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NACRE A.S., headquartered in Trondheim - Norway, is the world leading company in tactical, miniature, communication headsets with built in noise protection. Nacre specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced and innovative noise protection communication headsets. Its products enable Military Forces and Law Enforcement personnel engaged in tactical operations to improve mission critical communication and situational awareness. The result is improved mission effectiveness and survivability with superior hearing protection.

Nacre products have been developed in close cooperation with personnel with extensive operational knowledge and experience. QUIETPRO® has been adopted by The United States Marine Corps and is in use by conventional and special operations units.


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Kristine Larssen
+47 9 824 2324
Sales and Marketing Coordinator


The QUIETPRO+ Intelligent Hearing System is a fully automatic hearing protection and communication device. It provides enhanced hearing and hearing protection for the infantry soldier when performing mounted and dismounted operations.

The upgraded QUIETPRO+ incorporates a number of functional improvements gained through the experience of the 50,000 users that reliably use the QUIETPRO in daily combat operations. Mounted And Dismounted Hearing Protection The high performance in-ear device reduces the users exposure to continuous and impulsive noise when both mounted and dismounted. It features adaptive digital Active Noise Reduction technology to ensure stable and effective electronic noise reduction.

Flexible Radio And Intercom Interface A new software programmable, binaural interface for user defined stereo or split ear capabilities. Compatible with all current and future communication systems. Extended Functionality A selectable ‘whisper’ mode that enables extended use in low noise operations. Increased User Control - Dual Channel Wireless Ptt Up to 5 wireless PTT remote control devices can be simultaneously used with a QUIETPRO+ system. Optional wired PTT controls are also available.

Qualified And Approved Following extensive testing and evaluation during 2008, the QUIETPRO® is the only in-ear communications device approved for use by the US Army.

Nacre A.S.

  • Sluppenvegen 12 E, NO 7037, Trondheim, Norway
  • +47 7 360 59 40
  • +47 7 383 99 11
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