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  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Other Aerospace, Defence and High Technology related companies
  • Ships, Vessels, Submarines & related equipment

SEAPROOF SOLUTIONS A.S., is a one-stop supplier of:

  • Water-sealed systems
  • Cable Termination Systems
  • Flexible and Dynamic Protection

Seaproof Solutions delivers custom-made systems designed to fit all operations by combining several technologies to meet all particular requirements for functionality, security and durability.

SEAPROOF has years of experience in the following markets:

  • Marine Seismic
  • Research
  • Military
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation

SEAPROOF core strengths:

  • Stable and expert staff - we train employees and like to keep them
  • Project management concentrates on one client
  • Cost efficiency for our clients
  • Trustworthy network of suppliers and partners
  • Experience - 20 years has taught us how to approach a problem
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Seaproof Solutions has been providing sealing solutions for marine and seismic applications.

Water-sealing systems – combining bonds to metal parts and to the outer sheath of cable – have been used to prevent water penetration into internal electrical wires. The clients got overall protection during deepwater operations.

Seaproof Solutions has an excellent track record; no reclamations, as our bonds guarantee durability and security for client systems.


The company delivers a broad range of connectors and cable systems with requirements for electrical and optical signals, long life cycles and for use above sea level to full ocean depth.

Whether the application is military, marine, offshore oil & gas, marine seismic, research or environmental the company has a reference background and a reputation for sound solutions.

The company's references span from low-cost bulk standard components to special design, from single operation systems to more than 25 years life cycle. Seaproof Solutions has delivered electrical, fibre-optical and hybrid solutions, systems with signal and high voltage power.


Seaproof dynamic Bend Stiffeners protect cable umbilical and flow line systems used in severe conditions, and thereby increase the life cycle of the clients’ systems.

The dynamic Bend Stiffener is composed of a mechanical stress termination and a hose that is moulded in Seaproof composite material.

Seaproof delivers custom-made Bend Stiffeners specifically designed to fit the individual client’s application. The company can supply single Bend Stiffeners or double-ended Bend Stiffeners, and hoses ranging from smaller single hoses to large-diameter flexible and/or split risers.

Seaproof Solutions

  • Sandbrekketoppen 38 5224 , NESTTUN, Norway
  • +47 55 33 20 50
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