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  • Infrastructure, Construction & Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components

GLEND S.A.S., is a company established in 2008 in order to address the diverse needs of the regional and national industry in the fields of engineering design, installation and monitoring, as well as project management and other activities.

GLEND S.A.S., is comprised of experienced engineers specialized in various fields of the engineering industry, focused on optimizing processes, so as to facilitate the development and proper management of the client company.

For this purpose, GLEND S.A.S. is equipped with qualified personnel, equipment and technology, so as to meet the needs of the ever growing engineering industry. The Company believes in the Colombian industry and is proud to be part of it.

The biggest priority of GLEND S.A.S. is customer satisfaction. The Company interprets customers’ needs and meets their requirements with the provision of high quality engineering solutions.

With the support of experienced professionals, advanced equipment and tools, the Company is able to offer the following services related to the implementation, design and management of engineering projects through three main divisions:

  • Metalworking and industrial assembly division,
  • Telecommunications and installations division,
  • Civil construction.

GLEND S.A.S.’ is focused on:

  • Maintaining an organizational climate that facilitates teamwork,
  • Raising awareness on each project not only in terms of functionality, but in terms of quality and aesthetics as well,
  • The optimization of resources allocated to each project or service,
  • Instilling a sense of commitment to the Company,
  • Promoting continuous training,
  • The continuous improvement of processes.
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Contact info #1

David Alberto Montalvo Navarro
+57 5 304 9277
Managing Director
+57 5 368 2664 Ext.18
Calle 71 # 32–09, piso 2, Barranquilla, Colombia

Contact info #2

Edgar Alfonso Barrera Ardila
+57 5 304 9277
Project Manager
+57 5 368 2664 Ext.18
Calle 71#32-09, piso 2, Barranquilla, Colombia

Contact info #3

Maria Angela Martes Navarro
+57 5 304 9277
+57 5 368 2664
Calle 71#32-09, piso 2, Barranquilla, Colombia

Contact info #4

Juan Carlos Montalvo Navarro
+57 5 304 9277
Logistics Assistant
+57 5 368 2664 Ext.18
Calle 71 # 32-09, piso 2, Barranquilla, Colombia

Electrical Services & Instrumentation

GLEND S.A.S. specialises in electrical services and instrumentation, such as:

• Installation of electrical generation systems,
• Design and manufacture of power and control boards,
• Design, manufacture and installation of grounding systems,
• Design, manufacture and installation of structured cabling systems.

Services for Mobile Telephony Companies

GLEND S.A.S. offers high quality services to mobile telephony companies, such as:

• Metal structures for telecommunications,
• Installation of microwave antennas, cellular and microwave links,
• General maintenance services on the supporting structures of antennas, including maintenance of alkyd enamels, epoxy, polyurethane and cold galvanized paints,
• Civil and electric infrastructure projects and grounding systems for telecommunication stations,
• Installation of GSM, TDMA, CDMA and BTS systems,
• Search of locations for the installation of base transceiver stations.

Civil Construction Services

GLEND S.A.S. specialises in civil construction projects, such as:

• Concrete foundations for heavy equipment,
• Foundations for telecommunication towers,
• Industrial buildings,
• Roads, bridges and pipelines,
• Spill containment trays,
• Residential buildings,
• Infrastructure projects,
• Sewing and water projects.

Additional Services

GLEND S.A.S. offers additional services, such as:

• Technical advice,
• Auditing and consultancy services,
• Design of drawings using AutoCAD.

Metal Structures & Enclosures

GLEND S.A.S. designs and develops metal structures and enclosures, such as:

• Μetal profiles made of standard iron,
• Canopies,
• Light metal structures made of galvanized profiles,
• Removable welded structures,
• Decks made in aluminum, galvanized steel and thermo acoustic tiles,
• Hoppers for bulk solids,
• Horizontal and vertical fuel tanks,
• Conveyors belts,
• Heat exchangers,
• Monopole structures and electrical and telecommunication transmission towers,
• Cabinets and doors for stations and substations,
• Thermal and sound-insulated doors,
• Dust collectors,
• Containerizing electrical equipment,
• Thermal and acoustic insulation (cabin soundproofing) systems.

Metal Enclosures

The Company offers a wide variety of enclosures according to customers’ requirements:

• Galvanized or PVC coated chain-link fencing and safety nets,
• Standard and light metal enclosures,
• Safety fences with concertina razor wire and electric grids,
• Metal doors and gates,
• Structures for decks.

Pipe Systems

The Company's extensive experience and expertise in this field enables it to offer the following piping systems:

• Installation of carbon steel pipes,
• Stainless steel pressure pipes using MIG and TIG processes,
• PVC pipe systems,
• Pipe systems for fuel transportation,
• Pipe systems for protection against fires.

Insulation Products

The Company provides a wide variety of insulation equipment according to customers’ needs:

• Heat insulation using mineral and synthetic fibers for the refrigeration industry and other applications,
• Hot heat insulation for steam and hot water pipes,
• Acoustic insulation and soundproofing cabins.

Core Equipment

GLEND S.A.S. is equipped with advanced machinery, such as:

• Bench Drill  - MRCA GMB - MOD 3770,
• Electric Cutting Machine - DEWALT REF 028700-B3,
• Compressor - 100PSI GLEND,
• Bench Drill  - BAUKER,
• Grinding Machines  - MAKITA GB601,
• Hydraulic Presses - GLEND,
• Welding Machine - MILLER 250,
• Welding Machine - LINCOLN ARCWELD MIG 250,
• Welding Machine - BAUKER-110V,
• Polishing Machine - DEWALT,
• Portable Drilling Machine 1/2" - DEWALT,
• Portable Drilling Machine 1/2" - HITACHI,
• Industrial Drilling Machine - HILTI TE 14,
• Industrial Drilling Machine - BLACK DECKER 1/2 HP,
• Electric Power Plant - DISCOVER 110-12V,
• Compressor 50 PSI,
• Threading Machine - RIDGID 350,
• Bending Machine - MB-ROL/1/8,
• Gas Welding Machine - VICTOR,
• Cutting Device.

Glend S.A.S

  • Calle 71 # 32 09, piso 2, Barranquilla, Colombia
  • +57 5 304 9277
  • +57 5 368 2664 Ext.18
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