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PROPARTNER DEFENCE A.S. (PPD), is one of the leading Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) suppliers in Norway. The company specializes in contract manufacturing, surface treatment (coating), assembling and testing of advanced electronics and electro-mechanics.

Propartner Defence AS has a long experience serving demending OEM customers being market leaders within the filds of Defence & Aerospace, Oil & Offshore and Cross Industry.

Among the products manufactured by the company are: Control systems of Missiles and other Weapon Systems and for Subsea "Christmas trees" for Oil & Gas production, Real Time Tracking Systems and Crypto Secured Hard Disk Drives.

The company was established as Notodden Elektronikk AS in 1979, after the closing of Tandberg Radiofabrikk. Hence the company has been in the market for electronic manufacturing for more than 30 years under different names and ownerships.

During the last years, the company has strengthened the focus on the defence market and made large investments in new technology to stay at the forefront.

In 2010 the company employs 65 man-years and its facilities at Notodden include 8500 m2 of manufacturing facilities. The production and test equipment is considered as being “State-of-the-Art”, and the operators are certified to J-STD 001 Class 3 and IPC-A-610 Class 3 manufacturing.




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Contact info #1

Hans Arne Flato
+47 3 502 9214
Managing Director
+47 3 502 9250
Postboks 164, 3672 Notodden, Norway


As one of Norway's leading contract manufacturers, Propartner Defence provides various services involved in the manufacturing, assembling and testing of electronic and electro-mechanics products for the defence, offshore/maritime and medical business segments.

The production facilities with state-of-the-art technology is finetuned for High-Mix / Low-Volume production and ensure total quality management through all production stages. This includes SMT production lines that offer high flexibility in batch sizes, product complexity and state-of-the-art AOI. Propartner Defence has also recently invested in a new Parylene coating machine as well as a new water-based PCB cleaning machine.

Part of Propartner Defence's production facilities has Facility Security Clearance (pending) for manufacturing and test of Crypto Equipment amongst a variety of other additional high quality facilities.

With value added partners in Notodden Technology Group (NTG), Propartner Defence also offers highly specialized turnkey systems including high precision mechanics and advanced surface treatment.

Propartner Defence also offers low cost manufacturing through qualified manufacturing partners in Low Cost Countries (LCC).


The testing services include:

  • In-Circuit Testing (ICT)
  • Boundary Scan / JTAG Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Analysis
  • Feedback for Design Engineering
  • X-ray Inspection
  • Documentation

The company has also experience in the area of RF Technology Testing.

Through qualified partners, Propartner Defence also offers Highly Accelerated Life Tests (HALT) and Environmental Stress Screening (ESS), as well as calculation services to obtain proper Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) figures for your products.


Propartner Defence's department of procurement located at Notodden, Norway, currently manages an extensive network of suppliers. The skilled team of purchasers ensure optimal flow of components and materials to its manufacturing department.

The team of logistics also ensures safe transport of products to all valued customers, or drop-ship shipments to the end customer if required.

The company's sourcing and logistics services provide its customers with a competitive advantage when it comes to lower Costs Of Material (COM) and higher quality. As part of the company's own quality system measures, it regularly monitors and categorizes its suppliers depending on their performance.

Propartner Defence A.S. (PPD)

  • Hogasveien 99, 3684, Notodden, Norway
  • +47 3 502 92 00
  • +47 3 502 92 50
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