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UNION Construction Materials Manufacturing Company (UNICON), is considered to be one of the most distinguished companies in the field of construction materials industry, starting its work in 2001 with operating the plant of interlocking tiles and kerbestone. This plant produces all types of interlock and yards’ tiles, in addition to the kerbestone. These products are being used in the various paving works. These products are complying with the international and local standards, and they are approved and authenticated at all ministries and governmental institutions in the State of Kuwait.

The plant works automatically, in which Quality Control Dept. in the Company’s lab is controlling the quality of raw materials and production processes using the most advanced international techniques, in addition to the quality of the final product.

Also, UNICON did not pause its improvement process at this level. It has contracted international institutes specialized in the field of construction Materials to exchange related information in order to leverage and improve on a continuous basis the quality of it products provided to the targeted markets.

The plant is also capable of producing other similar and alternating products, upon request, while the Company is working on widening the scope of its products, continuously improving and developing them.


Union Construction Materials Manufacturing Co. - شركة الاتحاد لصناعة مواد البناء

  • West Shuaiba, Sector 3, Block 69, Kuwait, Kuwait
  • (+965) 1828882 - (+965) 23260400/1/2/3
  • (+965) 23260404 - (+965) 23260619
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