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ALFA Y OMEGA INGENIEROS S.A.S., is a provider of high quality professional engineering consultancy and construction services, situated in Antioquia, Colombia. The Company is a limited liability partnership structured according to the Colombian laws and certified under the ISO 9001:2008 standard for the construction and design of civil, environmental and health engineering projects.

ALFA Y OMEGA INGENIEROS S.A.S. provides engineering services in the fields of consulting and auditing, design and construction of civil works, as well as land and environmental management, under high standards of quality.


ALFA Y OMEGA INGENIEROS S.A.S. offers quality consulting and engineering services that meet the needs and requirements of its customers relying on competent staff, adequate infrastructure and the continuous improvement of processes.


ALFA Y OMEGA INGENIEROS S.A.S. sees itself in the future as a leading engineering company recognized for its efficiency and reliability in the region of Colombia.


  • Confidence,
  • Transparency,
  • Honesty,
  • Integrity,
  • Straightness.


Contact info #1

Guillermo Leon Gomez Rendon
+57 4 565 0310
General Manager
+57 4 566 1746
Cra 60A No. 41C-18, Urbanizacion Santaclara Etapa I, Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia

Design Services

ALFA Y OMEGA INGENIEROS S.A.S. offers design and consulting services on the development of architectural and engineering projects. The Company has the appropriate tools and intellectual property combined with the proper experience so as to provide customers with high quality design services.

Construction Services

Hand in hand with its excellent team of professionals, ALFA Y OMEGA INGENIEROS S.A.S. provides construction services, such as planning and construction management, architectural design, budget control and feasibility analysis, among others, promoting environmental management and sustainable development at the same time. More specifically, the Company offers:

  • Construction of civil engineering and architectural projects,
  • Regional and municipal territorial planning,
  • Construction and management of aqueducts and sewage systems,
  • Road planning and construction,
  • Auditing of construction works to ensure that activities are conducted in accordance with the contractual conditions between the parties.

Consulting Services

ALFA Y OMEGA INGENIEROS S.A.S. offers consulting services on the planning and construction of civil engineering and architectural works, such as:

  • Environmental impact assessments,
  • Geographic information systems and remote sensing,
  • Disaster prevention,
  • Floodplain management,
  • Planning and management of watersheds,
  • Hydrology and hydraulics,
  • Geology and geomorphology,
  • Water treatment and wastewater management,
  • Mining planning and quarry management,
  • Sustainable development planning.


Among ALFA Y OMEGA INGENIEROS S.A.S.’s clients are:


• Rionegro Municipality,
• Corporacion Planeta Verde,
• Marinilla,
• Inmunizar,
• Hidroarma,
• Guarne Municipality,
• Gobernacion de Antioquia,
• Familia Sancela,
• Envigado Municipality,
• Ingetierras de Colombia,
• Guarne Municipality,
• Aerocivil,
• Airplan,
• Area metropolitana del Valle de Aburra,
• Comando Aereo de Combate 1,
• Cornare,
• Corporacion La Enea,
• El Carmen de Viboral Municipality.


Alfa Y Omega Ingenieros S.A.S.

  • Cra. 60A No. 41C 18 Urbanización Santa Clara, Antioquia, Rionegro, Colombia
  • +57 4 565 0310
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