplanes, and other applications that mandate the most demanding standards of accuracy, reliability and speed.

Established in 1993 as a privately-owned company, YPU today has clients in the UK, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, Germany, Israel and the USA. The Company's expertise and reputation in the military field is unrivalled; and technicians the world over turn to YPU when operating in demanding test environments, including the aerospace, marine, automotive, electronic, robotics and telecom industries.

YPU's High voltage, HiPot Slip-Ring tester is the only product on the market that enables automated bi-directional continuity testing of each ring separately or a series of rings simultaneously. And the Company's YP series of testers can test as many as 100 pins in less than five seconds, performing high voltage testing of up to 1500 V,

YPU's custom-made products provide specialized solutions for testing any number of points. The Company's mobile consoles enable testing on location, thus minimizing down-time and optimizing test and analysis procedures. Whether it's modularity or turn-key products, YPU has the solution to meet customers' specialized needs.

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