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  • Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV, Spacecraft & related equipment
  • Engines, Propulsion, Power Generation
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

COLOMBIAN AEROSPACE SOLUTIONS, is a Colombian company located in Bogota and dedicated to the provision of products and services for the aeronautical, mechanical and electrical engineering sectors with the support of highly qualified engineers and specialists in the area.

The Company mainly specializes in the provision of engineering solutions to different civil or military customers, as well as quality management programs in order to ensure the quality and high performance of end products.


COLOMBIAN AEROSPACE SOLUTIONS has as a mission to develop aerospace engineering products and the Research and Development, as well as assessment of the local industry with the goal of expanding the industrial and technological capabilities of the country.


Being leaders in the development of the aerospace and engineering sector in Latin America, through the design and Research & Development of practical solutions for the local industry.


COLOMBIAN AEROSPACE SOLUTIONS offer services and world-class products for the aerospace industry, meeting the needs of customers in everything related to engineering and backed by professionals trained to meet the needs of customers in terms of quality and costs.


• Structures,
• Power plants,
• Components,
• Aircraft design and aerodynamics,
• Maintenance and modification services,
• Certification of processes, parts and components,
• Integration services.

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Contact info #1

Frank Dario Vera Carrillo
+57 1 2634382 +57 3 017655436
Legal representative
Cra 73a #55-92, Bogota, 111071, Cundinamarca, Colombia


COLOMBIAN AEROSPACE SOLUTIONS offers design and analysis services on structures as follows:

  • Computer aided engineering design (CAD), according to the specifications or engineering requirements of each customer,
  • Design and analysis of composite materials structures,
  • Linear static analysis and finite element modeling,
  • Design of jigs and fixtures,
  • Damage tolerance analysis,
  • Determination of mechanical fractures and impact loads,
  • Material identification.

Power Plants, Parts and Components

Design and consulting services on power plants:

  • Consulting on engine design and development,
  • Design and evaluation of mechanisms and machine parts to guarantee their higher performance,
  • Hydraulic networks design.

Aircraft Design & Aerodynamics

Using AAA - Advanced Aircraft Analysis software, COLOMBIAN AEROSPACE SOLUTIONS offers consulting services related to:

  • Aerodynamics,
  • Aircraft performance,
  • Flight dynamics, stability and control.

Maintenance & Modifications

The Company offers maintenance and modification services as follows:

  • Maintenance program analysis, evaluation, optimization and implementation,
  • Development and analysis of operation manuals,
  • Development and maintenance of quality and reliability plans,
  • Development of repair/alteration plans,
  • Development, analysis and identification of the technical requirements for the repairs/alterations,
  • Elaboration of engineering reports based on stress and deformation analysis, static and dynamic analysis, damage tolerance, material fatigue and failure modes.


Certification Services

The Company offers certifications services as follows:

  • Development and implementation of continued airworthiness instructions related to major or minor repairs/alterations,
  • Evaluation and approval of major and minor engineering orders,
  • Development of technical and administrative directives related to the standardization of processes (ISO 9001:2008),
  • Regulatory framework development, implementation and analysis for the realization of repairs/alterations.

Integration Services

By means of the design of different mechanical, electrical and propulsion systems in a given project, including the systems integration, it is possible to deliver high quality end products that do not interfere with the other systems that have been installed satisfying customers’ needs in terms of quality and costs.

Design of Parts & Components

COLOMBIAN AEROSPACE SOLUTIONS specialises in design services as follows:

  • Design, development and analysis of the mechanical parts and properties of a rocket engine using specialized software tools,
  • Design of rocket cases.

Specialized Software

COLOMBIAN AEROSPACE SOLUTIONS has the support of experienced engineering professionals that make use of specialized computer aided design software, such as:

  • Solid Edge,
  • Ansys,
  • Fluent,
  • Catia,
  • And Office Suite, among others.


Colombian Aerospace Solutions

  • Cra 73a #55 92, 111071, Cundinamarca, Bogota, Colombia
  • +57 1 263 4382
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