Last Update September 14, 2018


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Philip Sidney, is a multi-disciplinary privately held firm specialised in preventing Financial Economic Crimes risks in International Trade. They are experts in risk management & (trade, AML & Sanctions) compliance, across the following sectors:

  • technology development & transfer (including life sciences);
  • manufacturing (including aerospace & defence);
  • production (including up- and midstream oil & gas/offshore);
  • logistics (freight forwarding);
  • financial services (supply chain & trade finance, transaction banking, re-insurance).

The company’s specialties include: Financial Economic Crime prevention, Anti-corruption/bribery, International Trade, Compliance solutions, Audit, Sanctions, Risk Management, Organizational (re)engineering, Awareness and development programmes, Export controls.

On an international level, Philip Sidney contributes to awareness and development programmes for local governments, central banks, legislators and regulators to develop, further improve or solidify the trust placed in them. The firm helps local governments set up and implement anti-corruption programmes, fight money laundering, and proliferation and terrorist financing. In case of mistrust between stakeholders, they work on regaining trust based on transparency, reliability and accountability.

Philip Sidney

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