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Brandsma ​B.V. is specialized in wires and cables. Especially those cables that are not available at standard technical wholesalers. Besides that, Brandsma is supplier of all products necessary for mounting, sealing, connecting, protecting (mechanical, electrical or thermical), bundling and marking wires and cables. The Company works from their office in Bergeijk located in The Netherlands.

Brandsma is not just a supplier for all around wires and cables, but with their years of experience and thorough and specialized knowledge of electrical interconnection they also offer a helping hand in the development of customers’ product. Brandsma is flexible, innovative and cooperative.

Almost 30 years ago, Brandsma B.V. saw the possibilities of Raychem and in 1985, became the first Raychem distributor in the Benelux. The Company’s approach, service and commitment, have made them a reliable supplier for electrical connection products. Brandsma is supplier for e.g. Alstom, ASML, DAF, Stork, and many other large and international organizations, including, for example, the supplier industry. The Company’s customers are mostly active in cable assembly, medical electronics, defense, aerospace, engineering, and MRO. This approach, service and commitment led to strong partnerships with brands like Bentley-Harris, Panduit and Tyco Electronics.

Brandsma is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


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Contact info #1

Ronald Brandsma
+31 497 571 769
Sales Engineer
+31 497 574 783
Meerheide 64 - 5521 DZ Eersel - The Netherlands

Contact info #2

Elly Claassen
+31 497 571 769
Office Manager
+31 497 574 783
Meerheide 64 - 5521 DZ Eersel - The Netherlands

Design & Assembly

Brandsma designs and assembles various products and takes all the desired trajectories: from designing and prototyping to realizations of cables, wire harnesses, housings and customized flight cases. Brandsma provides complete PCB, injection molded parts and metal milling, welding and typesetting for military customers.

Marking, Identification & Printing

In addition from being a supplier of labels and heat shrink, Brandsma can also print these products as desired. The Company's printing service can produce series marks for customers on lots of different materials, from simple labels to laser markings for aviation. Thanks to their Next Day Service Brandsma can supply embossed marker plates for the offshore industry, but also for hydraulic hoses in the industry.

Repetitive Printing: Brandsma has a Kingsley Hot Stamp marking device. With the Kingsley Hot stamp marking device clients are able to print repetetive prints in a favorable color at a reasonable price.
Variable Printing: For continuously varying texts, the Company has a appropriate computer-based solution in the form of shrink marking, cable labels and other labeling methonds.


If customers prefer cut pieces of heat shrink tubing instead of heat shrink on a roll, Brandsma can cuts their tubing and other products at the right size. If they want a special print the Companycan do that for them, too. Brandsma prints heat shrink with clients' desired print. The Copmpany will always try to meet clients' customer specific wishes, even the most difficult. On top of that, Brandsma has very short delivery times. Brandsma has a Harotec Omnicutter cutting machine. This machine is connected to an ionizer, thus even very short pieces of plastic (such as heat shrink) can be cut without being affected by static electricity.

Repetitive Printing: When the cut pieces are also printed, the Omnicutter will be connected to a Kingsley Hot Stamp marking device. This enables repeating permanent printing in a desired color at an attractive price.
Variable Printing: For continuously varying texts, Brandsma has appropriate computerized solutions.

Extrusion and Injection Molding Products

Brandsma BV also offers extrusion and injection molding products. Brandsma can and does a lot in-house, but never loses sight of customers' budget. To optimize the cost Brandsma cooperates with domestic and foreign manufacturers, each with their specific strength. Brandsma coordinates and organizes prices so that clients receive the right product at the lowest possible price. On time, and without worries.

Protection Products

Brandsma BV supplies protectional products for cables, hoses and tubes from brands like Bentley-Harris. These products offer mechanical, electrical or thermical protection.
Besides that, the Company also offers specific protectional products such as heat shields. Bentley-Harris products are available in many standard varieties for industry, aerospace, astronautics, automotive, etc. Bentley-Harris is a brand owned by the Special Products Group of Federal Mogul.

Connectors & Contacts

Brandsma is specialized in compound materials for industrial, aerospace and military applications. Connectors, contacts, conductor connections and terminals. In addition, thanks to their network the Company is able to have short delivery times and offer optimum support for customers' design.

Wiring & Cable

At Brandsma, everything is about wire and cable, with specialization in special cable. VG, UL, CSA standards, thin-walled, special coax, hight temperature, for offshore… The Company has it in stock, or can deliver it to customers. In addition, Brandsma can advise customers on which type of cable is the most suitable for their application and can be delivered in favorable terms. Available in quantities as low as 50 meters and less. In addition to wires and cables Brandsma is also a supplier of all products that have to do with wires and cables.

Flightcases & Industrial Koffers

Brandsma offers industrial applications for all customers' appropriate flight cases. The safe transport of clients' valuable equipment against for example: vibration, shock, moisture, dust or temperature fluctuations. Bransma supplies flightcases from Zero Cases and Explorer Cases. With the assistance of Zero Cases the Company is able to customize customers' flight case to their specific needs.

Heat Shrinkable Tubing

Brandsma supplies, prints and cuts heat shrink tubing, a thin, flexible tube of polymer plastic that shrinks when heated and is used as electrical insulation or for holding together wire bundles.

The Company offers really everything in the field of heat shrink. They offer the widest range of tubing in the Benelux, in different sizes, materials and colors, in the highest quality and from reputable brands, such as: TE Connectivity (voorheen Tyco Electronics), Raychem, Panduit and our own Brandsma heat shrink.

Identification Products

Brandsma BV offers identification products for cables, connectors and devices. They offer markings of the highest quality and of renowned brands, such as: Brady, Critchley, Idento, Panduit, Tyco Electronics Raychem. The Company produces its own hot-stamp identification, supplies and installs marking equipment and offers a marking service.

Brandsma B.V.

  • Loo 16c 5571 KR, Bergeijk, The Netherlands
  • +31 497 571 769
  • +31 497 574 783
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