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ECOPROTECT spol. s r.o., was established in 1990 as a direct continuation of the specialist division of the former Research Institute of the Rubber and Plastic Technology in the field of the research and development of protective equipment against weapons of mass destruction.

The company specializes in the production of NBC resistant protective clothing.

The equipment produced by the company has been used among the others by:

  • the Czechoslovakian Army deployed in the Persian Gulf in 1991,
  • the Army of the Czech Republic sent to Iraq in 2003,
  • the members of the UN anti-chemical Inspection Group.

Further, ECOPROTECT has been also equipping the fire-brigades of the Czech and Slovak Republics.


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Contact info #1

Mario Hladacek
+42 0 577 211 405
Sales Manager
+42 0 577 211 405
Tr. T. Bati 299, 764 22 ZLIN, Czech Republic


The OPCH-90 PO chemical splash suit and its derivative, the OPCH-90 POC, are the main products of ECOPROTECT spol. s r.o.

OPCH-90 PO is a fully hermetically sealed compressed-air pressure suit designed to be worn with breathing apparatus and a mask under the protective clothing.

The OPCH-90 PO is designed to be used by:

  • Fire Brigades and Rescuers in industrial and agricultural accidents, atc.
  • Personnel resolving environmental accidents producing health and environment hazards.
  • Staff in nuclear power stations performing maintenance and repair work.

The suit is produced as a one-piece overall, with the hood incorporating the panoramic-view lens built in. The design of the suit allows for the use of various types of breathing apparatus.

The suit opening is sealed by a gas-proof zip fastener. Safety gloves and protective over-boots can be attached to the suit. Two pressure release valves ensure that pressure does not exceed 400 Pa. The OPCH-90 PO suit is made in one universal size, height differences being catered for by built-in elastic braces.

The suit is made from polyamide tissue under a layer of butyl rubber combined with fire resistant signal yellow color pigment on both sides. The seams are insulated on the out-side by an elastomere blend.

The OPCH-90 PO chemical splash suit has been tested by the Occupation Safety Research Institute, which issued it with an EC TYPE EXAMINATION CERTIFICATE, No 235/E-026/2003. The OPCH-90 PO satifies the requirements of the CSN EN 464, CSN EN and CSN EN 466 norms.


The OPCH-90 POC is a trial version of the OPCH-90 PO chemical splash suit and it is intended for use in simulations of accidents and incidents where protective clothing is required.

The OPCH-90 POC allows workers to practise both putting the clothing on and carrying-out the tasks required in a real-life incident.

The OPCH-90 POC suit is not intended to be used in real-life situations, although it has the same one-piece construction as the OPCH-90 PO suit.

The zip fastener is not gas-proof and the seams are not hermetically sealed. But even during simulations it is essential to use breathing apparatus with the protective mask and use the suit in accordance with the operating instructions.

ECOPROTECT spol. s r.o.

  • Chmelník 1272, 763 02, Zlin, Czechia
  • +420 57 721 1405
  • +420 57 721 1405
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