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  • Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV, Spacecraft & related equipment
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

AERONAUTICA AVANZADA S.A.S., is a knowledge based company that manufactures aircraft equipment and offers advisory services related to aeronautical engineering.

More specifically, the Company is dedicated to the manufacture of aerodynamic research equipment, the development of UAV prototypes and the design of small aircraft, offering high quality aerial photography services with proprietary UAVs.

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Juan Felipe Correa Escobar
+57 4 370 0831
+57 4 277 7647
Calle 77a #45a-08, Antioquia, Itagui, Colombia

Aeronautical Engineering Consulting Services

AERONAUTICA AVANZADA S.A.S. is equipped with a team of experts able to offer consulting services on:

  • Composite and metallic materials manufacture,
  • Advanced technology projects related to aerospace and defense,
  • Industrial and aerospace regulations and standards,
  • Technological and knowledge transfer projects related to the aerospace sector,
  • Human resources and search of professionals,
  • As a consultant to study and analyze proposals and offer alternatives.

Aerospace Design Services

The Company is experienced in the design of aerospace projects, coordinating technicians and engineers in:

  • Preliminary specifications,
  • Early design stages,
  • Conceptual, preliminary and detailed design,
  • Prototype manufacturing, testing and tuning up to provide key ready systems,
  • Warrantees and services provided.

Among AERONAUTICA AVANZADA S.A.S.’s past projects are:

  • The design of a 2-seater all composite LSA airplane, the Flyingcat (for Telsat).
  • Low speed wind tunnel design, power plant selection, molds manufacture, production and DAQ setup and calibration. User training and after sales support services.
  • UAV systems integration, testing, tuning and on service learning to provide aerial images to civil companies, from sales oriented images to engineering DTM models.
  • Conceptual, detailed design of a wing in ground effect vehicle with air cushion systems for water surfaces.

Aerial Photography

Click to view in full size Click to view in full size Click to view in full size  The Company provides aerial photography services, as following:

  • Low altitude photography using UAVs,
  • Vertical photomosaic photography,
  • Three dimensional modeling services for orthorectified georeferenced images with scales from 1:500 to 1:2000 with results that are comparable to LIDAR technologies at a lower cost,
  • Aerial videos using manned or unmanned vehicles, with proprietary (own development) robotic camera equipment,
  • 360 aerial and terrestrial photography.

Manned Aircraft Design

AERONAUTICA AVANZADA S.A.S. is capable of designing and manufacturing wind tunnel tested sport aircraft with advanced aerodynamics and laminar flow airfoils.

Robotic Aircraft Design

AERONAUTICA AVANZADA S.A.S. is capable of designing and manufacturing fixed and rotor wing robotic aircraft that can be operated in any place.

Camera Mount Systems Design

AERONAUTICA AVANZADA S.A.S. is able to design and manufacture:

  • Camera mount systems,
  • Gyro stabilized camera systems,
  • Multiple axis camera systems,
  • Camera systems for geo-referenced photographs.

Subsonic Wind Tunnels

AERONAUTICA AVANZADA S.A.S., is equipped with specialized laboratory equipment for the development of experiments at high subsonic speeds, using a range of advanced instrumentation to obtain information and data.

Additionally, the Company is equipped with smoke generators and piezometers for the measurement of differential pressure and speed calculation.

This product is a useful tool for engineers dedicated to the design and development of aerial, manned or unmanned vehicles and is the appropriate equipment for subsonic aerodynamic design of aircraft, free flight bodies (bombs), etc.

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Water Tunnels

This equipment is a complementary tool to wind tunnels, has the capability to operate at higher Reynolds numbers and can demonstrate more streamline details and flow behaviour.

The test section is optimized for airplane testing and uses DAQ to capture data on 6 DOF force balance. It captures speed flow and uses an ink system to show the flow behaviour. Water Tunnels can optimize costs, making small scale model manufacturing easier and more affordable.

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Hele Shaw Models

AERONAUTICA AVANZADA S.A.S. manufactures Hele Shaw models that simulate two dimensional flow. Hele Shaw models are appropriate for educational purposes and explain the theories of aerodynamics and flow behavior.

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Rotary Wing UAVs

AERONAUTICA AVANZADA S.A.S. designs and manufactures UAVs that can carry cameras up to 2kg and are equipped with wireless video and data communication systems with 3 years of proved field operations.

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Advanced Software

AERONAUTICA AVANZADA S.A.S. is equipped with advanced software, such as:

  • PTGui – for assembly photos,
  • 3DM – for photogrammetry, 3D modelling,
  • Zoomify – for fragmentation of high-resolution photos,
  • ArcGIS – for photography management, geo-referencing.


Among AERONAUTICA AVANZADA S.A.S.’s most prominent clients are:



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