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E-TUNING LATINOAMERICA, is a Colombian services company that offers communications solutions to the IT sector. E-TUNING LATINOAMERICA is based in Barranquilla and was born out of the need to satisfy the regional and national markets of software and communications by providing advanced solutions and generating added value to organizations and the community. The Company is committed to offering solutions that support the core business of the client company so that it achieves independence in its production processes.


E-TUNING LATINOAMERICA’s mission is to support the strengthening of regional companies by providing high quality IT and communications services and making production processes more simple and transparent.

The Company develops each of the IT and communications services with the help of trained, experienced and committed personnel, always generating high-quality and competitive solutions and leading the Company into becoming a major market player.


E-TUNING LATINOAMERICA is a specialised IT and communications company dedicated to the strengthening of the regional market, especially that of the Colombian Atlantic coast, without neglecting the possibility of expanding into the rest of the country and abroad. The Company aims to be consolidated as one of the leading providers of IT and communications solutions in the region generating high-quality products that meet the needs of the related sector.

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Contact info #1

Dalmiro Florez
+57 301 275 9944
+57 300 802 1439
Calle 41 # 22-22, Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia

Contact info #2

Alfonso Lizcano
+57 301 275 9944
General Manager
+57 300 802 1439
Calle 41 # 22-22, Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia

Business Intelligence Services

The Company’s Business Intelligence unit helps identify, develop and otherwise create new opportunities providing business intelligence (BI) strategies and tools for the management and distribution of knowledge (KPI, Key Performance Indicators) in all the production processes. Through the analysis of existing data timely decisions are made and faster access to information is achieved.

Development of Applications & Portals

The Company focuses on the development and maintenance of web portals with advanced multimedia features and access to databases. Additionally, the Company develops software applications, such as River Vehicle and Satellite Tracking applications based on GPS Location Systems for the management and monitoring of loads. Mobile applications for the control of visits, ERP Enterprise resource planning and remote ordering and payment systems are also among its portfolio of products.

Consulting Services

Information Technology (IT) Consulting Services

Along with the strategic planning, the Company offers consulting services on how to best use Information Technology to meet business objectives that best suit clients’ needs.

Electronic Security Consulting Services

Management and consulting services in the design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of equipment and Electronic Security Systems, Access Control Systems and Alarm Monitoring Systems, Visitor & Asset Control Systems, Control of plant personnel & residents, with the integration of Payroll Systems, Casinos and ERP Systems, Closed Circuit Television – CCTVs and IP Video Transmission.

Information Security Consulting Services

E-TUNING LATINOAMERICA offers Information Security Services related to:

  • The Analysis of the Security of Applications.
  • Secure Development Training.
  • Risk Analysis in Information Systems.
  • Advice in the application of ISO 27000.

E-Tuning Latinoamerica

  • Calle 41 # 22 22, Atlantico, Barranquilla, Colombia
  • +57 301 275 9944
  • +57 300 802 1439 
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