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DOCO LTDA., is a small company based in Medellin, Colombia, that manufactures and commercializes wireless lighting automation systems for residential, industrial and business applications using the latest technology available and offering comfort, security and efficiency in the use of lighting resources.



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Contact info #1

Juan Manuel Aguirre Hernandez
+57 313 695 2277
General Director
Carrera 25 D # 16 B SUR 54, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

Main Services

  • Lighting systems design,
  • Lighting systems maintenance,
  • Consulting services in the efficient use of lighting sources.

Lighting Automation Systems

Lighting Automation System: A wireless automation system able to control natural and artificial lighting; it can be quickly and easily installed in buildings without the need of structural installation works.

Lighting automation systems are composed of a central control, a remote control and a variety of local control systems (switches) according to customers’ requirements.


  • Radio frequency wireless communication technology,
  • Indoor range of 70 meters,
  • Multiple lighting sources control (from 5 to 100 lighting sources),
  • LCD display,
  • "Touch pad" keyboard,
  • Remote control included.

The Company's products can have different applications, depending on market needs with some applications as follows:

Residential use: In this case, customers can install incandescent control systems and CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) for preventive security.

Corporate use: In this case, customers can install artificial and natural light control systems in offices, auditoriums, conference halls and classrooms.

Industrial use: In this case, customers can install different systems in plants and crops according to their needs.

Among the benefits offered by the Company are:


  - The system can simulate presence,
  - Monitoring through cameras,
  - Biometric access control and systematisation.

Energy savings:

  - Lights dimming,
  - Scheduling of electrical charges on-off mode.


  - Centralised control,
  - Remote control,
  - Soft lighting,
  - Programming mode.

Doco Ltda.

  • Cr 67B # 48A 6 piso 2, Medellin, Colombia
  • +57 313 695 2277 
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