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Ability, was founded in 1993 by a team of experts in military intelligence and communications who were joined by specialists in electronics and mathematics. Their goal was simple but extraordinarily complex – to devise state of the art interception and decryption communication solutions that would serve the needs and ever-increasing challenges of security and intelligence agencies, military forces, police and homeland security services around the world.

Ability’s uniqueness is in integrated capabilities of off the air communication interceptions and accurate signal decryption so that the outcome is a valuable session (Voice, SMS, DTMF).

Ability's track record lasts nearly two decades of proven field record with satisfied customers among leading Security Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Home Land Security organizations and Armed Forces around the globe. We specialize in advanced, state of the art, off-air interception of personal communication used via cellular and satellite communication networks and deciphering solutions for the encrypted information in those networks.

Sales are subject to Israeli MOD approval.

Ability supports all phases required for satisfied customers, including Marketing & Sales, R&D, Operation, Customer Service etc.

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Fully Passive Wide Band GSM Interceptor: GTReS – GSM Traffic Recording System

GTReS is a multi-band, fully passive GSM interception system designed to intercept and record the entire traffic between GSM Base Transmitting Stations (BTS) and Mobile Stations (MS) located within the system’s operational range.
This means literally up to hundreds of simultaneous calls.
The system can intercept few BTSs from few providers simultaneously.
The GTReS can intercept all GSM encryptions.

Main Characteristics:

  • Interception of voice, SMS and DTMF (primary and secondary)
  • Call related information
  • The system supports both types of encryption implemented in GSM networks – A5/1 and A5/2.
  • GTReS can record hundreds of hours of sessions
  • System is modular and capacity can be increased upon demand
  • System can be provided in variety of enclosures, according to customer needs
  • System MMI is relatively simple as most processes are automated so that interception and deciphering are done easily
  • Sensitive data is stored on a separate drive for confidentiality
  • System can be operated remotely
  • Connection to the A5.1 decipher can be done by any reliable digital communication (LAN, WAN, GPRS, RF Modem) etc
  • GTReS is designed for Stand Off interception and as such, by using directional antennas, range can be extended in a meaningful manner.

Fully Passive GSM Interceptor: AGIS51 – Advanced GSM Interception System

AGIS-51 is designed for off-air interception for cellular communication in GSM networks.

The system is a Real Time, fully passive GSM monitoring system.

Standard configuration contains 16 receivers, 8 for forward channels and 8 for reverse channels. It allows:

  • Interception of up to 8 concurrent duplex calls
  • Covering of up to 8 BTS at a given time.

Basic system includes Real Time A5.2 decipher.

AGIS51 can be integrated with A5.1 decipher.

Main Characteristics:

  • Interception of voice, SMS and DTMF
  • Quad frequency coverage
  • Each receiver can be tuned to any band, any channel and any operator.
  • Call related information
  • Supports few operational modes, such as: Target Mode and Random Mode
  • The system supports both types of encryption implemented in GSM networks – A5/1 and A5/2
  • Modular design

ACIS – Advanced CDMA Interception System

The CDMA Monitoring System "ACIS" is intended to ensure interception of voice conversation and service information in CDMA cellular networks.

The CDMA INTERCEPTOR is a passive monitoring system that intercepts voice traffic in cellular CDMA networks. No cooperation with the network operator is needed. In fact, from the service provider’s point of view, the Interceptor is totally undetectable and its operation is completely transparent.

The system will work in all CDMA 1 (IS-95, IS-95A, IS-95B) and CDMA 2000 (CDMA 1X) networks.

  • Automatic scanning and detection of active CDMA frequencies
  • Real time, off-air interception of the CDMA Mobile Telephone networks
  • Random screening of CDMA Mobile communication, with the ability to monitor and record traffic.
  • Target specific Numbers of Interest on the CDMA network.
  • Determine the subscriber’s real phone number or ESN during registration on the network and calling
  • Determine the real calling phone number (if the mobile phone subscriber has Caller ID)
  • Interception of SMS messages
  • Monitoring and logging conversations simultaneously to a high capacity digital voice logger for storage and retrieval.
  • Ultra-compact housing.

