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Level Five Security International Ltd., was established in 2002 by veterans of the IAA (Israeli Airport Authority) Security division, and since than has been successfully operating in both the Israeli and international market. Since the middle of the 1990s the IAA (Israeli Airport Authority) has gradually incorporated innovative technological means of inspection into its existing security system.

Level Five was established by the same people who lead the IAAs transformation from a profiling based security system to a combination of profiling and state of the art screening technology. Level Fives founders were part of the teams that developed the concepts of utilizing CT EDS in baggage inspection, using diffraction X-ray equipment in the HBS process and introducing ETD into aviation security in Israel.

Level Five specializes in providing solutions for access control and screening of people and baggage. So far the company has provided security concepts and training for airlines, airports, government installations, and the private sector.

Level Fives vision treats security as a service that has to be fully integrated into an existing environment with minimal operational, organizational and economical implications.
Their basic approach to security acknowledges the uniqueness of each clients needs. Their team will put together a tailor made solution to fit customers' security needs, their organizational structure, customer service requirements and budget framework.

Level Five team is composed of  veterens from various HLS organs. including the ISA, the IAA and others. They are very experienced in security management, project management, instruction and training, on the job training and performance control.
Level Five staff is especially familiar with various technological detection systems and has vast knowledge in the processes of choosing, testing and embedding technological equipment with an emphasis on MMI.

Aviation security
Level five has the most extensive experience and holds the most updated knowledge in aviation security procedures. They possess unique, unparalleled experience in designing HBS systems, establishing screening checkpoints and combining profiling security aspects with technological screening methods.
Level Five can assist airports or airlines to pick the most suitable screening technology available without unnecessarily straining customer's budget. Level Five can help customers implement the most suitable security plan for their airport or airline that would comply with international standards causing minimal interference with normal operational procedures.

Mass transit security
Securing mass transit has recently become a major task in many countries. The need to prevent terrorism from paralyzing a metropolitan by attacking one of its most vibrant services is constantly challenged by the need to keep mass transit efficient and fast.
Level Five has vast experience in mass transit security both in Israel and in the international arena. They fully understand the unique operational needs of a mass transit organization, and their experience allows them to provide mass transit customer with security programs that attend to their special needs.

Securing Correctional Facilities
Correctional facilities are challenged daily by an influx of weapons, drugs and illicit materials.
This contraband has tremendous potential to wreak havoc within the walls of a correctional facility. Preventing the smuggling of contraband entails clear cut security procedures, elaborate search methods and professional X-ray screeners.
Level Five has successfully trained and supervised the performance of hundreds of prison guards for the Israeli prison Authority and has greatly improved their ability to detect prohibited items in parcels, visitors baggage, and in the canteen supply chain.

Government Facilities
Level Five has vast experience in devising security programs for federal and public buildings in Israel and abroad. Level five's concept combines the necessity for stringent security procedures with the need to allow citizens access to local and federal governing institutions.
The company has already designed and formulated an X-ray screening solution for the Israeli Courts, trained the X-ray operators of the Israeli Parliament , Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Defence, the Israeli Social Security and more.

Public Areas
Commercial logic demands free and easy access to shopping malls and sports events. Nevertheless, such places have recently become preferred terrorist targets, and there is bigger deterrent to business than a terror threat. Level Five can help minimize the risks of a terror attack on shopping malls or public events with minimal interference to regular commercial and operational procedures.

Level Five has had experience in training security supervisors and guards for a hotel chain in India, a media conglomerate in Germany and many more.



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Approach to Training
Level Five believes that security training courses should not be an off-the-shelf product. Although a general framework for each course already exists, the company modifes and add substance to their courses and training sessions to fit each customer's security needs and operational requirements.
Level Five believes that training should be based on hands-on experience and practice and not just on theoretical concepts. Therefore, during the training courses, trainees will be exposed to a variety of simulated explosives, explosive devices and mechanisms.  The suspect and suspicious item recognition techniques that will be presented during the courses are based upon accumulated experience derived from and based upon the terrorist methods used in actual terror acts that occurred recently worldwide.

Check point screener course
Level Five will design a course suitable for customers' airport or installation.
Level Five trainers are experienced in training checkpoint screeners all over the world and are also familiar with all of the X-Ray, EDS, Metal Detectors and ETD equipment on the market today.
The course can include operation of X-Ray, EDS, Metal Detectors and ETD including the concept of operating a checkpoint. Level Five can provide separate courses for operators of any of the above mentioned technologies (e.g X-Ray operators course, EDS operators course).
During the training course the participants will have the opportunity to view and practice with a variety of simulated explosives, explosive devices and mechanisms.


  • An introduction to weapons, explosives and IEDs.
  • Weapons, explosives and IED recognition course.
  • An introduction to screening technologies.
  • X-ray image analysis.
  • EDS image analysis.
  • Using screening technology to detect weapons, explosives and IEDs.
  • The concept of operating a people and baggage screening check point.
  • The concept of operating a hold baggage screening checkpoint.

IED and suspect recognition training for security personnel 
During the training course the participants will have the opportunity to view and practice with a variety of simulated explosives, explosive devices and mechanisms.
The suspect recognition techniques that will be presented during the course are based upon accumulated experience derived from and based upon the terrorist methods used in actual terror acts that occurred recently around the world.


  • The structure of explosive devices (explosives, initiators,  mechanisms)
  • Bomb threat recognition including concealed and homemade explosive devices.
  • The use of explosive detection technology.
  • People and baggage screening.
  • Suspect recognition.
  • Case studies from recent terror events.

Awareness Training
It is a known fact that in most cases the first people to encounter a suspicious object, person or possible bomb threat, are not qualified security personnel. Therefore, the company's basic security awareness training will complement customers' security outfit by improving their employees ability to detect a possible security threat.


  • Bomb threat recognition including concealed and homemade explosive devices.
  • Suspect recognition.
  • How to act on initial contact with a bomb or a suspect.
  • Emergency procedures.


Security Planning
Level five can assist you in the following issues:

  • Purchasing the most suitable explosive and weapon detection systems.
  • Writing a tender for security contractors.
  • Defining and establishing security procedures and protocols.
  • Establishing job definitions and recruitment standards for security personnel.
  • Establishing a new security outfit.
  • Defining the organizational structure of your security outfit.

Consulting homeland security startups and manufacturers
Level five offers homeland security startups and manufacturers its experience in screening technology MMI. Our staff has participated in various consulting projects for manufacturers of EDS, ETD and MMW technologies.
Many times brilliant scientifically ideas have failed to overcome the obstacles of reality for lack of field experience and want of an end users perspective. Level five offers you this perspective in:

  • Assessing the market need for your product.
  • Preparing the operational concept for your product.
  • Designing your user interface or MMI.
  • Conducting Beta testing and operational testing and evaluation for your device/software.

Consulting VCs and other investors
Level five offers VCs and other funds seeking to make an investment in homeland security and screening technology companies its vast experience in assessing the feasibility of new technologies, determining the market share of these technologies and  assessing their potential to succeed. Level fives extensive and broad experience in the homeland security and screening technologies market, both from the customers and the retailers sides will help investor make better decisions regarding potential investments in homeland security.

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