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INTV spol. s r.o., is the leader in provision of widest range of satellite communication services in the Czech Republic.

Main activities:

  • Provision of telecommunication services of satellite distribution of data and other information by means of VSAT networks and links
  • Provision of broadband Internet connectivity via satellite
  • Turnkey supply of VSAT stations
  • Provision of the telecommunication service of satellite distribution of radio and television signals using the own INTV playout and uplink facilities
  • Operation of the service of the cheap telephony to all around the world using pre-paid phone cards and IP telephony

In 2004 INTV obtained a quality certificate according to the norm ISO 9001:2001 and a similar certificate according to the norm NATO, AQAP 2130. Also, due to the nature of some of the customers and projects, INTV has been certified by the National Security Authority several years ago.

Contact info #1

Petr Kokes
+420 224 222 802
Commercial Director
+420 224 222 826
Jana Masaryka 252/6, 120 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic

Satellite Internet

The key advantage of Satellite Internet is that it eliminates the need for a terrestrial internet access component at the subscriber's premises, which improves the availability and speeds of broadband internet access (100% coverage of Czech republic).
We offer several types of satellite Internet connection:

Frequently used services
Innovative satellite networking systems, ToowayTM is a new generation of two-way satellite services, which enables upstream and downstream communications via satellite. ToowayTM inTernet is offered in a range of Basic, Gold, Silver and Bronze packages, giving our customers the option of upgrading their system. Service TooWayTM inTernet with speed of 3,6Mbps/512kbps is provide via a ViaSat satellite modem.

Other Satellite solution of Internet connection
The use of the following modern terminals is typical for satellite connection:
Internet connection using SIT (satellite interactive terminal) working in the DVB - RCS standard (or others). This is a solution the possibilities of which can be characterised by the speed of 2Mbps for downstream and 1Mbps for upstream at present. The speed may be increased in case of special requirements (10Mbps).
Another method of establishing a connection point is by a point to point link that meet the requirement even in the most extreme conditions while satisfying specific conditions as for instance the separation from all networks.
Another possibility of internet connection is using a mobile terminal within the INMARSAT and IRIDIUM satellite system.
Mobile satellite terminals:
We are able to provide you with a solution for connecting to the civilization or mother company through devices suitable for INMARSAT and IRIDIUM networks. We enable the connection on long distance car rides, on yachts or even in planes. We would be glad to help you orientate in these complicated problems so we can find together complex, most favourable solution, which would be serving you well. We would be further taking care of you after the purchase of the device and we would be acquainting you with new services. We provide our customers with permanent technical support and service.

Data transfer

Data transfer service is generally available for 100% area of the Czech Republic, Europe and Middle East. It is intended both for data and for providing access to the Internet. On the basis of needs, the appropriate solutions are designed either as a single point-to-point connection or connection with partially or completely mesh structure.

Communication channels are suitable for the end user with the need to establish the capacity of access points with a guaranteed rate for ISP providers to establish a VPN network for corporations with the need for secure communications.

We offer guaranteed speeds from 64 kbps to 8 Mbps
SCPS communication is a connection in dedicated band with guaranteed bandwidth. The standard capacity of the connection is in the range from 64 kbps to 4096 kbps. The terminal is installed by the user and connected to the LAN or telephone network. Connection to Internet and the PSTN can be provided with or without INTV's HUB station.

As an advantage of SCPS connections can be mentioned:

  • Guaranteed links parameters
  • Security
  • Independence
  • Minimal latency without scattering
  • QoS is fully under customer's control
  • Possibility to use VoIP, VTC or crypto devices.

As it has been said in company introduction, INTV Ltd. has a long time experiences with this kind of service gained in particular in long-term telecommunication services for our significant customer - Czech Armed Forces.

Based on those experiences, we are able to offer to potential customer fully professional services with accessibility wherever customer needs. Our Network Operation Centre is in 24/7/365 mode, all our supported services are fully under monitoring.


Streaming - many professional providers seek for the best solution how to transfer video files in on-line mode, especially from areas where a stationary connectivity is not available.

Our solution is - satellite streaming. Nowadays, compression algorithms are able to transfer video files in sufficient quality in relatively (from 512 kbps and more) low transmission speed (approximately 4x lower transmission speed than applicable MPEG-2 quality is).

We can offer to our customer a solution with a small mobile uplink satellite terminal (with antenna dimension around 1 m and weight around 60 kg), which is easily transportable in your car, for instance. In case of customer's need, we are able to provide an automatic-adjustable antenna.

Customer's data are transmitted over INTV's HUB, which is connected to Internet network via fiber optic. In this case you have a possibility to transfer your data from hundreds kbps to several Mbps. You can make transmission on line or transfer your file via FTP to server connected to Internet network, for instance. In order to eliminate a satellite latency, we can equip you uplink terminal by IP accelerator - you can use up your satellite capacity fully without limitation. Our company is prepared to offer to our customer a solution according to customer´s requirement.


Tracking - satellite tracking and location transfer of trucks, helicopters and people around the world.

We can offer the equipment delivery and service for satellite tracking and location transfer of trucks, helicopters and people around the world which is based on IRIDIUM Network. The system works on Canadian EMS's Company map application; customer´s map application can be used as well.

The option of services depends on customer's decision in accordance with investments and flat price:
• GPS coordinate displayed at EMS's web page only
• GPS coordinate displayed at EMS's s web page and 2way text messaging transfer
• Messaging transfer to customer´s server with EMS's gateway connectivity

Personal global tracking via PACKMASTER LO-PRO:
We offer a globally available service of personal tracking - GPS transceiver with 2-way text messaging between the device and the C4i Platform operates on the IRIDIUM satellite network. The Packmaster Lo-Pro combines monitoring and incident alert software - the C4i Platform.
• Position information is visible on provider's web page with an Internet connection.
• In case of using the PANIC BUTTON audible and visual alerts appear on the C4i Platform. Notification of the alarm is also automatically forwarded by SMS and e-mail to nominated recipients).
• Dimensions: 112x60x32 mm
• Weight: 350 g
• ACU duration: 40 days in case of transmission of GPS position each 15 min and 10 hours daily operation
• Installation inside of trucks or helicopters is available

Truck Dual system of global tracking via RHINO: RHINO is a tracking and emergency alert system for the security of the trucks. RHINO is a globally available service uses both GSM GPRS and INMARSAT Network.
• Position information is visible on provider's web page with an Internet connection.
• In case of using the PANIC BUTTON audible and visual alerts appear on the C4i Platform. Notification of the alarm is also automatically forwarded by SMS and e-mail to nominated recipients).
• Dimensions: Transceiver 154x123x38mm Antenna 126x92x27 mm
• Weight: Transceiver 258g Antenna 166g

For interested persons we can provide a "customer solution" where we offer the best technical and financial solution in accordance with customer's need.

INTV s.r.o.

  • Jana Masaryka 252/6, 120 00, 2, Prague, Czechia
  • +420 224 222 802
  • +420 224 222 826
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