System is fully passive, dual band, real time CDMA interceptor.

The system will work with CDMAOne and CDMA2000 networks.

System Main Features:

  • Real time, off-air interception
  • Determination of incoming phone numbers
  • SMS interception
  • Monitoring up to 4 base stations and can intercept and monitor two full duplex conversations
  • 450/800/1900 MHz (450/800 or 800/1900 in one unit)

Semi Passive GSM Interceptor: IBIS – In Between Interception System

IBIS is a modular, active GSM interception System that can intercept incoming & outgoing GSM communications, with any type of GSM encryption, in real-time.

IBIS is so versatile, it can work with moving and driving targets, providing fast, reliable interception, interrogation, data analysis, IMSI/IMEI catching and selective jamming of GSM traffic in the area.

In addition, the IBIS supports DF / Homing systems for mobile  location detection.

IBIS implements unique algorithm to capture mobiles even in the vicinity of powerful BTS without increasing the transmitted power.


  • Efficient interception of both outgoing and incoming calls without disconnecting targets from the network;
  • Interception of multiple conversations and multiple GSM operators simultaneously;
  • Selective jamming;
  • Manipulation of target’s phone;
  • DF support for mobile target location;
  • IBIS can be integrated with the 3G-CAT (next pages) for 3G coverage.

Main Characteristics:

  • Interception of voice, SMS and DTMF and call related information
  • The system supports both types of encryption implemented in GSM networks – A5/1 and A5/2
  • System can detect real mobile numbers
  • Transmission power is relatively low
  • System is modular and many configurations can be implemented
  • System works with external A5.1 decipher.

Active GSM Interceptor: IICAT

IICAT is a modular system that detects the identities of GSM phones within its operational range.

Thanks to unique sophisticated algorithms implemented in the system, the IICAT uses relatively low power (usually less than 1W) to attract mobile phones and force them to introduce themselves.

It makes the system very lightweight, portable, virtually undetectable and highly efficient with mobile phones located very close to the BTS.

Another great advantage of IICAT is that the system can be easily upgraded to a full GSM Interception System (IBIS).

The IICAT is ideal for operational scenarios that do not require/allow sessions monitoring such as: mobile presence verification, selective communication for authorized mobiles only (for embassies, prisons, sensitive places etc), mobiles location detection, provide emergency GSM communication in areas without GSM coverage (for example in disaster areas) etc.

Main Characteristics:

  • System can be tuned for any provider in the relevant frequency band;
  • Detection of identities of all GSM mobile phones in the areas of interest;
  • Identifying of mobile phones which belong to particular targets;
  • Selective jamming of GSM phones in restricted areas (prisons, embassies, etc);
  • Presence detection of targets in specific area of interest (border crossing, airports, public areas);
  • Communication support of emergency forces in disaster areas (VPN);
  • Detect location of hidden mobiles (prisons, classified places);
  • Supports specific mobile detection (target);
  • Can be remotely operated.

Active UMTS IMSI Catcher: 3G-CAT

Number of 3G subscribers in the world is growing up rapidly. Defence and security market demands from producers of off-the-air interception systems solutions for 3G phones and their call remains unanswered.

The 3G-CAT is the most advanced product for the 3G generation; the product was designed to fulfil the first urgent need for intelligence regarding 3G mobiles.

The 3G-CAT offers some unique advantages that drive it to be the most advanced and cost effective solution in the market.

The 3G-CAT can be added as an additional sub system to the IBIS, to the GTReS, to the IICAT to improve the systems coverage and extend the capabilities for 3G interception.

