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Nordic Power Systems A.S., is a recently established company that has developed a combined electricity-heat system based on reforming diesel (and in the future biodiesel) to provide hydrogen for a high-temperature fuel cell.

The company’s mission is to provide innovative power solutions for mobile and stationary applications, complying with new and future emission legislations. Based on proprietary technology and system know how for fuel reforming and fuel cells, Nordic Power Systems supplies efficient and environmentally friendly power packs/generators.

Nordic Power Systems’ generators are the ideal power source for a variety of markets, both for mobile and stationary applications.

  • Defense industry
  • Bases and trucks
  • Marine sector
  • Mobile houses
  • Automotive industry
  • Telecom
  • UPS/back up systems
  • Combined heat and power (CHP)


Contact info #1

Erik Hoyem
+47 9 322 3306
Marketing Director
Martin Linges vei 15-25 1367, Snaroya, Norway


A diesel based fuel cell generator with outputs to be feasible in a number of markets and applications. The generator is based on common autothermal reforming technology of Diesel fuels and a High Temperature PEM fuel cell.

All components of the unit are contained within a suitable encasement which accounts for easy accessibility and mobility. Standard lead acid batteries are connected to the system externally to supply the required starting energy and allow peak power operation of up to 2,5 kW for a limited time according to battery size and performance.

Product informational files

Nordic Power Systems A.S.

  • Martin Linges vei 15 25, 1367 , Snaroya, Norway
  • +47 9 322 33 06
  • +47 6 782 70 16
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