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Noca AS, was founded in 1986 as a carve out from the companies Autronica and Nobo. In 1995 Noca's employees bought the company and Noca became a private shared corporation. In the year 2002 Q-Free ASA bought 53,5% of the company’s shares, a position Q-Free ASA still holds. The main portion of remaining shares is held by former and existing Noca employees.

Business Idea

Noca's business idea is trough unparalleled capabilities and skills supply to the industrial market electronics manufacturing services supported by market leading development, industrialisation, sourcing and logistics services. Its vision is that the customers shall utilise its services in a combination and scope serving their specific demands effectively making the customer a winner in its market place. Being in this market for more than 30 years it strongly believes that its experience, skills, capabilities and know how makes a difference to all customers.


Noca offers an end to end service portfolio to its customers within electronics manufacturing, from design and development to direct distribution of products to end customers.

The service portfolio is designed as stand alone services catering for its clients to choose the service that best fit to an operation and business cases.


Noca is staffed with highly skilled personnel in all branches of its organisation and its mixture of experience, formal education and know how makes the Noca organisation powerful.

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Contact info #1

Jon Henrik Singsaas
+47 91 84 85 08
Sales Manager
+47 73 80 93 31
Stiklestadveien 1, N-7041 Trondheim, Norway

Contact info #2

Eskild Arntsen
+47 95 98 24 16
Introduction Manager
+47 73 80 93 31
Stiklestadveien 1, N-7041 Trondheim, Norway


The company's industrialisation services is designed to assist the clients in taking their ideas, products and system from the drawings board to real life produces and systems ready for series/mass production.

The service comprises the following:

  • Hardware design and circuit board lay out
  • Firm ware and drivers development
  • Design for manufacturing and assembly analysis
  • Prototype development and production
  • Project management for industrialisation programs

Noca has long and broad experience in design and development of electronics and has special know how within RF applications. The company is amongst other a design partner for Nordic Semiconductor and has long experience with other RF chip manufacturers such as Atmel and TI.


Historically Noca has developed it’s business from the basis of series/mass production services for more than 30 years. Its 2000 m2 large manufacturing plant is rigged for both small scale productions (50-200 units) to large volume series (100.000+) units. The plant comprises an effective mixture of new and older machinery for automated mounting of components enabling Noca to manufacture high end modern circuit boards to older style boards.

Main production systems are:

  • 2 separate high capacity SMD lines for mass production from Siemens
  • 2  separate high capacity SMD lines for prototype production from Mirae
  • State of the art selective soldering robot from ERSA
  • Wave soldering from Vectra
  • High efficient enamelling robot (Asymtech Nordson)
  • Various test equipment (ultrasound, x-ray, burn in, PC systems)


The assembly service enables the customers to receive from Noca assembled products and systems either complete products or semi-manufactured articles. Generally such assemblies are done manually but can also tailor manufacturing equipment for large volume series assembly. Assemblies of articles and products requires a flexible manufacturing facilities with the ability to adapt to both short term/project oriented assembly and long term assembly line configuration. The Noca facility is rigged accordingly hence it can support any customer’s needs with respect to assembly capacity, knowledge and experience.


Beside normal in line production testing and quality control, Noca also offers product and system testing. The company knows that test jigs and test equipment is expensive investments generally with a small utilisation ratio, hence its main idea with the test service is to host end product testing and quality control for less cost, effort and higher quality than any customer can individually. Test system design/configuration is also largely dependent on the individual demand and if a company would need product and system test service, to contact Noca for a detailed discussion.

The company is a XJTAG Enabled Manufacturer and can provide run-time testing using XJRunner.


For customers requiring distribution of products and systems directly to it’s clients from manufacturer, Noca offers this service. The company distributes directly on demand products and systems to its clients and can supply with all required commercial documentation enabling to manage all commercial and administrative relations. Furthermore the company's Logistics service includes stock management programs to secure shortest possible time to market and extreme delivery precision, not only valid for articles manufactured at Noca but also valid for articles sourced by Noca for its customer.



Noca offers a modern Surface Mounted Device (SMD) production lines and facilities with the latest technology through all production stages. Its three high capacity lines produces totally over 90.000 components per hour. The machines handle components down to the size of 02-01 and solder lead and lead free products. The machines can be rigged offline which secures a very efficient flow and high production capacity. Additional to this line Noca has an ERSA versa flow selective soldering robot. Noca also offers wave soldering. All soldering processes can be done lead or lead free and lead free soldering is conducted in a nitrogen atmosphere. For ATEX products and for products requiring coating for other purposes with a high efficient enamelling robot. To secure the quality of its production Noca offers X-ray control and AOI (automatically optical inspection) to detect possible errors that otherwise not will be visible. This highly modern equipment is important to bring low cost and high quality production to the customers.


Where other gives up, Noca starts up. In addition to Noca`s modern production facilities it offers logistics, production and assembly of long life products that are getting too old or too small for companies that specialize in only high capacity. Noca has taken care of great skilled employees and machines with history.

SMD Assembly

Noca have no less than three different Robotic machine lines for SMD assembly.

  • Siemens Siplace CS/CF line
  • Siemens Siplace G2/S15/F3 line
  • Mirae line with Mirae MX110P machines


For reflow the company uses two Heller reflow ovens, and one IBL. vapourphase. The Heller ovens are a 1707 MKII and a 1809EXL. All of them are Lead-free approved. The Heller 1809 EXL is a particular long oven, to cope with difficult PCB’s, and is therefore also designed to solder in nitrogen athmosphere.



Noca has recently invested in a new Versaflow 3 selective soldering robot from ERSA. Selective soldering technique is the most gentle process to solder hull components. Even when the PCB originally was designed for pasta on both sides, there still often will be a need for some THT components. It is also used if someone want to control the soldering process very closely, and “design” the looks of its solder points to meet the requirements such as mil standards etc. The company has two separate soldering pots. One of the pots contains lead, and the other a lead-free alloy. Noca just changes the pot to switch between leaded and lead-free soldering.

Wave soldering

For the traditional wave soldering Noca has an Elecrtovert Vectra from Speedline, with a finger conveyer, chip wave and a hot air knife to secure quality and prevent shorts. The company has Sn/Pb in the pot, but the machine is originally designed for lead-free solder, so it can change to lead-free solder any time. The Vectra is also designed to work with nitrogen if necessary.


The company has the Orbotech trion 2340 AOI system for a quick and accurate inspection of big production batches. The machine takes several pictures of each component to ensure that it is placed accordingly to the IPC or mil standard in question at any time.


To serve the customers with lots of through hull technology, Noca is one of the very few in Norway, that kept its old Universal VCD machine with its 160 station sequencer.


The company can offer its services with the ASYMTEK 740 conformal coating robot. The robot applies several coating types, with a repeatable accuracy.


For screen printing, it uses one Standalone DEK Horizon 265, and an inline SM-Tech sigma print 400. Both printers are equipped with 2D inspection for both PCB and stencil, so the printer automatically stops when a misprint occurs or the stencil is clogged. The DEK has vortex sponge stencil cleaner, while the Sigma print has the simpler common paper cleaner.


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Noca AS

  • Stiklestadveien 1, N 7041, Trondheim, Norway
  • +47 73 80 93 30 
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