System main capabilities:

  • 3G-CAT is small, light and yet, very power full system
  • Multi Network Coverage by a single 3G-CAT unit
  • Catch new 3G mobile identities and additional parameters such as model and country of origin
  • Multi frequency Coverage
  • 3G Migration to 2G in a selective manner
  • Selective “Jamming”
  • Presence Verification of specific mobiles (Targets).

Satellite Interception Systems: IRIS, ATIS

IRIS (IRidium Interception System) is designed to intercept the Iridium communication.

IRIS is a portable, tactical system, housed in industrial lunchbox computer. It can be easily installed in vehicles, ships, helicopters or fixed locations.

The ATIS system is designed to intercept information transmitted through Thuraya network channels.

ATIS can be provided as a tactical system for L Band only or strategic system including C and L band interception.

Unique feature: upon request, the two systems, the IRIS and the tactical ATIS, can be provided in a single industrial lunch box computer to be operated by a single operator in dynamic environment.

System main features:

  • Search satellites and available beams,
  • Automatic traffic classification,
  • Detection of targets parameters (mobile identities, geographical position);
  • Recording of the intercepted information,
  • Geographic display on maps

SAS (SMS Advertizing System)

The SAS is a portable SMS broadcasting system, designed to allow the user to send SMS messages according to his own profiles, either for advertisement or for security needs.

The SAS system is designed to operate in places in without interffering the commercial providers. The SAS communicates with the target mobile only for short time required for SMS broadcasting and then, the target mobiles are returned to the commercial network.

When system operates, all activity is done by using the mobile handsets internal identities, the IMEI and the IMSI, no need for public phone numbers so that system can be effective for places in which many people pass by or places that are hosted by un known people with un known mobile numbers (like shopping centres, conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, disaster areas etc), .

The SAS offers a unique advertisement and broadcasting system that can be easily controlled and managed by the operator so that it’s a very flexible advertisement and marketing tool.

System main features:

  • Detect relevant GSM handsets in the area of coverage
  • Communicate with GSM handsets in order to send them SMSs without the need to know handsets public numbers.
  • Can be tuned to any operator in the relevant frequency band
  • Can be tuned to required frequency channel in the relevant GSM band
  • Supports few operational modes
  • Each box/unit supports a single GSM frequency band
  • Ability to control transmission power, max  transmission power up to 10W
  • Can be operated remotely internet connection
  • A single operator can operate few systems that are deployed in different places to increase the covered area.
  • Main Specs:
    • Available Frequency Bands - 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
    • Power supply - 115/230V AC +15%, 47 Hz to 63 Hz
    • Output power - Up to 10 Watts
    • Connection via LAN or WLAN - Yes
    • Operation Range - 50...1200 m (depends on deployment conditions)
    • Antennas - Directional
    • Dimensions of unit - 300 X 280 X 90 mm

Product informational files

EM-GSM (Emergency GSM Communication)

  • The EM-GSM was designed to create a local, independent GSM network that can serve local authorized group
  • GSM services will not be connected to local network, meaning higher security level, no tapping, no charge…
  • List of authorized staff can be controlled and modified by system operator.
  • People can use their own GSM mobiles regardless of the commercial source
  • Provide GSM communication in catastrophe areas where GSM network collapsed
  • Provide GSM communication for remote army camps, or secured army camps.
  • Can support GSM communication in berried bunkers that cannot get GSM transmission
  • Provides GSM communication for rescue forces deployed in other countries
  • Can support internal GSM communication of VIPs for security reasons while offering connectivity to the external providers  by the proper prefix

System main features:

  • Each unit supports one frequency channel (8 time slots)
  • Up to 1000 IMSI HLR database
  • Up to 1000 IMSI VLR database
  • Voice and SMS services (optional MMS)
  • Call Holding, Call Waiting, Fast Dialing, Caller ID etc
  • Assign priorities to different users
  • Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) for external connectivity to commercial GSM networks
  • Up to 5 Watts Output Power with Omni antenna

Product informational files

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