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ASOCIADOS RC S.A.S., is an engineering company dedicated to the design, manufacture and maintenance of plastic injection molds, forming dies and special tools, as well as the provision of plastic injection services for various industries, in the city of Bogotá, Colombia.

Supported by a high technological infrastructure and highly qualified human resources, ASOCIADOS RC S.A.S. is a company committed to the design, manufacture and maintenance of high quality products by continuously optimizing processes so as to satisfy customer needs. The company is using the best available materials, cooperating with suppliers who share the same high quality standards.

Due to the fact that ASOCIADOS RC S.A.S. has penetrated the defense and security sectors, the company had the opportunity to work for the National Army of Colombia and to create the “Life Bullet” product, as well as other army products in addition to developing security belts for sport purposes.


Along with a significant investment in technology for the development of high-precision products, the company has a vast experience in the die casting sector, in the provision of stamping and die cutting services, as well as in the processing and designing of promotional advertising items and industrial parts, something that guarantees the fulfillment of clients’ expectations.


Among ASOCIADOS RC S.A.S.’s goals are the provision and promotion of high quality standards and the quality culture in general, in addition to the constant improvement of processes and the continuous investment in technology tools.


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Contact info #1

John Jairo Rodriguez
+57 1 261 1831
Production Manager
+57 1 290 7279
Carrera 66 # 12-94, Bogota, Colombia

Contact info #2

Martha Lopez Ripe
+57 1 261 1831
+57 1 290 7279
Carrera 66 # 12-94, Bogota, Colombia

Injection, Stamping & Die Cutting Services

ASOCIADOS RC S.A.S. has the appropriate machinery so as to provide plastic injection, as well as stamping and die cutting services for various industrial applications.

Military Products

ASOCIADOS RC S.A.S. manufactures military security products and accessories for the national army and navy of Colombia, such as the “Life Bullet” product, as well as other army products, such as security belts for guns and pistols and ammunition carriers.

Design & Manufacture of Molds & Tools

ASOCIADOS RC S.A.S. designs and manufactures plastic injection molds, specialized tools and industrial parts for various industrial applications.

Design & Manufacture of Dies

ASOCIADOS RC S.A.S. designs and manufactures forming dies for various industrial applications, with the use of machinery of the latest technology

Design & Manufacture of Finished Products

ASOCIADOS RC S.A.S. is a provider of finished plastic products and accessories, as well as promotional advertising items for various industrial usages.

Specialized Machinery

ASOCIADOS R.C. S. EN C. is equipped with a wide range of machinery and specialized equipment for the design and production of engineering parts, such as:

  • CNC Vertical Machining Center LEADWELL V-40,
  • Universal Milling Machine,
  • Injection Molding Machine,
  • CNC Wire Cut EDM Molybdenum Wires Machine,
  • Die Sinking EDM Machine (milling machine with display),
  • Horizontal Turning Center Machine,
  • Band Saw Welding Machine,
  • Grinding and Milling Machines etc.

High Level of Expertise

ASOCIADOS R.C. S. EN C. employs a high level of expertise in terms of work experience, skills, training and handling machinery.


ASOCIADOS RC S.A.S. has 25 years of experience in offering high quality products to distinguished companies and organizations, such as:


  • Solutions Group S.A.,
  • Incoltapas S.A.,
  • Emcoclavos S.A.,
  • The National Army of Colombia.,
  • The Navy of Colombia.


Asociados RC S.A.S.

  • Carrera 66 # 12 94, Bogota, Colombia
  • +57 1 261 1831
  • +57 1 290 7279
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