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TI AUTOMOTIVE’s subsidiary production company BUNDY DE COLOMBIA S.A., is a Colombian company that provides compartments for the storage of automotive fluids and fluid handling systems, such as brake fluids made of steel and plastic.

BUNDY DE COLOMBIA S.A. is situated in Bogota and focuses on automotive fluid systems, providing economic and environmental friendly fuel solutions for today and tomorrow’s demand.

The Company is a competent and capable fluid supplier and a leader in fluid storage, delivery and transportation always in compliance safety and emissions regulations.

BUNDY DE COLOMBIA S.A.’s operations are certified under ISO 9002 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 Quality Management Systems for the manufacture of fluid handling systems, brake fluids and fuels for the automotive industry. It has also an ISO 14001 certification for “Environmental Management System (EMS)”. This ensures the quality of its products and its commitment to the environment.


BUNDY DE COLOMBIA S.A. has a strong history of collaborative relationships and production supply and is a global manufacturer with a strong footprint in all major countries. The company employs a new management team, following a passionate and responsible operating structure.


The Company’s goal is to commit its integrated global resources exclusively to developing advanced fluid storage systems, enabling customer companies to differentiate their products and be more competitive and creative.


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Contact info #1

Ronald Martinez
+57 1 893 2020
Commercial Manager
+57 1 893 2020
Carrera 13A 6 98 Monta Industrial Park, Bogota, Colombia

Transport of Fluids in Vehicles

BUNDY DE COLOMBIA S.A. offers fluid transport services to the automotive industry.

Global Fluid Carrying Systems

BUNDY DE COLOMBIA S.A. is manufacturing fluid carrying systems, such as:

  • Brake and fuel bundles/lines,
  • Tank top lines,
  • Oil transmission/turbocharger lines,
  • Power steering lines,
  • Vacuum booster lines,
  • Exhaust treatment lines.

Global HVAC Fluid Systems

BUNDY DE COLOMBIA S.A. is manufacturing products related to heating, ventilating and air conditioning, such as:

  • Heater hoses,
  • Air conditioning lines,
  • A/C driers,
  • Accumulators,
  • Radiation hoses,
  • Quick connectors.

Global Powertrain Components

BUNDY DE COLOMBIA S.A. is manufacturing global powertrain components such as:

  • High pressure engine lines,
  • Fuel rails,
  • Oil/ transmission/turbocharger tubes,
  • Power steer lines,
  • EGR pipes.

Global Tank Systems

BUNDY DE COLOMBIA S.A. is manufacturing global tank systems such as:

  • Plastic tanks,
  • Distribution systems,
  • Filler tubes,
  • Delivery and return,
  • Ship-in-a-bottle assemblies.

Global Pump and Module Systems

BUNDY DE COLOMBIA S.A. is manufacturing global pump and module systems such as:

  • Gear, screw and turbine pumps,
  • Resistive, sealed and piezoelectric sensors and turbines,
  • Electronic controls,
  • Module assembly,
  • Valves

Advanced Technology

BUNDY DE COLOMBIA S.A. is equipped with cutting edge machinery in both the administration and production areas. It has also the appropriate tools and equipment for product manufacturing and the necessary maintenance program that guarantees the correct operation of processes. These standards guarantee the high quality of its products.

Specialized laboratories

BUNDY DE COLOMBIA S.A. is equipped with mechanical and chemical laboratories that perform tests on materials in use. The Company is also equipped with specialized equipment, including the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery.

Specialized Engineering Team

BUNDY DE COLOMBIA S.A. has a specialized engineering team consisting of approximately 150 engineers, among which are graduates, technicians and professionals.

Special Production Mode

BUNDY DE COLOMBIA S.A. follows a special production mode on demand for its automotive customers, namely GM, Mazda, Renault, HINO, etc., ensuring the high quality of its products and the commitment to its customers.


Among BUNDY DE COLOMBIA S.A.’s most prominent customers are:


• GM,
• Mazda,
• Renault,
• Hino.


Bundy Colombia S.A.

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